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Analyzing Successful Sites SEO

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of August 2006 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

Ross Dunn has a good article on Demystifying Your Competitor’s Ranking Success which gives you some hints to analyzing other blogs and websites in your niche – particularly those who rank well in search engines. He uses a hypothetical example as he outlines the areas to analyze.

It gives you a number of suggestions on what you can look at in terms of how they are ranking highly. Of course in doing so Ross runs you through some of the basics of SEO.

found via Andy Wibbels

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  • OK, gotta love the Web. I find a great article via Chicago and Australia, written by a guy sitting at a computer 100 metres from mine! Thanks for the link… a very good read.

  • Reading that article made me feel like I’ve got a lot to learn! Thanks for the helpful link.

  • i learnt something new here, i am new in this and a lot of things need to learn …

  • Stu

    I wonder in this brave new world of blogs, RSS, aggregator services, and social bookmarking, whether we’re seeing a drop in the importance of SEO anyway?

  • On the matter of optimisation of databased driven sites. I have been working with pmachine since day one and with some tweaking this software is doing a good work within search engines. In fact I see that google had no probs with it because the links are very simple and short. There is one but and that is that the title of the newsarticles does not display in the url as it works with id’s.

    I dunno what this impact is though?

    Also, i saw that getting rid of obligatory login to read articles does improve ranking + traffic generated by serach engines as well.

  • Good article covering the basics of SEO. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Yahoo’s Site Explorer for checking backlinks. The O in SEO is becoming less important (at least to me) for sure. I’m more concerned with building a site that gets crawled correctly than optimizing a page for a particular keyword. If your site offers better service, it will have a higher retention, and your overall traffic and/or convertion ratio may be higher than another site that ranks #1 for all your keywords.

  • Thanks for the link Darren, I have recently noticed this blog that’s in the same niche as mine but could not work out why it consistantly came up in searches higher than mine and with such a high page ranking. Its got one post, no links and a spammy url. I think I’ve figured it out.

  • Good find Darren, if he had a feed I would add him to my reader.
    I tend to use SEO Elite for most of my competitor research as it has some useful analytics built in.

  • If anyone wants further reading, I had something on this a while ago: conducting a site SEO review.

  • Hmmm !!! Look like a Good Article.
    But is it good enough to rank high?

    Nope ! Nope ! Nope !

    I know the truth ;)

  • Freda

    optimizer I find it hard to take your comment seriously when I look at your blog and see you are using blogger, can barely string a sentence together in comprehensible English and that you are yet to write anything useful on your so called ‘SEO Blogging for Money’ blog.

  • Thanks Freda ! for you nice comment and guiding me positively.

    But yes, one I thing I can still can bet that search engine optimization is nothing to do with “English”. If it would be, then English Teachers are happens to be the best SEOs.

    My Englishhhh is might be a part of my seo tricks.

    and thanks to be on my BLOG., I will blog this too :)

    Darren what you have to say..

  • I don’t think we need to bring a person’s ability to speak English into it.

    however I have to say optimizer that I don’t really understand your comment or what you’re trying to get at with it.

    Care to expand on why you don’t think the article is good enough to rank high? (I pressume you mean rank high in Google?)

  • Thanks Darren for backing me on my English.

    Well, you got me exactly. By rank high I mean “Ranking High in google”

    I am trying to say that these days every web master knows about on page and off page optimization. Every body knows about on page optimization i.e. “Title, Meta Tag, H1, bold, italics, underline, ALT, keyword density, keyword repeat, content rich articles and list goes on”

    Same condition is with “off page optimization” i.e. “Incoming links, Indexed pages, links from authoritative site, importance of getting back links from “.edu, .gov” domain , importance of being furled, delicioused and technorated. (I mean, and

    Every webmaster who uses blogs and forums knows about these technical jargons.

    So my question is why we all are not ranking high in Google?

  • That was some good reading, good find Darren.

    Tryed out step 2:

    at first I only get 1 result with 12 not show and when I allow to show the others all the titles are the same.

    Question – How do you make each of your posts titles, the title that comes up when found in search engines? So if my post was – Great Blogging Tips, how do I get the blog title on the search engines instead of 272 Blog Central which is the main title tag of the website. (I am using blogger sofware)


  • Excellent material. I will use this information and incorporate in to my site. Since I run a type of site like this it should help me in the long run.


  • Excellent material. I will use this information and incorporate in to my site. Since I run a type of site like this it should help me in the long run.


  • Very well written. This is the kind of information that is useful to those want to increase their SERP’s. Keep up the good work.

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