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AdWords offer $50 free Ads for New Advertisers

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of December 2006 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Have you ever wanted to test out AdWords to promote your blog?

Google are currently running a promotion where you get a $50 Ad coupon when you sign up here.

thanks to Jaro for the tip via email.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Darren is this only for english speaking bloggers?

  2. I signed up like 1 day ago…

    how long does it take to confirm or what ever?

  3. Stefan – not sure. I can’t see anything about what language it’s limited to.

    Luke – I don’t think it usually takes more than a day or two.

  4. This sounds like a great offer, are there any catches?

  5. So, is this equivalent to $50 for free?

    Well, I looked at some ebay auctions and $50 adwords credit is going for less than $5, granted the auction states you need to make a new account. Is this some kind of referral system?

  6. This is strange!

    Google offered me $25, a week ago!

  7. It’s only for the new users. You’ll be given $40 for advertising, $10 goes for registration. It takes a bit to get confirmed because Google goes for each website manually I believe. No information about language limitation.

  8. Can you opt out of the adwords campaign at any time?

    Or are you placed into a contract?

  9. People are selling these coupons like crazy on Digitalpoint. I personally need coupons to add to my active account instead. I want to keep it going on the same account so that way I can keep tracking the same keywords over time instead of having to create new accounts just for more promo codes.

    I wonder how much Google is losing due to all these promo codes flying around.

  10. I’d like to do this, but not till after the holidays. Any idea how long the offer is good for?

  11. I’m not sure on the answer to any of these questions friends. Best to approach AdWords directly :-)

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  13. I’m going to be a little “glass is half empty” here. This is simply to entice new users with small budgets. Big companies with big budgets will burn that $50 in a few hours. All i’m going to say is be careful when you set your account up, don’t let that $50 run out to quick and then start burning your own cash. Small budget Adword users beware of the PPC ploys!

  14. I signed up before I finished reading the tips on that page. Can someone post them?

  15. I can’t access the link above. It keeps giving a 404notfound error. Why?

  16. […] Darren Rowse of recently mention about a Christmas promotion ran by Google in which they offer a $50 Ad coupon when you sign up. […]

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  18. […] Google AdWords – $50 for new customers […]

  19. How can we tell if this offer is still valid?

  20. I have an google account that I used for adwords…but still I didn’t get the promotional code…is it get by making new id there..!!

  21. anymore new Adwords promo code?

  22. I have sell some VCC to activated the adwords account… And i have Work coupon for $100 too now …. :)

  23. I desperately would like to get my hands on a adwords promo code…. is there any floating around?

  24. the google adwords CSR said you cannot get the 50 by signing up at the link above, he said you have to have the code to put in the box before hand or within 14 days after signing up. So, that above link, appears like a referral for someone, only.

    Where can I get a code, ANYONE??? Since I helped with some info?
    [email protected] please, I have 10 days left

  25. i would appreciate a code word for ad words! will trade some nutritional advice and product if you contact me!
    kalloco at hotmail .com

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