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AdSense Launch Video Units

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of October 2007 Adsense 0 Comments

AdSense have today announced their long awaited Video Units.

This is what ProBlogger broke the news about last week. It allows you to get video content for your blog with an embedded ad using YouTube ‘partner content’ on your blog.

Basically you set up a video unit to run on your blog and either choose a category of video to be targeted to your blog, select a content provider to provide the video or leave it completely up to AdSense and Youtube to do it for you. You also get to customize the video unit to blend into your site in terms of color and size.

The AdSense blog say that you can log into your AdSense account to start using this – but I’m yet to see the option yet so haven’t yet tested it – but it looks like a useful option that will suit those of you wanting to play with video.

The only negative that I see is that you can’t choose specific video to show on your blog. You can target videos from one provider – but it could end up serving anything from that provider.

More information on these new AdSense video units can be seen at the AdSense Help Center and on the Inside AdSense Blog.

Here’s how an AdSense Video Unit looks:


Update – Turns out that this is only available for US publishers with sites in English

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Darren, no offence, but do you proof your articles?

  2. Whoa. Kinda really cool from an AdSense user perspective, kinda really scary from an AdSense viewer perspective…

  3. Lets see how much money someone can get with this new video monetization. It could be usefull for a mac related blog like mine! lets see what happens.

  4. Hey,

    I really don’t see the point of this tbh, its really more of a draw back then an advantage.

  5. When they play the video, i make money? or do the visitors have to click on the ads then will i make money? because from how i see is that only when you click on the ads above the video then will you make money..

  6. it’s available only in the US??

  7. I have two youtube channels, one with over 3000 subscribers, the other with over 500. I’m looking to see some nice results as more videos are viewed and embeded. Thanks for the heads up, Darren.

  8. Not being able to select specific video concerns me. I guess I’m just too picky.

  9. I’m going to play around with these videos. It’s looks like a pretty cool tool.

  10. Maybe you can’t choose the individual videos for now, but I bet in the future it will be an option. It’s only logic…

  11. I cant wait til I can try it out

  12. I wrote about article today about adsense video units as well. Also Marc Fiszman here is your proof.




  13. IMO, Video ads is wasting bandwidth. Dial-up user will not be able to enjoy the ads and the CTR may be as low as BlogRush because we have a past videoads-phobia on Television (which we often ignore it or even choosing a channel which have no ads at all!)

  14. it’s so BIG. If I am a reguar reader… it will just annoy me.

  15. Ken Xu Video Ads don’t run so dial-up users should know not to click, and you dont waist your bandwidth you waist the bandwith from Google and youtube.

    The newsroom I make money for example with them, and I have seen people clicking more on videos then ads it self, because the ads are targeted by post.

    Yes every1 would flip the channel when it comes to commercial but if you like fishing I bet you won’t fin that on cnn.

    Think man Think :)

  16. This was bound to happen. I can see this being very successful.

  17. This is great but I don’t see it on my account yet either.

  18. hmm sounds interesting, now I wish they could work on their video quality, and up the time limit…

  19. Long awaited stuff from Adsense & YouTube…But i am looking high & low for the so called “video units link” still doesn’t appear ? What’s going on ?

  20. I’m curious, do they share revenue with the video’s creator, or just the publisher site that displays the video.
    I would think that it’s only fair to share with the producer of the video but I haven’t seen any mention of this.

  21. what will be the rates of it?or same way as other ads work of adsense?Will it be on impression or no. of video views

  22. Google is pushing this out too soon. There are so many improvements they could make just by looking at this.

  23. Great news! Thanks Darren.

  24. hmm… With the YouTube video ads I was hoping for in video ads like they promised… faded watermarked ads that play over the video for a few seconds or whatever.

    This just looks like an ad unit shoved above a video… nothing special.

  25. Oh no sorry, I just went to the Adsense blog and they are overlay ads also.

    The thing is though… you can’t use your own videos… you have to chose somebody elses… so what’s the point. I was really hoping to be able to use ads over my own videos.

    This is useless to me, I won’t be shoving huge redundant video players on my site with other people’s videos.

  26. Sounds promising. I might have to give it a try.

  27. “The AdSense blog say that you can log into your AdSense account to start using this – but I’m yet to see the option yet so haven’t yet tested it – but it looks like a useful option that will suit those of you wanting to play with video.”

    You need to sign up with youtube using your Adsense login as your email address.


  28. Ya! Same here with Mike, until now I still don’t see the adsense video unit on my adsense product yet! why is that?

  29. It just showed up for me, but the player hasnt showed up yet. Not sure how long its supposed to take.

  30. Ok, so I’ve added the code, but I’m only seeing “Watch the latest videos on YouTube.com” and not a video player. Is that what you’re seeing Bob?

  31. Not available for Thailand. :(

    Why Adsense team said ‘just log in’ ?

  32. another let down is no mention about any of that add revenue going to the video producers

  33. IMHO, with more finite controls, this could be a very useful tool for generating content. AND, with the spammy, lunatics you find online all the time, this could be a very abused and annoying tool.
    45n5: I have to agree with you about video producers not being mentioned.

  34. Its bad that only it is available to US publishers. I wish that it will be available soon in india. Darren do you know of any other providers who provide Video Ads for publishers.

  35. ….I just posted an article of AdsTube on my blog as a potential startup idea. I am just so un-original. I thought Google would do this when it acquired YouTube.

    I think the next step is to allow consumers to really create and customize ads, not just color and size. That is the fundamental value of YouTube. If it is pre-made ads, it is not that interesting. If someone could come up with a way to get consumer generated ads selected and authorized by a branded company to be an official ads, I think that would be more interesting.

  36. Why only US publishers? I know they are still probably testing it, but this always bugs me.

  37. I think it’s a great model google/youtube are implementing.
    It’s a win-win-win situation, everybody benefits, google/youtube, their partners, the video maker, and you the user embedding the video on your site.
    More ‘win’ for you I gues, if you are both the maker and the one who embeddes the video.

    Will be interesting to follow the development of this new model.


  38. The option finally showed up in my adsense account, and I was playing with it now–but haven’t added it anywhere yet. Thing is, as Chino said above, it’s *huge*. The smallest option is 400 x 415, followed by 500 x 510 and 780 x 560 models. That is a huge chunk of real estate you’re talking about. I guess one could throw it between posts on a blog (with some difficulty), but I wonder if it wouldn’t be more annoying to one’s readers than it’s worth.

  39. I wrote an article on why this is the worst idea every by the Adsense team.

  40. Darren, Can you please say, when it will be available for world?



  41. I’ve been trying to figure out an effective way to use this on a blog. It’s actually no different from the already available YouTube “custom players” except for the advertising, and I never found a good way to incorporate them either. You can put them at the bottom of the page, where they’re never seen. You can put them at the top of the page, above your real content and pushing the real content “below the fold”. They’re way too big to fit in a standard sidebar of any sort. You can put the player on its own page and just give a link, but again that’s not likely to see much readership. It looks to me like any effective use is going to involve redesigning the blog so that half of the page is content (and navigation) and the other half is this YouTube player.

    I don’t think this is going to do much for Google or for publishers without a lot of tweaking.

  42. Well it would be a great idea certain niche sites like video games, but the problem here is that even the smallest video doesn’t seem to fit right on the sidebar. On the preview, the smallest one looked perfectly it’ll fit but when i posted on my site, the frickin huge one came up instead. Weird….

  43. This is good idea but cant figure out how one is paid, just by looking at the videos or the ads on top. Difficult one but hopefully it would become clearer. Thanks.

  44. the video monetization will be best suited to the content which allows for some kind of a tv play. such a contnt will encourge more ctr

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