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  • Interesting article. However, it emphased all the wrong things — domain names, metatags, ect… it failed to address the most important aspect of any SEO strategy: the freakin content markup! I think this introduction to SEO is more rock solid advice. In addition, I can promise anyone who follows this advice that they will see tangable improvements in traffic.

    456 Berea Street, The Basics of Search Engine Optimization.

  • I could not agree with Nick more and read Roger’s site all the time. Great content is only as great as you make it. Turn off the CSS on many sites and that is what search engines see, even on this lovely site the sidebar comes before the content when the content could be above, floated right and the sidebar floated left keeping the juice at the top.

  • check out…they are the best resource I’ve found..

    and they even have a blog forum :)

    it will really help put a lot of the misinformation out there to bed, as the folks providing the free advice in many cases are “the” industry experts.

  • I thought the article was very good informational piece that lived up to it’s title Basic SEO tactics for bloggers. Site design tactics are beyond the grasp of new bloggers who might use Blogspot hosting or a WordPress template and mentioning content issues is bit redunant IMO because it’s a blog that’s what it is content. Well done The Blog Herald for good guide,

  • Thanks for the feedback, both good and bad, it was meant as a very simple guide, mainly for new bloggers, and yes, I didn’t deal with content markup, but I’ve dealt with that before, and perhaps it wasn’t wise of me to point to it elsewhere, however I would make the point that a good blogging package, like WordPress, is going to do reasonable markup out of the box anyway. At the end of the day though there is never one thing that makes a blog successful, this is just one part of the puzzle, and its a part that you’d find that many bloggers have little real idea about as well (except of course for Problogger readers).

  • Tom

    That 456 Berea Street article is hot stuff.

  • I hope my comment did not come across as negative! All info is good info and i was amazed at how relevant domain names were in search results, I had been wanting to write a little on this for awhile and was pleasantly surprised when looking into it.

    There are some great articles on 456 Berea Street

    Anyway I must design a t-shirt :)