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Blog Crushes

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of September 2005 Blog Promotion, ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

BlogcrushThings have gotten a little heavy in some of the latest comment threads here at ProBlogger so I thought it might be time to put a little love in the air and have some fun.

So I’m suggesting we make the next 7 days about naming our Blog Crushes.

Do you have a crush on another blogger? I don’t mean an actual crush – rather is there a blog or blogger out there that you really admire? Maybe you’re too scared to let them know or are afraid that your admiration is unrequited?

– you like the way they blog
– you find yourself logging onto their blog every day (sometimes more) and staring at their design or drooling over their way with words
– their RSS feed is at the top of your list
– you leave more comments on their blog than you write posts on your own
– you let them know about posts you’ve written in the hope that one day they’ll notice you
– you dream about that elusive spot on their blog roll that you’d love to fill
– every second post you do is about them or their blog

Ok – maybe your crush is as extreme as this – or maybe it’s a little milder – but I want to give people an opportunity to reveal their true love and admiration for the objects of their Blog Crushes.

I’ve done this exercise on other blogs of mine and it’s been a lot of fun.

Here’s how it works.

1. You write a post on your own blog that talks about your blog crush.
2. You can use the above graphic if you’d like.
3. Tell us in the post who the object of your crush is and why you have it. Is it their design, their humor, their prolific posting rate, their traffic levels, their humility….etc
4. Include a link to this post in your post to point your readers to where I’ll be compiling a full list of who has a crush on who (with a link to both you and the one you have a crush on).
5. Then come to this post and leave a comment below telling us that you’ve posted so I can link up.

It’s as simple as that.

The first time I did this exercise we ended up with a list of over 100 great blogs. Some of the ‘crushees’ and ‘crushers’ actually made friends through the process – one or two people even made some introductions between ‘crushees’ and ‘crushers’ and we all found some great new blogs that we’d never heard of before through the process. Lastly it was interesting to see what people wrote about what they liked in other blogs – reading reasons given was an illuminating thing in and of itself.

So give it a go – at the very least its a fun way to promote your own site a little by getting a link from this post.

Here are the Blog Crushes so far!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Darren… I lurve you.


  2. LOL – I might need a couple of beers to get to that stage :-)

  3. Nice idea Darren, I shall go through my reading list.

    Are you exempt from proceedings?

  4. Nice. a good way to put to bed these last few days of ….

    Will do mine over the next couple of days – but geez, I’ve got a ton of favorite blogs to go through.

  5. I would have thought most bloggers were too narcisstic to have crushes on other blogs. ;)

    I don’t think I have blog crushes per se, but there are a few people who I always look forward to getting comments from (and other who I don’t…).

  6. i don’t have crushes on people i haven’t met lol…but surely i have heaps of favourite blogs that i go through regularly….

  7. […] Read the rest of the favorite blogs over at ProBlogger. […]

  8. Is it February 14 already? Hmmm maybe September 14 is Blog Valentine Day. Nobody tells me anything :-)

  9. Is it February 14 already? Hmmm maybe September 14 is Blog Valentine Day. Nobody tells me anything :-)

    It must be because Darren is in the southern hemisphere. He has a 6 months delay… ;-)

    Seriously though, it’s a good idea. Depending on the way it’s done, it can be quite humorous, or just out of place. But you can work around this idea to get a nice list of interesting blogs.

  10. I think the spring pollen in playing with your hormones :-)

  11. […] Darren over at Problogger has been smelling the spring pollen and love has gone to his head….will in part anyway. Darren’s calling for people to write about their blog crushes, their favorite blogger and why they are their favorite blogger. After the last two weeks I’m probably ruined any chance of blogging admiration personally (is there a blog hate list out their ), but I will share, in order, my first couple of daily reads. Problogger ThreadWatch Micro Persuasion […]

  12. I like the idea of a “beer goggle” love list (as inspired by Darren’s comment).

    Maybe drink a six-pack and cruise the blogs that normally wouldn’t look so hot while sober, then make a list of all the new found “loves.”

  13. […] In this post, Darren blatantly forces us to spill our guts and tell you about our blog crushes. […]

  14. Hi Darren
    I lerve MrG. In fact I lerve him so much I wrote about him at Take A Bite. http://workingsolo.blogs.com/pinkapple
    Can’t wait to see the objects of other’s devotion!
    Grins Chris

  15. My favorite, hands down, DOOCE.
    I love her discriptions and find myself laughing out loud at the way she sees life.
    See’s life as it is….full of life, brite colors, and some nitty gritty dirty stuff we try to hide.
    She is my Calgon!

  16. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, scratching yourself while you turn your computer on, get a fresh cup of hot coffee with flavoured cream, and then come back to your computer and notice you still have 987 out of 1588 spam email messages left to download … Yup .. not a blog crush, but a ritual ever since about first week of July .. I sure enjoy them – I’ve never commented on it however..

    http://comicstripblog.com/ ..

  17. I have a crush on Daren and Duncan.

  18. I have a serious jones for Mary Griffith’s Rhythm of Grace Blog.
    It’s so colorful, fun, and candid. There are also different bloggers on there, including myself. :) I have to stop by every day and see what the ladies are doing. I also love the Wordpraize Yahoo group as well. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do. It’ll brighten your day and your Spirit.


    I’m from the South and live in the South, so I’m crushing hard on all your entries now. :)

  19. Darren,

    In case you miss my trackback. I’ve posted my crush(es).

    It’s at http://simplenomics.com/ive-got-a-blog-crushor-two/

    It’s really embarrasing, so be gentle with me.

  20. Anyone who reads my blog knows where my heart lies…



  21. People close to me might get jealous if I reveal my blog crush on my own website. So I’m going to pass on creating the post on my own blog in case they read it. :)

    My recent blog crush is on Jennifer Slegg. I dated a girl from Victoria, BC for some time and that Canadian accent (heard recently on SEO Rockstars) gets me every time…. Oh yea, and she is wicked smart when it comes to contextual advertising.

  22. Oh, this is really fun. I am finding a ton of great bloggers to read and get to share my favorite’s too. Great idea Darren.

    Here is my post about the Dynamic Women Bloggers I Admire:

  23. […] It’s time to reveal the first 11 Blog Crushes that readers have for other bloggers. […]

  24. Mine’s a little naughty but if you can excuse me: http://jermexpress.com/archives/2005/09/16/reverse-gangbang/

  25. <insert blog-crush-post here>

    Hmm, wonder if that’ll work. Your comment submission system really needs a Preview option.

  26. I must admit my crush on the Dopegirl at adiktd — too hot for radio. I’ve written my love note about this fresh hip blogger at http://d-chaos.blogspot.com/2005/09/blog-crush.html

    Thanks for coming up with a great idea!

  27. Darren,
    I have revealed my Blog Crush(s) at ReciprocityBlog.com:

    Man, do I feel dirty! ;)

  28. […] Darren Rowse has invited his readers to participate in a “Blog Crush” as a “a fun way to promote your own site a little by getting a link from this post.“ […]

  29. Um, is 13 crushes too many?? I have good reasons for them all! ;)

  30. Blog Crush

    Darren Rowse from ProBlogger started the Blogs Love Parade (it’s actually called Blog Crush, but I just don’t like those words), which seems like a very nice mini project. The idea behind this is to talk about a Blog…

  31. I have huge crush on Darren’s brain that spits out quality contents everyday. It’s been my favorite blog since day 1.

    Steve Pavlina’s personal improvement blog is another one. A few posts are better than excellent (i.e. learning from the blackjack, be an early morning riser, etc.)

  32. Travel Blog Crush

    Darren of Problogger is sending out positive vibes by asking fellow bloggers to name our “blog crushes”. A blogger that we admire or whose blog we like. Of all travelblogs, WandaLust tops my list. Not that I constantly leave…

  33. Hey Darren!

    I listened to the intro for your Six Figures course last night, sounds like it’s going to be great stuff. Wish I had the cash to fork over and listen in! Maybe I will for the next round after my husband finishes school. *crossesfingers*

    Here’s the blog that I heart the most. :D


  34. I have two blogs that I love the most…


    Hey Darren, thanks for spreading good vibes in the blogging world :)

  35. My Blog Crush

    Darren over at ProBlogger has started an interesting little Blogging fad that I feel it necessary to be a part of. It is all about Blog Crush, and it is going on for the next 7 days. It is a…

  36. Hey Darren,

    I have expressed my blogging lust for mimi in NY here:


    Thanks for starting this… Very cool idea.

    – The MG

  37. Ooooooh….. what I found out about someone! LOL…


  38. I actually had an early crush on “Heavywinter” and wrote this crush post long before Darren came up with this idea:


    I co-authored it for a month and that’s how I started blogging on my own.

  39. love it.

    here’s my post:


    looking forward to reading the others and the final list.

  40. Hey, I’ve listed my blog crush on today’s post. Thanks for setting up this fun forum of bloggy crushes!

    Garnet has a crush on Yemanja.

  41. Sorry, here’s the permalink to the post.

    thanks again. G

  42. […] I figure I’d join in on Pro Blogger’s Blog Crush thing and let you all know who my crush is. In high school, I’m not really too worried about the “popular kids.” I’m fine with my group of friends and being my weird self around them…I don’t need to worry about any sort of desire to sit with the popular kids at lunch. But, in the blogging world, I look at 9rules and its members and watch them with certain lust and greed, wishing I could join that lunch table. There are blogs like Opinionated and Words for My Enjoyment whose words make me drool. There are blogs like Maniacal Rage and Sporadic Nonsense whose design makes me faint. And I sit and look through the blogs on a daily basis, wishing I could join their ranks. This is a secret I’ve kept quiet for ages, it seems. I lurk around on numerous blogs in that network, sometimes daring to comment, most of the time shirking back in fear. But really– the best way to join in is to force myself in on the table…right? Well…not force myself like that girl who tries to sit with the popular girls but so obviously doesn’t fit, but just be myself and hope that’s enough. And maybe the next time they have submissions, work up the courage to submit myself and not fear failure so much. Maybe. We’ll see if this four-eyed geek can handle that. […]

  43. […] Darren at ProBlogger is running Blog Crush after all the heavy stuff that’s been flying around recently. Well, it is spring in the southern hemisphere. […]

  44. […] Readers are submitting their Blog Crushes thick and fast now. In addition to Round 1’s submissions I have great pleasure in presenting 15 more lovebirds (or love-bloggers). If you want to join their ranks follow the instructions in this post. In the mean time – here are the latest crushes: […]

  45. Indeed, spring is in the air … ach, my blog lust is no longer a top secret BookSlut is it!

  46. So many crushes that I couldn’t decide. I have 11.

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