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31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 21

It’s day 21 in the 31 Days Project today and I’ll keep it simple today – here are the reader submissions for today. Feel free to let me know about any blog tip posts that you post. Here’s the last 24 hours of submitted tips:

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Martin had a great post, and it is relevant for more than just a “home business”. (I would have posted this comment on his site, but it does not allow comments).

    He said, “But a word of warning. Don’t start up a blog just to push sales, offering little but mere “buy from me now” posts. This is a sure-fire way of actually losing credibility”. He is right. I did start my blog, partially, to promote my first book. Once I stopped pushing the book (I still do mention it in posts), I saw more sales occur.

    Write original and useful information and you will have more credibility for your product.

  2. Darren, that’s “Conversion,” not “conversation.” Thank you for linking. I hope everyone finds it useful.

  3. Thom, thanks for the compliment on my post – it’s not really a post but a article I wrote within my blog (maybe I should let comments and pingbacks on my articles – would make sense). But then again it’s better if you comment at Darren’s blog as it’ll get me more exposure ;-)

    Seriously though, I believe that’s where most bloggers are finding it tough – trying to get the right balance of the hartd/soft push. Push too hard and you turn people away. If you push too softly you probably won’t get any sales.

    A little shameless self-promotion: I’m writing an ePublication (I hate the term eBook) entitled: Blogging for Business: Hard or Soft Sell? It’ll be due out on Sept 15 (now that’s called a hard sell ;-)

    I think Darren is in that spot right now with his new venture “Six Figure Blogging” – just how much does he push it here. He’s developed a great reputation over time and people love his site and now he’s onto the next step: developing and selling a information product.

    It’ll be interesting to see the reaction Darren gets on this.

    In my situation, I started my blog to develop a reputation/credibility/authority with the ultimate goal of developing and selling info/audio products I’m passionate about. I’m going down the soft sell route so if I’m around this time next year then you know it’s been a success. ;-)

  4. Good points made by all, I’m looking at blogging as a way to try and build some long forgotten skills, and improve my writing skills in general, as its not something I get opportunity to do on a daily basis (unless hacking out rpg programs day in day out can be counted as writing).

    I think the hard sell from a blog, unless the blog is about hard selling :) is off-putting to the consumer. Softly softly approach is better, and more likely to win visitors hearts.

  5. I just wanted to add a couple of tips to the 31 days project. Since my blog isn’t about blogging I thought I’d post them here ;)

    ~ When generating adsense code for your blog choose the option for pages with frames even if your site doesn’t have frames. Some search engines will put your page into a frame (I noticed askjeeves has done this) and the ads won’t show up. With the frames option you’ll make sure your ads always show up.

    ~ For those who have blogger blogs with sidebars on the right you can change them to the left to take better advantage of the heatmap by doing the following: Go to your template and change the float for the main section (it’ll be labelled main) to right and the float for the sidebar to left.

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  7. http://sleepyblogger.com/2005/08/google-adsense-for-search.html

    I had to share with you my recent experience with Google Search. I have neglected this part of the program for too long, and I had some surprising results over the last 5 days. My search rate rose from 10 to 100 (roughly) per day.

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