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3 Tips for Accelerated Blog Growth & Online Visibility

Posted By Guest Blogger 2nd of February 2015 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

This is a guest contribution from Robert Kramers.

Discouraged with the amount of traffic your blog attracts? Maybe you’re looking for ways to engage more readers, build more business and build a loyal following?

Understanding a few effective strategies can help you attract the readers you want and get them to share your content, grow your readership and increase your overall visibility.

Here are the three super-effective blogging strategies for building your reputation online.

Find Blog Topics you Know have a Proven Record

The trick to publishing content that people share, is to base the content on something that has already worked in the past.

You can take a lot of the guesswork out of publishing content by researching what people have already enjoyed and improving on it.

Hereís a few ways you can do this:

Method #1: Examine a successful competitor

One of the best ways to work out what’s popular on a competitors website is to use Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Let’s say you are in the social media industry and you’re looking for a topic for which you want to maximize the chance of success. You could throw a competitors home page URL into OSE, and view the top pages of their website.

  • Step #1: Find competitor who ranks well in Google search:





  • Step #2: Enter their home page URL into OSE


  • Step #3: Click the ‘top pages’ link to the left of the page (pictured)


  • Step #4: Scan the list of top pages on the website. You will often find some of their most popular blog posts in among the top few pages.


Top pages in OSE are based on the authority of the page, which incorporates a number of signals including links from other websites and social signals.

In about 40 seconds of searching, I managed to find: 7 Mobile Marketing Stats that Will Blow Your Mind, which has a heap of social shares, tweets and Facebook ‘likes’ to go with it… It’s popular!

You now have a topic which you know people are interested in. Can you make it better? Add additional information or images? Rinse and repeat for other competitors and you’ve got a solid strategy for creating content you know people love.

Method #2: Work out whatís HOT using Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool which scans the web for content which has the highest number of social shares, based on keywords you type in to the search.

  • Step #1: Search for your topic


  • Step #2: Scan the results and find popular topics


Enter more keywords in the search and find a gold mine of topics which have a proven record of success. All you need to do now is make it better, and get it in front of people. Theyíll share it!

Pro Tip: Find out who currently links to your competitors content and show them your more advanced and improved version. Chances are, they’ll either share or link to your content.

Blog Post Titles Matter HUGELY

A great headline can help your content stand out among the information overload. It tells your readers why they need to read your article and why it should be read now, rather than put in the ever-growing stack.

A compelling headline convinces a potential reader that your content is valuable and that theyíll get something out of the effort they put in.

Use effective verbs, and adjectives amplify the effect of your blog post title. You can test some of the common headline structures to see what works best with your audience.

Include keywords in your blog post title to help with your search engine rankings.

Unsure about which keywords? This guide might help.

Adding keywords to your headline is not just good for helping your website show up in Google, but it is also a proven method of increasing the click through rate (CTR) of your search engine snippet.

According to this, if I searched for “social marketing tips” in Google, I would be more likely to click this result (highlighted), than those below it because it’s a closer match to what I initially searched.

Aside from that, it has the most intriguing headline also.


Pro Tip: Make sure to include your popular keywords in your headline, to ensure your blog post has a better chance of ranking for related searches.

Deliver Great Content that Engage the Reader

In the past, obtaining visibility in search engines for your website was achievable with a few simple “SEO techniques”.

However, times have changed.

Google is more advanced and the number of shortcuts have significantly decreased. Search engines are getting better at analysing actual social signals, including shares, re-tweets, and links to your content.

Search engines use this information to determine where your content fits on the continuum of popularity and quality.

“Create something worth sharing and people will share it”.

In order to get this “social currency”, you need to provide something that readers actually want to read and share with people they know.

Blog posts that provide answers, advice, and inspiration to readers consistently generate traffic and can become cornerstones of a successful blog. And when you solicit your readersí, create discussion and get opinions you get them involved with creating and improving your content.

Specifically, consider these types of posts to engage and increase readership:

Craft Useful Answers to Specific Questions

Readers appreciate posts that provide real answers.

Present a solution or range of solutions that have gotten results, and then ask readers for their feedback. Any responses you get back will strengthen your post and help drive traffic. You may get positive and negative responses to your original answer and hopefully some additional creative solutions that readers can try.

Pro Tip: Reverse engineering common questions is a great strategy in itself for finding new blog topics.

Objective Advice / Shared Results

If youíve had success solving a problem, starting a new venture, or meeting a particular goal, share it.

Offer advice based on where you ran into problems or made mistakes. The goal is to provide inspiration to your readers and to make their path easier.

This type of content can add to your credibility as a blogger in addition to driving traffic. It puts you in the position of being the expert and gains the trust of your readers, especially if they are able to replicate your success based on the template you provide.

What strategies do you use to resonate with your readers and drive blog traffic?

Robert Kramers is an SEO consultant at Found SEO. Want to learn more about increasing your website traffic? Sign up to his newsletter or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Darren, you always so creative. You are one of the main guys I follow when it comes to white hat methods. You’re always giving actionable advice. Thanks mate!
    Oh… as always enjoyed reading your post.

  2. DrewryNewsNetwork is taking a very close look and values the importance of writing article and blog titles of certain way to attract more traffic from search engines and social networks. One thing many content creators don’t know is ineffectively written article, blog, or webpage title can attract a search engines spider to index their content faster versus generically written titles for blogs, articles, and webpages. Also, another thing that a lot of people don’t know is that the more content they have on their site, the more they increase their online visibility naturally without resorting to paid online advertising.

    Your post is definitely thought-provoking when it comes to the topic of “increasing online visibility.”

  3. Hey Robert,

    These are some great tips, and are proven methods since I have applied some of them as far as the keywords in headlines, engaging content, and using headline analyzers to create great titles for each post.

    I just started using Buzzsumo to find great topics and it’s my first time hearing about Moz’s Open Site Explorer. I will definitely add these two sites to my arsenal. There are quite a few sites that are getting a lot traffic that I’m interested in see what topics they have published that are the reason why they’re getting so much traffic.

    One thing that I have done different this year thus far was add video and to focus more on sites that have a page rank of 2 or more as well as those that have an alexa ranking of 100,000 or less whenever I leave a content. I’ve seen faster traffic growth compared to last year.

    Thanks for sharing Robert and thanks Darren for having him as a guest!

  4. Thanks Robert for such an informative post. I was searching for Tips for Accelerating my Blog Growth and the post you have published helped me a lot.

  5. Thanks for this Great Article Robert. Every Blogger want that their Blog show on Goggle 1st Page.Now a days thousands are Blogs being Added in to Google Index so Competition is also being so Close. Your Great Ideas can help a lot of new Bloggers to Increase their Blog online visibility and Growth.
    Thanks Again.
    Best wishes

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  7. Many, including DrewryNewsNetwork, never thought of using BuzzSumo. After checking out the site, it is a great tool fro all marketers to use, because it measures many things in reference to your content shared on social networks. If you’re concerned with knowing around the clock how many people share your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks, BuzzSumo is the transformation business online marketing solution for you.

    DrewryNewsNetwork can’t emphasize enough the power of creating fresh content for you blog on a daily basis. A lot of people get tired sitting at the computer every day and manually typing on the keyboard. To make the process of unique content creation easier to publish to your blog, it’s recommended to use a quality speech recognition program, whereas you’re using the awesome power of your voice to create “lots and lots of content.”

    Most importantly, you have to have your content shared on social networks if you’re looking to use organic methods of increasing blog growth in online visibility. Right, Darren?

  8. The three super-effective blogging strategies By given Robert Kramers is really outstanding . We should be followed the rules for blogging for better result .

  9. These are awesome tips Robert and I will definitely give them a go. I only learned about Buzzsumo from this post and I’d like to thank you for sharing these valuable pieces of information to us your readers! Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Robert

    Thanks for this, I’ve shared it across my social media channels.

    A big favourite of mine is definitely Buzzsumo, I find myself using it more and more to find hot content topics to try and beat using Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique.

    Love the Open Site Explorer tip too – I’ve also had some success using Majestic SEO for something similar.



  11. Thanks for this I have a horrible time with blog titles I never know what to say. The one’s people seem to like the most come from I was being sarcastic and thought no one would really like the title. I never what or who my competition is so having those sites will help me get a leg up or at least figure out what the heck I am doing wrong. SO thanks

  12. Hi Robert,

    I have visited your site and also tested OSE for my site and found that it’s a very special way to think about my site ranking. As because I am a White Hat SEO worker so it was essential to know how to achieve the goal. Thanks a lot for your exploration.

  13. I find that something that helps me is analyzing my competitors backlinks and then trying to create similar backlinks to my site. The other thing that works for me is to analyze what kind of market is my competitor targeting and how can I tap into that market too. Loved the post and I really think tips mentioned here can help me build on my process.

  14. Super tips on a topic that is covered so often! I always suggest studying blogs and blog topics that are already successful, and I’ve heard of Buzzsumo, but I’ve not yet tried it. Now, with this help, I will do so! Studying other blogs is a must before you begin blogging as well. Really actionable advice. Thanks!

  15. Hi Robert, i have just started a blog on leadership. The tips you have just shared are very useful. Thanks Darren for have this one on problogger.

  16. Unbelievable tips!! I am really impressed. I have been finding these type of tips for a long time to accelerate my blog traffic. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips and I hope these will help me to achieve my goals. I want to learn more from here.

  17. Hi Robert,

    These are definitely cut to the chase tips.
    Great work, I am sure budding blogger will really be benefited of your advice.

    Best wishes,

  18. SEO seems to be an art of it’s own and takes some time to figure out how to maximise it on your blog without having to completely write your articles for SEO and thus compromising your ability to write an interesting and engaging piece. I do love the tip on writing articles that you know have a proven record. If you want traffic, and what you’re writing about isn’t generating it then it’s time to look at doing things differently. Thank you :-)

  19. I must add in the importance of consistency. No point having just one blog post a year, and expect great traffic.

  20. Super tips on a topic that is covered so often! I always suggest studying blogs and blog topics that are already successful, and I’ve heard of Buzzsumo, but I’ve not yet tried it. Now, with this help, I will do so! Studying other blogs is a must before you begin blogging as well. Really actionable advice. Thanks!

  21. Thanks a lot, and i think i missed that competitor analysis part. To be honest i under rated competitor, may be because i heard content is king.

    thanks a lot again

  22. Choosing the right keyword is always important while creating a blog post and I prefer to choose long tail keywords as it lower the competition and gets traffic very quickly.

  23. Hello Robert,
    These are some great tips you are sharing here. I allready got youre website opend to read more.

  24. Very nice tips. These are go-to tips that anybody can use to grow their blogs. Im still a “new” blogger but I look forward to getting enough traction this year.

  25. Hi, Robert, I am agree with Jitender. Every Blogger want that their Blog show on Goggle 1st Page.Now a days thousands are Blogs being Added in to Google Index so Competition is also being so Close. Your Great Ideas can help a lot of new Bloggers like me to Increase their Blog online visibility and Growth.
    Thanks for your efforts.

    With best regards,
    Nasir Uddin

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