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Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of March 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Just a quick note to say that there have been some great stories submitted in response to my request for blogging stories to be featured on ProBlogger over the first two weeks of April. The deadline for submissions lasts for another 20 hours so there’s still time to get yours in – just keep in mind to follow the guidelines I set out and submit them via the contact form and not in comments.

So far there have been a good spread of submissions from both experienced and new bloggers and through it I’ve already discovered some blogs I’d not seen or heard of before – I’m looking forward to others interacting with the stories next week.

Also on a related note – a couple of the guest bloggers who will contribute a few posts next week have asked me for ideas of what to write about so I said I’d ask ProBlogger readers. So if you have a blogging question you’d like to ask some of these quite experienced bloggers feel free to do so in comments below.

Lastly – to those who’ve submitted stories so far – thank you. I’ll make a decision on which ones I’ll use once the deadline comes. I do appreciate the time and effort people have put into this. I’m especially impressed by the creativity some of you have written with and the blogs that you have produced.

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  • Question: How do you set up a splog and get it running efficiently, stay under the radar with AdSense, avoid the wrath of legitimate publishers, and make a million dollars in your first month?


  • Marco

    Do any of the guest bloggers have any experience with non-english blogging? I really would like to see some examples of people who have made some money with a blog that’s in another language.

  • hehe. I like Andy’s suggestion. :oD

    Do you have to be a good/great writer to become a succesful blogger?

    My question, thanks in advance for any answers.

  • ok this may sound very newbie-ish… but here goes, oh and yes im new at blogging. HOw on earth do you write. A.) for your readers and B.) for the SE’s with out it looking like a key word dense bunch of garbage. Know what I mean. I usually just go off on something that occured to me, then I look at it and think crap theres no aff links or place i can throw them in or , woops i didnt throw in any keywords, then after reviewing it, i get annoyed at the process and just publish it anyways. Is there an amount of ,or an optimal number of keywords that should be in each posting?