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Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog

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31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 31!

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of August 2005 31 Days to Building a Better Blog 26

Well we’ve finally made it to the end of the 31 day Project. What an amazing experience it’s been. Including tonight’s last group of submissions we’ve now got 179 blog tip posts on the central 31 day Project page in addition to my own 48 tip posts. That’s 227 blog tips for your use. Some of the tips in the bunch are excellent value and have taught me a lot.

Here are the last reader submissions:

Thanks to all who have contributed to this project. I’m planning to do a summary post on the project tomorrow where I’ll try to make some sense of it all but right now at one minute to midnight I’d like to declare the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog project officially Closed!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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  1. Thanks for the great series! I have really enjoyed writing and reading the articles. You may want to consider doing this again for a different topic.

  2. At 9 minutes after midnight (we’re in the same time-zone ;-) might I be the first to say Phew…. what a great initiative and what a long-haul. I bet you’re really glad it’s finally put to bed. Now you’ve got this great batch of resources on your blog all in one nice little package for all to read – I must congratulate you for giving the little-known blogger a kick-up.

    What are the odds of you doing something like this again? 100/1 ;-)

  3. Darren,

    This was a great series that every blogger, seasoned or novice, should read. I know for my own little effort in blogging (not a pro)….I have embraced many of the suggestions from the last month that have made my blog better and more enjoyable (for me and the readers).

    So what is your next amazing series that will hook us to read daily ???


  4. Thanks to your (Darren’s) inspiration, I’ve started a “blogging tips” series on my new technology blog, here. It’s more directioned towards beginners than everything on ProBlogger, of course, but then again, I’m myself a beginner on “serious blogging”. :)

    Only 6 parts as of now, but it’s growing. :)

  5. Hi Darren:

    I’ve included your site on my post today for BlogDay–one day set aside for bloggers from around the world to spread the word about five sites they have discovered in their travels through the blogosphere. BlogDay gives folks an opportunity to put the word out about cool sites they’ve come across and encourage others to check them out as well.

    So do stop by if you can–and thanks for having such a cool site!


    PS–this is not spam (lol)!

  6. Congratulations Darren,
    I must say this has been a great series :) – lots of wonderful information all around! But I do have to concur with some of the thoughts that have already been posts – bet you’re glad it’s over now.

    Maybe when it settles down, you’ll be ready to start another 31 days series…

  7. Well done Darren. With so many excellent tips, I don’t think you need to do another 31 days for a long time. Maybe an annual event? Every August. Could become quite an event in the Blogosphere. August could end up Blog Month, with events everywhere – like Elvira Black’s BlogDay

  8. How’bout collecting all the contents and creating a pdf?
    Great blog anyway!

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  10. […] Back in August, I participated in ProBlogger’s 31 days to building a better blog. It was a great idea, and I was recently wishing that a similar event would occur in the value investing community. Realizing the best way to see this happen would be to spearhead this effort myself, I decided to start planning for this a few weeks before November and begin recruiting the incredible knowledge of the investment blogging community. […]

  11. […] Day Five of ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog has several suggestions on how to convert one-off visitors to your site into regular readers. […]

  12. […] His tips were submitted to ProBloggers 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. One reader then submitted the list to Digg – which then caused Kurt’s blog to receive over 8000 hits in a 24 hour period! […]

  13. I have really enjoyed reading all the articles.
    Thanks for this excellent series!

  14. […] Well im have been doing this blog for some time now and only really get the odd visitor now and then, so i am now setting off to build a better blog thanks to darren rowse over at problogger. His section on 31 days to build a better blog has inspired me to build a better blog and hopefully increase my visitor count. […]

  15. […] Para ampliar mas la informacion sobre este tema, les recomiendo la serie “31 days to building a better blog” del australiano Darren Rowse quien obtiene un ingreso de seis cifras al año enseñando a otros como escribir un blog profesionalmente. […]

  16. […] Para ampliar mas la informacion sobre este tema, les recomiendo la serie “31 days to building a better blog” del australiano Darren Rowse quien obtiene un ingreso de seis cifras al año enseñando a otros como escribir un blog profesionalmente. […]

  17. I have really enjoyed reading all the articles.
    Thanks for this excellent series!

  18. This information is priceless. I am always striving for ways to get the most out of my blogs and your tips have really helped me a lot. God bless blogging I say ;) Thanks!

  19. 31 Days to Building a Better Blog…

    Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.com takes on the challenge of building a better blog in 31 Days. Over that time he asks readers for their own comments and suggestions, and we are left with 227 awesome blog tips for helping to increase income, readership, d…

  20. Hey Darren,

    Like we’ve posted to another blog, we’re new to internet marketing and even newer to internet blogs. First started hearing the term “blog” about four or five months ago but was a bit hesitant to jump in and embrace it. Still trying to figure out blog ettiquette about the “do’s and don’ts” of blogging. Very much enjoying reading your comments. Thanks.


  21. Hi thanks for all the tips.

    I have been running a blog now for several weeks and have customised it for SEO. I am looking forward to reading your articles to see if i can improve on my blog.

    My blog is not for profit but i enjoy running it, however currently the site does not have many links or subscribers so I am looking forward to reading the articles on link and share and on subscribing by email.

    thanks for putting in the time and effor


  22. Hey… just come across day number 31 and am about to go back through them all and all those who have contibuted too. What an amazing number of tips. Well done and thanks

  23. Hello!
    I have read your site on how to increase hits and all. Thank-you for posting it. My head has been spinning from reading all of this and it’s too pretty of a day to do much more. I did want to come and say thanks for gathering all this information on one site.

  24. I read almost all of the submissions and yet, I don’t think anyone in particular answered my current situation. I’d like to know your opinion. Kindly leave a comment on my site. Thanks!


  25. WOW! What a great ride Darren.

    Thank you so much for compiling this information. It has been invaluable at finding new ways at making our blog better for both our readers and the search engines.

    I’ve learnt so much in the past few days (as I read your posts only during the first week of September).

    Thank you again.


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