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Best of ProBlogger – January 2008

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of February 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Here at ProBlogger I publish quite a few articles (95 this month) – so I thought that in 2008 I’d attempt to summarize the most popular ones at the end of each month as a service to those of you who may not have had time to read each post.

The way I’ll collate them will be slightly differently t the ‘best of ProBlogger’ area on the front page of the site but it’ll be largely based upon page views and comments:

Most Popular Post at ProBlogger – January 2008

  1. A Reality Check on Blogging for Money – a post that has struck a chord with quite a few on some of the less publicized aspects of blogging for money.
  2. 7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic – a great post by Skellie which I know a few bloggers have used as the basis for their weekly posting cycle.
  3. 10 Remarkable (and Free) WordPress Themes – if you’re looking for a new template for your blog but don’t have the budget for a professional design then this list might be one to start with.
  4. Give Your Readers Room to Participate in Your Blog – sometimes when your blog posts are comprehensive you might actually be crowding your readers out and not giving them space to participate
  5. 14 Essential Mac OS X Applications for Bloggers – I reveal the most used applications in my own blogging workflow.
  6. Don’t Just Have a Blog – Learn to Think Like a Blogger – a lesson from my health and fitness kick that applies to bloggers too.
  7. 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers and How to Use it – a popular mini series of posts looking at how I’m using Twitter to improve my blog, drive traffic and build a brand.
  8. Using StumbleUpon to Get on the Radar of Other Bloggers – the story of how one StumbleUpon user got on my radar by Stumbling one of my posts.
  9. Why My Wife Would Make a Great Internet Marketer – the title says it all. A glimpse at what I think makes a good internet marketer (and no she’s not started a blog despite my pleas).
  10. The Costs and Benefits of Running a Competition on Your blog and how to run one – how to use competitions to build traffic, community and interaction on your blog.

As I’ve said – this is only a tenth of the post son ProBlogger from January. Thanks to everyone for a great month – particularly those who’ve been guest posters.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Thanks for summing up the last month, I think it was one of the most jam packed months of great content. Skellie always makes a great guest poster too.

  • You’re blogging from the future man! Far out!

    It’s still January right now for me.

  • This is the first month I’ve followed this blog and man…GOOD STUFF.

    Since stumbling upon (pun intended) I’ve become addicted to blogging and reading blogs. I just can’t get/give enough. I’ve created two different blogs myself this month along with some major improvements on my other websites (twitter, mybloglog, blogcatalog, some SEO).

    Can’t wait to see where this goes.

    Thanks a lot for your advice as well as those that comment on all the articles.

  • Great posts as usual.. unlike some of the popular money making blogs.. you continue to give quality relevant articles.

    I do have a question:

    I’ve recently been trying to monetize my blog more (at around 2k a month now) the problem i’m having is that i’ve seemed to max out on affiliate sales.. and want to get into private ads…

    i just have no clue how to go about it.. Do you have any posts on here that might be able to help me?


  • I really loved reading the “7 blog posts” and essential mac applications for bloggers posts.
    This month gave many attractive posts apart from these in my view.

  • Thanks for a great month of information and inspiration, Darren.

    You’re the first blog I read from my rss feed…(Hey, kinda rhymes, doesn’t it?)

  • I love you. I often come to your blog but then, distracted by something shiny or some such don’t get to read everything.

    Fantastic selections. Each and every one is relevant to me.


  • Kelley do you love Darren or his blog?
    Lol ;)

  • Great to follow through these post links. Sure you’ve already dealt with this, but what about the area of improving the impact of photo’s and illustrations on blogs re layout and colours, and generally sprucing things up visually where necessary as a further hook?

  • This month has seen some great posts on Problogger. Thanks for this summary which gives another chance to catch up on what i may have missed. I loved the info about Twitter. More in February , please!

  • Great idea, man!

    Yesterday, I started my first english blog. Thanks for your suggestions, Darren.

  • Although I don’t comment much here, I have been following your site for quite some time here. I run the site with Bobby Rio, and he asked the above question about our monetization.

    I just redid the template and came up with an advertising program. We do alright on affiliates, as Bobby stated, but I feel like we are missing something. If you look at our advertise page, we have last month’s stats posted.

    Maybe we are not pushing all possible affiliates, maybe we need some type of preferred members area, idk?

    And I don’t who to ask anymore either.. Please help us.