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Become a Playful Blogger and Inject Some Energy into Your Blogging

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of August 2010 Video Posts 0 Comments

Is your blogging getting a little dry? Perhaps it is time to become a bit more playful as a blogger.

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that the more I ‘play’ and experiment with my blog the more I learn that helps me to make my blog better.

Experimentation helps you not only learn what works in the blogging medium – but also what works with your audience.


Become a Playful Blogger Transcript

I’ve had this video transcribed below for those who prefer to get it that way. The transcription provided by The Transcription People.

Today I want to talk about being playful. I’m standing in front of some of the artwork that my four year old has done at Kindergarten. It’s been interesting to watch the progression of his artistry over the last couple of years. He’s a very artistic, creative little guy and he loves to paint and he loves to make things and he loves to basically create stuff.

But, the development in the quality and intricacy of his work has been fascinating to watch over the last few years.

What I’ve noticed is that the more he does it, and the more he experiments with different mediums and different ways of holding a brush and using his fingers and different types of paints and cutting up stuff and sticking them on, the more he experiments, the more he learns and the more he develops.

I think this is really true for blogging as well.

One of the things that I’ve learnt over the years is that the more I try and use stuff, the more I discover what works and what doesn’t work for me in my style, but also for my readers, for blogging and the medium itself.

So, I’d like to ask you today:

  • how have you played on your blog?
  • How have you experimented?
  • What have you tried?
  • What has worked and what hasn’t worked?

I’d like this to be a discussion. For me, I’ve tried lots of different styles of writing over the years.

For example, I’ve done a few rants on my blogs. I discovered that, you know, me ranting doesn’t really work. Occasionally it does because, I guess I really believe in what I’m ranting about, but as a rule, ranting doesn’t really work for me.

I’ve also tried writing in the third person at times that sometimes has actually worked for me. It’s had a real impact upon people.

I’ve also found asking questions like this video post itself works for me.

It’s just about experimenting with different ways of communicating. With using images, with your design, it translates across your blog in lots of different ways.

So, what have you played with on your blog? How have you been a bit playful? How have you experimented? What have you learnt? What has worked for you in your style and what doesn’t work for you in your style?

I’d love to hear your comments in the comments below this video.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. completely agree that making something fun is great to re-energize a blog, especially if it only increases the added value for the site, just like copyblogger.

  2. I have tried asking questions like this through a blog post and it really worked for me. It is nice to play with blogs and be a healthy blogger that way. Nice writing style. Nice sharing.

  3. Experimenting is very nice, other thing is ask your reader what they want, something that’s the best marketing tools.

    I wont see myself having always the same blog and doing the same thing over and over againg, because if is boring for you, sooner or later is boring for your readers.

  4. @kainsmoney very true, I think that is where I fail at trying to keep readers on my website :(

    Very good post, enjoyable and enjoyed the video :)

  5. Hey, Darren!

    I like your post about being playful. And your kids’ artwork as the background was fantastic! I’ve enjoyed using video posts lately too and doing it outside in an organic setting. I seem to like more real life videos to watch of people on the go, so that’s my new goal is to do more videos out and about even if it’s a bit messy.

    Thanks for the tips!

  6. I’ve started a last word feature

  7. So playful blogger=ranting every now and then?

    Sounds theraputic =)

  8. i built my blog only one month.

    i don’t know if the readers like my blog.

    but i do like my blog,and like to write and show the picture and content. so i think this is the origin of my insist.

  9. Interesting post Darren and I love your little man’s art … if he’s anything like my little girl get the spare room ready because everything to them is a work of art and you daren’t chuck it in the garbage!

    Anyway, what I’ve found is that if I rant on Blog Marketing Blog, I rarely get any feedback but if I rant on my Christian Women’s blog, I get some Amens!

    I also find giving a very specific solution helps – so no sitting on the fence … I did this and you should too. Of course the danger of this as pointed out by your post is that what works for me may not work for other bloggers. Everyone has to find their own uniqueness.

  10. Sometimes the best way to try stuff out is to watch the technique being used too. (Example: I want to write in a down to earth manner, but I’m going to read a blog using this style to see if it’s really ME, and if the style would fit the subject of my blog)

  11. Hi

    I am working through your 31 days to better blogging right now although the forum is no longer functioning (unable to send me a password) I am getting tremendous value from it. I already implemented day two and anxiously awaiting the rest. So far the best free course on the internet I know of.

    I am currently experimenting on video because I have noticed it works really well on another youtube channel so I decided to create another channel and brand it to my website – still too early to tell so time will only know.

  12. Hi Darren,

    Your message to experiment with writing styles and varying ways to communicate is so important for every blogger to consider. In essence, we have to CONNECT with the audience — both on an intellectual and emotional plane. Our writing and the topics that we highlight HAVE to galvanize the reader’s interest!

    I find that using examples of real life situations and circumstances seem to make blog posts more appealing.

  13. I agree totally! It’s important to give people great content that is relevant etc…but how would you keep them coming back .

  14. They come back if you offer some great information……just enough info to keep them coming back for more!! Just my opinion.

  15. Nice Article. I think it is important to experiment with writing, especially when you start out!
    I’d like to add that you should maybe try out different writing styles with different audiences (languages). Google has a nice tool for that where you can present different versions of the same page and Google will analyse that.

  16. I Blog and on the internet world with a lack of blogging experience, but one of the reasons I have entered, was a way of improving my website and promoting my product, its been a while now and I have not seen any improvement, however I am still reading and adjusting my blogs everyday.

  17. I only WISH I had the guts to get in front of the camera and create a video for my website. LOLOL I have often thought about taking along another person to my photo sessions and have them video me as I’m photographing my client. As mentioned before, I only wish I had the guts! LOL

  18. This was a question I recently asked myself I think the answer was there all the time, as with most good blogs its often common sense thank you!

  19. Wow! This is some great information. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  20. I’ve tried playing around with topics, my blog is pretty crazy. Responding to an outlandish youtube video, current movie, or Lady Gaga’s meat dress has worked somewhat for me. My blogs that get the most hits (I still have few readers) are satirical stories. My readers seem to enjoy photography, as well. I’d love to post more videos….like you do, Darren….I’m still learning.
    Love the tips and thanks a million!

  21. I’ve found expert interviews interjected with some of my own opinions works well–rather than all one or the other. Sharing research with summary tips is also successful for me. Occasionally I share a funny video or song that is still very topical, and that’s a nice break that people often enjoy.
    You make some good points. Best,

  22. I try to play and experiment with my blog. I am always fiddling with the layout, and I often try embedding media, not embedding media, offering podcasts, just fiddling and seeing if people love or hate what happens. I think for creative types, it’s a natural thing.

  23. Hey Darren,

    Loved your (intended?) metaphor on experimenting and learning Darren.

    Actually the 1st time i started creating my own sites in early 2009 it was akin to being in a nursery lol.

    Finding out what plugins are, how to install them and blowing up a couple of my own blogs in the process — Yes that WAS fun :-)

    In my opinion, It’s a learning process and about enjoying what you do but most importantly ACTUALLY taking those 1st “baby steps” before you can walk and later run.

  24. Since I frequently include non-text content in my blog posts I really generate significant more unique users. As I run several vertical blogs e.g. http://www.umtsflatratevergleich.de it really helps to create infotainment content. This creates stickiness and becomes viral within the vertical segment.

  25. I agree that interaction is a great way to get people involved in your blog, like asking questions or asking opinions. What I also think is great is give people tips about the subject your writing, like ipad hacks when you write about the ipad

  26. I loved your article and it struck a cord with me. My blog is about the adventures of my puppy and I decided to write it in his voice and find that this gives me so much freedom to be playful…..

    When I get stuck for ideas I consult my 10 year old, who always comes up with things, his latest plan is to video us walking him and do a commentary about how he thinks he’s a spy dog and he’s sniffing around looking for clues, I know I wouldn’t have come up with that one!


  27. I have been trying to be more creative with my blog layout, however I
    find it to be a bit distracting. Writing content for earning
    money Online and growing one’s home based Online business
    is not simple to do and when I read other post with lot’s of
    colors and affiliate ads it can be sometime too much to interfere
    with the content of the message which I’m trying to read.

    Thank you for your feedback and I’ll attempt to incorporate some
    of your suggestions.

  28. Nice Article. I think it is important to experiment with writing, especially when you start out!
    I’d like to add that you should maybe try out different writing styles with different audiences (languages). Google has a nice tool for that where you can present different versions of the same page and Google will analyse that.

  29. Great content Darren. You have a wealth of value on your blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Keeping new fresh ideas is so important on your blog.

  30. I have tested different title arrangements, I have also discovered that sometimes writing as a third person helps, It’s all about image and how you potray yourself,. Currently I am still experimenting on a whole lot of things and for me, it is a continous process

  31. We write a lot about seo, marketing, etc. and over the last week or two I started posting more pictures, just sharing images and making them be the message. Thanks Darren.

  32. chona malinao says: 09/22/2010 at 8:49 pm

    Great! It can be a big help regarding making my blog more interesting!..

  33. I sometimes create a title for a post and then write about some unrelated subject. I also will change subjects in the middle of a post (or sentence) without explanation.

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