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Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog

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31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 2

Here are the latest tips that readers of ProBlogger have written in the last 24 hours as a contribution to the wider community’s learning on the topic of Blogging. It’s part of our 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Project. I hope you enjoy:

  • Syntagma wrote a post titled Blog Tips for August that tells the story of a new blog they are setting up.
  • Marlene suggested we take a look at an article over at on The Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Blog – an article written with some solid advice on blogging.
  • Markus has written a post titled Blog to Learn (it has an english version below the original) that gives some worthwhile experiences from his blogging experience on blogging about German Soccer.
  • Andy has submitted a report on keyword reseach (which I’m yet to read)

As I’ve said before – feel free to write your own Blog tips – just let me know via comments about your own post and I’ll link up to them for the duration of August.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Clever that the content comes mostly from the readers…

  • Yes clever the content comes from us! Although someone has to filter comments and there is no guarantee that the comment will help promote the website.

    I have to give credit to problogger for the hard work he has put into this site. It’s not easy and it can take ages if you don’t properly plan your objectives.

    My 2 tips is with the user interface, if using your own photograph. I recommed you keep the photo small and you place it where it won’t be a distraction.

    Remember as a reader we are still adapting to this technology. I’ll give you an example … I walk into an office to meet someone, I don’t expect them to be too close to me, about arm length is ok, but you have to remember I can normally see them approaching from a distance. I wouldn’t expect to walk into the office and the next thing know they popup in front of me exactly an arm’s length away, that would be a bit freaky.

    Still in the office they then ask me to read over some documentation as they would like my written comment. I would feel a bit nervous and find it hard to concentrate if their face is staring at me all the time. The way my brain works is that if I am reading and thinking about other peoples thoughts I want to be able to provide them with my feedback. When I see their face during this process I feel as though I should just be able to talk to them right there. Is this just me?

    After a few visits at problogger I am starting to shutout the things that are distracting me like adverts, content that I have already read, and probloggers face. Maybe we should accept that readers need time to adapt to different environments or should we be giving the reader more options to customise the way they view the content?

  • David

    This reminds me of Dilbert; Scott Adams receives most of his comic ideas from reader submissions.

  • Well in the case of this blog, I would be inclined to reverse the sidebar and have the photo above Google ad, and maybe have the photo aligned on the left side.

    I can see a great Adsense advert there, “Free Photo Blogging”.

    The picture above the advert would just fit perfectly.

    I haven’t got much experience on what should appear above and below the fold, I have 5 toolbars as standard on IE, just as many on Firefox, so “the fold” so my view of sites is different.

    BTW on IE that is Instant Buzz, Google, Alexa, How To Forum, Roboform. On Firefox I use different and sometimes more condensed plugins like Searchstatus which combines Google PR, Alexa and lots of backlink checking.

  • Thanks Darren,

    I’m finding it enjoyable AND informative to see what solutions others have come up with. I like the idea of getting this going as kind of a big, ongoing conversation across multiple blogs, and I’m sure the contributing bloggers enjoy getting the extra traffic.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • On tip that I found works to increase traffic to my Computer Classified site was to add a blog as a subdomain. This allows visitors to the site to be able to interact with me by leaving comments about the sites.

    I think that by adding the blog to the site it increases the chance that people will want to return and be engaged with the site, and also will attract new users who find my blog first then navigate to the Classified part of the website.

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  • I think the point of the most important tips to make blog and websites are keywords and content.
    I’m always checking keywords using whenever I make blog and webpage. also articles.
    When I picked up high demend, low supply keywords, it always get good result.

    Also ,Informative and reader can enjoy with the information.