Amazon Associates Move to Monthly Payments for 2007!

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of December 2006 Affiliate Programs 0 Comments

The Amazon associates program is changing it’s payment system to be every month instead of once a quarter. So instead of getting 4 cheques (or gift certificates) per year you’ll get 12.

The payment terms will be 60 days (ie you get your cheque or certificate 60 days after the month ends) but this aspect of things isn’t really that much different to present as the quarterly payments are over 30 days (usually around 45 days from memory) after the end of the quarter anyway.

There will be new tiers to reflect this change as follows:

Us Q107 Pricingtiers 3

I’m yet to analyze these tiers and see how they compare to the current ones.

Full details at The Official Amazon Associates Blog.

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PS: In other Amazon Associate news not posted on their blog but at the bottom of an email sent to publishers was this:

“Lastly, effective January 1, 2007, we are increasing the Check Processing Fee for US-based Associates from $8 to $15. The minimum check amount is still $100. We encourage all US-based Associates to choose direct deposit (EFT) or Gift Certificates as their payment method to avoid this fee. The minimum amount for these payment types is $10. Visit Associates Central to change your payment method.”

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  1. I havent done so much of experimentaion with amazon.But i will give it a try.Dont want so much around my blog.But i will find some new idea how to do.

    Thx for the info

  2. I have found the Amazon program to not be that good.
    For example if someone finds something through your link or website and puts it in their cart, and buys it the next day, you lose out on the commission because they waited 24 hours.

    I think 30 days is better. Amazon would have not recieved the purchase many times without your website yet you only get 24 hours to close the deal.

    I have lost out on many sales this way.

    Also the check processing fee is outrageous. I don’t receive checks anymore so it doesn’t affect me, but bukle this with the above policy and Amazon does not put a huge emphasis on their publishers.

  3. I certainly have to agree, that “check processing fee” sounds like a complete ripp-off. Payday loan companies get all kinds of bad press for that kind of thing, and here’s a legitimate company doing the same thing. I notice they didnt put THAT little announcement in bold near the top for review.

  4. Another note in the email worth mentioning was that affiliates could continue to earn referrals gift certificate through March 31st, 2007 instead of only through the end of this month.

  5. Thanks for the tip Darren. How are you finding the new aStore format? My experience has been profound! Earnings have gone through the roof so-to-speak!

  6. Amazon’s expanding on their aff. program. Very cool :-)

    Darren, resize the image*

  7. Amazon Goes From Quarterly To Monthly Payment…

    Amazon has announced that starting in 2007 it will be changing its payout from a quarterly payout schedule to a monthly payout schedule. This is a huge change for Amazon after sticking to the quarterly payout schedule for so long……

  8. How can you say the new payment system is not that much different? After the first 60 days pass, you get paid monthly! The tiers are basically unchanged but there will be more volatility due to a shorter time period. I use Amazon on 2 blogs. It’s tough to get sales started but can you can do quite well with targeted links.

  9. I’m lovin’ my Amazon associates earnings and was just silently praying that I’d be able to manage my money effectively on a quarterly basis, now that my revenue is increasing.

    Then lo and behold Amazon had an email in my inbox saying they’d be paying out monthly in 2007!

    Hallelujah! Monthly earnings are easier to manage than quarterly earnings. And then there’s that whole time value of money thing we learned about in accounting class…

    This is an excellent change for me.

  10. This is a very good news. But now there will be more competition as number of affiliates will increase.