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Adsense Earnings for November – Poll Results

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of December 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

ProBlogger.net readers could have earned close to $1,000,000 in November! Read on to find out how.

The latest ProBlogger.net poll of the week is over and the results are in. 1205 readers responded to the question of ‘How much did you earn from AdSense in November?’

225 readers (19%) answered that they didn’t use AdSense meaning the vast majority of those reading this blog do. While I didn’t specify that only bloggers should answer the question we can assume that the majority of those who answered are bloggers due to the nature of this site (well over 90% of those leaving comments on this blog are bloggers).

The spread of results were as follows.
Picture 2-7

Around half of those readers who do use AdSense earn under $30 per week (46%) with most of those earning less than $10 per day. This is up from last time I did this type of poll. Last time 40% earned under $30 per month. As I said last time I commented on this poll, this is a very important statistic to keep in mind as often the stories of bloggers earning big dollars can get all the attention.

Yes there is big money being made by bloggers – but it’s by a small percentage of people.

5% of ProBlogger readers using AdSense (a total of 45 readers) earned over $10,000 last month from Adsense. If November can be viewed as a ‘normal’ month this means around 5% of you are on track for a $120,000 year in 2006. Again this is up on last time I did the poll when only 1% of respondents were earning over the $10,000 per month mark.

17% are earning over $1000 per month and 25% over $500 per month.

For a bit of Fun I decided to estimate how much ProBlogger readers collectively earned from AdSense in November.

My estimation is that it is a minimum of $968,575. I guess that almost makes us a million dollar blog.

I came up with this figure by multiplying the middle dollar value of each dollar range by the number of respondents. ie 125 people said they earned between $10 – $29 so I multiplied 125 x $15 for that section. For the top section of over $10,000 I played it safe and just multiplied the $10,000 x 45 although I know for a fact that some of those who responded in that section earned considerably more than $10,000 which means I’m pretty sure we earned $1,000,000 between us all from AdSense.

This would mean that on average respondents earn $988.34 per month from Adsense.

Of course – these statistics are by no means intended to be scientific but rather are about getting a picture of what’s going on for bloggers at the moment and to have a bit of fun along the way.

Thanks to all who participated.

The next poll will be similar but will focus upon Chitika eMiniMalls earnings. That poll will be up shortly.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I think everyone owes at least 5% of earnings to problogger!

  2. if you insist Mike :-)

    paypal is fine! hehe

  3. And you Darren? Do you owe 5% of your Adsense income to Problogger Readers? I mean how important in Problogger.net for you financially?

  4. Well this week it’s earned me nothing with Adsense because it’s now in the YPN beta.

    But before that it was less than 1% of my overall earnings.

  5. Lol I guess I fit the bill of an average user as my earnings are bang on your averages! I’ve only been running ads for about a month now – I wish I’d been running them for longer! I’m hoping that my traffic continues to grow at 15-20% pm as in a few months this cash could really get interesting!

    Thanks for all the tips Darren – both online and offline via email

  6. As someone who spent years learning the craft of surveying and statistical analysis, I think I should speak up — people have a nasty way of overstating their income, especially in an anonymous environment.

    Given the audience on this site, I suspect most people were absolutely honest, but I’d expect a number of those “10,000+” rankings to be false, which has the potential to severely skew the results (even though I’m sure there are a few 10K+ earners who pulled in substantially more than that in the frenzied lead-up to xmas).

  7. could be right James. Although the %’s fit pretty well with my anecdotal evidence of chatting with my readers.

    However it’s just some fun.

  8. Just a nitpick, but the midway point between $10 and $29 is $19.50, not $15 :-).

  9. Good nitpick actually. I think I actually did the calculations on the $19.50 figure – or did I . Oh well – we get the idea I guess.

  10. […] Über 1205 Leser von proBlogger.net machten bei der Umfrage ‘How much did you earn from AdSense in November?’ mit und gaben ihre Umsätze an, welche diese mit Google Adsense generiert hatten. Trotz alldem, dass man davon ausgehen kann, dass einige Abstimmungen gefakt sind, widerspiegelt diese Umfrage doch den allgemeingültigen Durchschnittsverdienst. Dennoch ist es überraschend, wie viele Webseitenbetreiber 5000,- Dollar oder mehr verdienen. Die Zahlen: […]

  11. […] Für die meisten Webseitenbetreiber zahlt sich die Werbeform Google Adsense kaum aus. Dafür haben diese einfach viel zuwenig Besucher (siehe auch: Ab wann Fremdwerbung einbinden). Interessant ist die von Pro Blogger durchgeführte Umfrage, wer wieviel mit Adsense im November verdient hat. Webmasterfind hat die Ergebnisse zusammengefasst. Stichwort: adsense, einkommen, google, promotionPopularität: 1%   […]

  12. […] What’s interesting is to compare the spread of earnings to the recent Adsense poll we ran (although i’ll note comparing the two ad systems is probably not really fair on either system as they are at such different stages of development – it’s also not fair because I was asking about two different months – so keep all this in mind and don’t take the results too seriously). Keeping all this in mind here are a few reflections on the comparisons: […]

  13. […] Lors d’un sondage maison (en anglais) de ses lectrices et lecteurs, ProBlogger a demandé ce qu’étaient les revenus mensuels provenant de AdSense. Les résultats sont révélateurs. De ceux qui utilisent AdSense, le tiers (1/3) a fait moins de 10$, 5% ont amassés plus de 10 000$, 17% gagnent plus de 1000$ par mois et 25% plus de 500$ par mois. […]

  14. I am sure you can repeat this poll. Ask people put exact figure. Maybe it will help to clarify with those earning more than $10,000.
    Anyway, it is interesting to compare results of two polls.

  15. Wish I could’ve gotten in before the poll ended, then my sites would have tipped the scale to $1,000,001.99. Enjoy your blog very much Darren. Thanks for all the tips.

  16. Measuring The economic weight of the blogs

    Just how much of the worlds’ wealth is tied up in Blogs today and how do we measure that wealth? According to Roland Piquepaille  Assuming that 10 million blogs are active and that 10% of bloggers pay an annual fee…

  17. Adsense収入の調査


  18. Just under $1 monthly. You know my site has been bulit 3 years ago. Sigh.

  19. […] a. This is my story and this is what I’ve learnt – When I did a poll a couple of months on how long readers of this site had been blogging I found that 12% of you have been blogging for 3 years or more. I also found in another poll that while not in the majority, there are actually quite a few readers of PB that make a good living from blogging. This type of story is an opportunity for you to share your story and give a few lessons and home truths from your experience. Hopefully in doing so you can teach the rest of us a thing or two and highlight your own blog a little in the process. I won’t prescribe what you should include in these stories – but here’s a few suggestions: […]

  20. […] I am limiting this article to India and USA only, similar comparisons may be made. Ok, now let’s talk some figures: A recent survey at problogger showed average monthly income earned per publisher from adsense stands at $988.34 , approximately $1000. Now let’s stick to that figure as see how it compares to country wise income rates. USA’s Gross National Income (GNI) Per Capita stands at $34280 (crudely this means that an average person from US earns this much in a year) according at a 2002 World Bank report. Now, let’s compare this with GNI Per Capita of India, which stands at $620, or for more fair comparison, let’s just take GNI Per Capita of “Indian Middle Class” who might be capable of buying basic things like a PC, etc to be potential AdSense publishers, this middle class is a 250 million strong population (population of USA is 295 million) and their GNI Per Capita stands at $2000 (do note that we are not grossing up USA GNI per capita in similar manner to be conservative). […]

  21. this looks like an exponential distribution

  22. […] vedeti aici ce sume fac unii din bloguri… […]

  23. Why did you change the poll from last year? This one is monthly last years is weekly. Makes it difficult to compare. Not important I know! haha.

    Is your digital camera blog the biggest earner?

  24. This is always very interesting and I hope everyone’s earnings are up at least a little from last year if they’ve been blogging that long ;).

  25. What a neat poll, I fall under the one that made $10 last month. I’m actually excited about this as it was the most I’ve ever made in a month, hopefully from here on out it continues to grow. Thanks for the poll.

  26. […] If things keep up, I think I’ll remove all the other ads seen here. Except Adsense, which gets about 60 pitiful sens on average per day. Till now I can’t figure out why Adsense doesn’t do well in my blogs. The other day, Problogger did a survey to find out how his readers fare with their Adsense in the month of November and from the chart below, people are really making some decent money. 45 of his readers who took part in the poll made more than 10k, and that’s not exactly chicken feed. Me? of course I am in the bottom rung together with the 320 others. hehehee.. so there are still lots of bloggers like me. […]

  27. I was pulling in a decent $5-10 a day when Google decided to pull the plug on me! Don’t know why though.

    Have moved to Bidvertiser.com now, it obviously is not making as much as Adsense did for me…..wonder why, eh? Are people automatically attracted to clicking Adsense ads on other websites because subconciously they feel the thrill of knowing that this click is making/costing someone some bucks?!

  28. […] You know sometimes you just dont know how good you have it. I was out looking for google adsense alternatives because I thought I wasnt making any money, or not as much as I wanted at least. Then I come across people bragging about making $1400 a month in adsense . According to problogger over 50% of adsense publishers make less than $1000 per month. There is a chart there you can look at also. […]

  29. I think we need to do more than blog ourselves. It’s time to let other peoples fingers do the typing. Set up a real cms like joomla and create a community that lets the public produce your content.

  30. […] About half of the blogging world earns less than 100$/month on AdSense. […]

  31. […] Über die Verdienstsituation der Weblogs in Deutschland wurde ich – wieder einmal – bei Robert fündig. Er hat in mehreren interessanten Artikeln – auch interessant genug für die FAZ – die Werbeeinnahmen 47 deutscher Blogs erfragt und netterweise auch gleich ausgewertet. Da wird hin und wieder schon ganz ordentlich verdient, auch wenn die Zahlen im Vergleich zum Mutterland etwas relativiert werden müssen. Für das Ghettoblog besteht auf jeden Fall die Möglichkeit mittels ein paar Textlinks die Kosten zu decken. […]

  32. […] making a pretty penny from their blogging sites. Problogger.com conducted a poll where 45 bloggers reported pulling in over 10k in the month of November 2005 with Adsense income alone. The infamous Johnchow.com nets roughly […]

  33. […] As with previous years, the largest group of bloggers using with AdSense earn under $10 a month (28% of of all who use AdSense). Interestingly – the second largest category wasn’t the $10 – $29 category – but the $100-$499 one (21%). The top category of over $10,000 in a month was reached by 23 bloggers (4%). 16% are earning over the magical $1000 per month mark. Source: Problogger: November Earning Poll […]

  34. […] about subjects I’m passionate about) a sell-out?  Will I join the short but growing list of bloggers that earn over $10,000 a month in “passive” income?  I’m going to find out the answers to these […]

  35. That is an incredible amount of money from just blogging. Maybe if everyone keeps up their hard work they can make a ten million dollar blog!

  36. i am relatively new blogger and am running a similar survey at http://www.mynetearnings.blogspot.com just to see how much are bloggers earning now from adsense 2 years after. wouldn’t that be interesting?

  37. That was a very good idea to see how much people earn on Adsense. I am surprised as to just how much people earned quite a bit of money. This was very interesting. I hope the next time this poll is up the number are higher :)

  38. Very interesting. I am new to the world of blogging, so stats like these are motivating to keep improving.

  39. Adsense income is dwindling. Adbrite seems to offer more opportunities of income

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