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A Word About Our Sponsors

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of December 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

With the Festive Season approaching I wanted to take a few minutes out today to give a shout out to the sponsors of ProBlogger that have been so supportive over the past month or two. This group of companies and individuals help me to keep my eye on blogging rather than having to worry about raising money and I appreciate them all.

A0072307LinkWorth – if there’s an award for longest running sponsor of ProBlogger it’s these guys.

LinkWorth is a Search Engine Marketing and Text Link Advertising service who offers a range of products including text link ads, blog reviews, in text links, pay per click ads, rotating text ads, directory submission and much more.

Join LinkWorth today either as an advertiser looking to grow your blog or as a publisher seeking to monetize your blog in new ways.

A0070296WidgetBucks – relatively new to the ad network space, WidgetBucks have caused quite a stir and have helped a number of ProBlogger readers recently to go full time in their blogging.

I’ve reviewed them previously (before they became a sponsor) and have found them to be a great way to monetize a blog – particularly if your traffic is largely from North America (although they’ve just activated ads now for non US traffic).

A0072714Pubmatic – This ad optimizing tool is an example of where I think we’ll see advertising on blogs go in the year or two ahead.

I reviewed it recently (note: the review was before PubMatic became an advertiser) and was really impressed with this new system that will allow you to manage multiple advertising networks ads in the one ad spot. For each impression they’ll serve the ad that will earn you the most money.

The campaign that they’re currently running is part of their Pubmatic Publisher Challenge where they’ve given away free advertising to some of the publishers using them – in this case it’s WinCustomize.

A0071622Voxant Newsroom – this service provides blogs (and other sites) with high quality and licensed content.

They’ll supply video, text and images from the very highest of quality sources (WSJ, CBS, AP, Reuters and more).

Not only that – they’ll also share the advertising revenue when a news story that Voxant supplies is viewed.

Register for the service here.

A0071685RankSense – is a new SEO software suite designed to make your rankings in search engines higher than the currently are.

They’re currently beta testing and are offering those willing to give it a go credits towards eventual purchase of the final product.

This isn’t a service that spams search engines for temporary results – but one that evaluates your site to help you genuinely improve it and climb the search engines for the long haul.

A0074666Compete – I’ll be honest – I was surprised to see that Compete had joined us a sponsor. Not because they don’t fit here (they do) but because it’s a service that I use regularly.

Compete’s Search Analytics helps you to analyze what people are searching for online, find gaps in what competitors are doing and get other useful information.

As Aaron Wall says – ‘Compete Search Analytics is essential for people looking to develop competitive research into what, where and how consumers are searching online’.

250 Full LogoEntrecard – a new service that I’ve been running in my sidebar recently (as a sponsored widget) is Entrecard. It’s one of those services that is a little difficult to explain in a sentence or two – but fortunately there’s a great video that does it well on their front page.

I’ve been using it now for a few weeks the thing I like most about it is that it’s a service that allows you to network with, get to know and do some mutual promotion with other bloggers. It’s a service that I think is well worth having a play around with.

Thanks to our Sponsors

So thank you to each of the current ProBlogger sponsors. I’m excited by the type of companies that we’ve been attracting of late – some genuinely useful services in the mix above.

If you’re interested in getting your message out to the ProBlogger readership you can contact the ad sales team at b5media (who handles ProBlogger ad sales) via our Advertise on ProBlogger page. Our ad spots are currently full but we have more openings coming up.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Great i liked the Entrecard video and have already added it to my blog

  • I just started using entrecard as well. I’m still learning about it, but it does seem like another networking opportunity. Plus it forces me to create a cool 125×125 graphic.

  • No wonder you have great sponsors your site is very informative and impessive. For Entrecard, I just wish they will accept multiple sites in a single account. By the way, I will visit your sponsors and see if they can help me and vice versa.

  • Great!! Merry Christmas!!!