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Big news from Gnomedex

Posted By Tris Hussey 25th of June 2005 Blog News, RSS 0 Comments

Probably lots of the guest bloggers are going to write more and better about this, but the big news from Microsoft today is that RSS will be natively supported in Longhorn.  We also got the first public preview of IE 7 here at Gnomedex.
And the API and information will be released under a Creative Commons license!
Lots of great discussion about this.  Standards, the Evil Empire and the Jedi keeping the peace.
Bottom line.  This is a great first step.  What we’re seeing is admittedly still too geeky for mom, but it’s supposed to get better and easier.  I know that some cool, cool stuff will be coming out for this.  I hope Apple follows suit.  Fast.
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Tris Hussey is a professional blogger and blog consultant, the Chief Blogging Officer for Qumana Software, and Managing Director of Qumana Services.  He can be reached at tris AT qumana DOT com or tris AT trishussey DOT com.
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About Tris Hussey
Professional blogger and blog consultant based on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Also the Chief Blogging Officer for Qumana Software and Managing Director for Qumana Services
  • I’m listening to the feed, I am not posting! ;))

  • That’s big news? Oh OK.

    Fairly insignificant, given all the stuff that was going to be in Longhorn but now isn’t. Still I expect it will be talked up so that when LH eventually comes out in Summer 2006 (by which time the next release of Mac OS X will likely be almost ready, and light years ahead as per usual) it will be one of the features trying to overshadow what’s wrong with the OS.

    Just by the way, RSS is built into Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) already.


    I hope Apple follows suit

    That’s some weird logic. Apple don’t follow Microsoft. They innovate. Microsoft play catchup. That’s actually quite an insult to Mac OS which has always been light years ahead in everything. I don’t think you quite understand the differences, or that kind of statement would never be made!

    Same old Windows crap coming out here.

  • And IE7? Yeah right. So we’ll all be using that piece of crap.

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  • Agree with the comments, couldn’t care less

  • I had the chance to say pretty much the same things to the Microsoft folks last night (at the party they were sponsoring, no less!).

    The other side of this is, though, that we’re all early adopters and way far on the tech curve. The rest of the world is RSS? Huh? I was talking with the guys from Pluck as well. We’re all going to try to work together to make RSS easier (the my mom can use it is the litmus test). Competition aside, it’s important for our markets to grow (note Qumana, who I work for, makes Lektora an aggregator).

  • B.Greenway

    I’m surprised at the lack of overall interest in a browser that a large portion of potential blog readers may use. Whether we like it or not IE still has a very large marketshare, and its worthy of attention by bloggers for that fact alone.

  • Anonymous

    Your site looks great! Best of luck to you.

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