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13 Tutorials to Help You Grow Your Blog Readership Next Year

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of December 2009 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Finding Readers for a blog is one of the biggest challenges that bloggers face – as a result we cover the topic quite a bit here on ProBlogger. As part of this week’s Best of ProBlogger 2009 series today I’d like to share a list of 13 tips and tutorials related to the topic of finding readers for a blog that I hope will help you in your planning for next year.

  1. The Myth of Great Content Marketing Itself
  2. 9 Things to Do to Make Sure Your Next Blog Post is Read by More Than Your Mom
  3. 5 Ways to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours
  4. SEO Tips for Bloggers
  5. How Not to Promote Your Blog: Top 10 Broken Blog Promotion Strategies
  6. How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Blog
  7. The Day 250,000 People Showed Up at My Blog Case Study
  8. 6 Reasons Your Blog Traffic Might Be Declining and What to Do About It
  9. How to Promote a Blog with Social Media
  10. 13 Tips for Marketing Your Business With Your Blog
  11. A Secret to Writing Posts that Go Viral on Twitter
  12. 11 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Being Linked to By a Blogger
  13. My Real Secret to Growing Traffic to a Blog
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Great resource Darren, these collections of best posts will certainly help us big time thanks.

  2. I’ll read through this series, thank you Darren.

  3. Like always , helpful information.

  4. This blog is definitely a number 1 for me, I’ve already read some of those posts, but as I joined this blogging thing relatively late this year, it’s nice to see you post everything I need at the moment in one post.


  5. Thank for the list, Darren. Here, what I use for boost my blog readership:

    1.Link to other blog posts.

    2. Interact with your readers.

    3. Participate in blog events.

    4. Change the word “Category” to “Topic”.

    5. Post regularly.

    6. Interact with the blogging community.

    7. Get listed in public search engines.

    8. Respond to comments.

    9. Use Meaningful Titles in Posts.

    10. Update Regularly



  6. Thanks.

    Designing a marketing plan right now for 2010. This should help a lot.

  7. Thanks for another resourceful list. Now where am I going to find the time to finish the 31 day manual and perusing this list. Have any ideas on how to add more time in a day?

  8. I’m finding it so helpful to have these posts with tutorials on a specific topic gathered together. It’s allowing me to take each topic and spend a day focusing on that one thing. So much better than the scattered approach I so often take.

    Building readership is key for me this coming year. I’ve been focusing on quality content (yes, I’ve been listening!) and now I’m increasingly feeling the frustration that not a lot of that quality content is being read. So, my task is to keep up the rhythm of good writing while bringing people to read it.

    Thanks for getting me started with lots of good information and suggestions – as always.

  9. Great list, I am looking forward to going through them as a few titles really stick out! I have started writing in a new niche this past month and am looking forward to contributing to it!

  10. I have read most of these articles.They are very helpful to me.

  11. And here I was worried about not bringing anything to read while I’m waiting to be called for jury duty.

    Thanks, Darren.

  12. I know what I’ll be reading today. Thanks, Darren!

  13. I see I timed my foray into serious blogging, perfectly! That said, I think my head is going to explode from so much information. This stuff is pure head swimming gold to a newbie, like myself. I’ve totally revamped my plans since two days ago and I feel I really have a grasp of what I’m getting myself into. Keep it coming! And, thank you.

  14. Nick: How much of an impact has “Change the word “Category” to “Topic”.” made in your experience?

  15. Lively:

    I’m about 3 months in, and I’m still reeling from the amount of information out there on how to be a more successful blogger. It really is a lot of work if you want to be taken seriously in your niche. It takes a while to build your name, but I think once it’s there…it’s easy sailing.

  16. William –

    Thanks for the ray of hope… lol I started looking into it seriously knowing it wouldn’t be easy if I wanted to be taken seriously. I’ve gone from thinking I’d be fine starting with Blogger and moving onto a domain of my own after I get some followers to – if I’m in for a penny, might as well toss the pound of flesh in now instead of two or three a couple of months down the road! I’m digging in for some hard work over the next couple of months.

  17. Thanks for the great article! As a new blogger…I’ll take all the help I can get.

  18. This Site has been a great help to me. I am still reading through all the Material. Keep up the good Work.

  19. Thanks Darren :)
    I will read all the posts and one more thing i liked your e-book and i am following from now on :) :)

  20. I have been meaning to read this blog for ages…glad I finally did! New Year’s resolution: a better blog.

  21. Thanks so much. One of our goals is to increase our readership (by a factor of 100), so this will definitely help. Thank you!

  22. Summarise of great posts at one place …

    You certainly knows how to give life to your old posts Darren.

  23. Like always , helpful information.

  24. wow…
    This is really very cool stuff for next year.I am eager to read all of it.I love this site because of very informative blogs.Thanks for sharing such a great stuff for next here.I am going to bookmark this post and will start to read all of it steeply.Thanks.

  25. I especially liked “The Myth of Great Content Marketing itself”. I had a hard time with this one in the beginning.

    Great stuff!

  26. This is great thanks. I especially like #5. I intially just started sending my links to random web sites. That didn’t work. Once I started to build relationships with other blogs, I started to see my blog linked more.

  27. Thanks for the tips these will keep me going for a while.

  28. That was a good, meaty read! I will use some of my holiday time to try some of those out. I must admit, Twitter is something I’m really shaky on. I use it, but I’m not that great at it, lol. So I’ll be focusing on those aspects in this series first, then the other ideas.

  29. Darren I love your obsession with the number 13.. keep it up. :-)

  30. Darren I love your obsession with the number 13.. keep it up. :-) (other coomment has wrong Url).

  31. These are all great suggestions. So many small businesses have blogs but haven’t yet figured out how to fully capatilize on this asset through increased readership. This info should help.

  32. Wow. Gives me somewhere to start. Thanks for paring your great content down. It will help me focus.

  33. for 2010, building readership is key for our website too and we’ve been focusing on creating quality content for our readers. thanks for the great info! happy new year!

  34. Cool tutorial i did this and it turned out to look really good, so keep up the great work. :)

  35. Great list and tips. All of us newer bloggers hope that people beyond our moms will read our blogs!

  36. I use to fall under those that believed that “Great Content Markets Itself”. Thanks for the great resources.

  37. I guess seeding is the keyword to your post. We bloggers are always waiting for the massive Digg-effect and forget to create vines. They’re better because they are organic and are always growing.

    Perhaps one of the greatest metaphors on blogging ever.

    Thanks, Darren.

  38. Pretty Nice post Darren!

    Don’t know why but I have a love for List Posts. :)

  39. This is a great place online to do what you’re talking about. When blogging it all depends on your goals, do you want to make money, or do you want to get readers, or do you want to help people. Only the great, once in a life time blogs can accomplish all 3 equally as successfully. Evaluated your goals, and plow ahead according because if you try and do allll 3 allll at the same time your gonna FAIL!

  40. It’s fantastic to see great, creative ideas that have never been done before

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