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Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of November 2006 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Reader-Quick-TipsThe following quick tips was submitted by Jarkko Aho from loghomescabin.com.

Be the first to comment on new posts. Just make the post meaningful and everybody who comes to read those comments will see your take on the matter.

People appreciate information that you provide and will visit your site.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. You’re right. People often don’t scroll down and read very far into the comments.

  2. Gee… I made it, first to comment. :) But did I say anything imporant in my rush to ‘speak’ up? :)

  3. I know for a fact that I have picked up readers who have stumbled onto my site after reading my comments left at other blogs. Of course, this only happens when I am one of the first to post a comment.

    But please, if you are going to comment, make it somewhat meaningful. People who post pointless words just to get the first post are just sad.

  4. Though people don’t often scroll down and read very far into the comments, I think it depends on the general nature of the comments themselves. If every comment is simply “right on” or “that’s so true”, then readers stop reading. But if you can find a way to solicit comments that add to the post in a meaningful way or take the post topic in a new and useful direction, readers will continue to read as if the comments are a continuation of the post.

  5. I got some notoriety with that technique actually.

    See this article here.

    tee hee

  6. I remember reading in some blog that every once in a while you should go post on blogs in your niche that are just starting off. They will be happy to get the comment and will probably come visit to see who found them and probably keep coming back. Seemed like good advice.

  7. Shit, I lost it to Walter, Brian, Bren and Mike.
    Darren hope you don’t mind.

  8. Of course, there’s always the strategy of posting last, so that you are near the “Leave a Reply” box and people may click on your link anyway!

  9. Naturally the LAST comment is also important :)

  10. True, I would prefer the last comment too or atleast somewhe in between.Other people can come and see somebody new and they pay a visit.I tired it a lot of time and every time i do ,I get some visiotrs.They will return or not it entirely depends how they judge the blog and whats their need.

    I had seen including mine( though my blog is pretty young) that people leave more comments if there is already one comment present. “Curiosity”.Thats a human nature.

    Darren there should be some discussion on how to make readers comment( not forcibly) tend towards putting a comment.


  11. Hi,

    I tired this link u gave lgohomescabin.com. but it seems theres a problem in link.It doesnt open.



  12. […] Be the First to Comment By Problogger. […]

  13. This is excellent advice. It reminds me of the small album for signatures that my father used to have. Someone had written on the last page:
    By hook or by crook, I’ll be last in this book.
    That person was outdone by someone else who had written on the inside of the back cover:
    Did you never discover you could write on the cover?

    I’m not sure how that applies here in the virtual world, but I’m working on it. :)

  14. Yeah, but being last is only going to happen once :-)

  15. Very useful advice, reminds me a little bit of the traffic derived from being the first to leave a TrackBack. I’ve had it work for me quite a few times, too.

  16. The key is to make it interesting and relevant, and not to leave your links all over the comment section either ;). People do tend to comment in groups – if one has broken the ice, more will follow. Of course, if you have too many comments, people are either intimidated, feel like everything has been said, or the comments page takes too long to load…. that’s a whole different issue though, eh??

  17. Another way is to comment on blogs you regularly visit. Most often conversation will result when posters go back and forth discussing a particular topic or post.

    Adding a link to a post in the comments will also drive readers to your blog, especially if its a popular blog.

  18. That’s a great tip, because the (small) blog owners will love it even more than the commenters.

  19. Darren, it looks you made a mistake with the URL in the post — It links to “lgohomescabin.”, without the “com”. I heard Google doesn’t like broken links.

  20. I agree with this post. When you are the first comment, people always read your text and sometimes, they would like to know some about you…

  21. Really true. Bu some time people scroll down and read last comment. But as you cannot remain last forever, you will never get that attention which you get at the top.

  22. This is very true because I know that I take a quick look at the top few comments and thats about it. I dont scroll and read through every one.

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  24. […] Darren Rowse featured an interesting tip from Jarkko Aho on how comments can also be a source of optimized traffic flow.  In a blog posted at problogger.net, the author said that when you write comments for current posts, those who read them may also check out your site.  By taking full advantage of the space provided for your thoughts, informative and interesting ideas may then capture the interest of other browsers.  Curiosity will then lead them to your site to further hear or see what you’ve got to say.  Your particular take on certain issue provides a preview of what you’re really capable of.  So, make sure that comments are well-written almost like an ad — short, but provocative enough, because first impressions really last. Friends Economy Facts Local Dating London Dating Home Improvement Online Education Archives […]

  25. Well, I wonder if there are any software to post the comment automatic?

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