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12 Hours To Go to Win a Flip in the BlogMastermind Competition (plus a new bonus)

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of July 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

36 hours ago I announced the re-launch of Yaro’s BlogMastermind Blog Mentoring program.

As part of my promotion of it I offered any ProBlogger reader who signs up the chance to win one of six prizes.

First prize is a Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder (worth $179) and 5 runners up will win a copy of the ProBlogger book. The deadline to be included to win was 48 hours from when BlogMastermind opened it’s doors. This is in 12 hours from now.

So – to be in the running to win the Flip or a book you need to sign up soon.

What are your chances of winning?

To this point I’ve referred around 20 people to BlogMastermind – so you’ve got better than a 1 in 4 chance of winning at least something and a 1 in 20 chance of winning yourself a spiffy little new video camera.

Yaro tells me that over 200 people have already signed up – so BlogMastermind is truly cranking again.

Another Bonus – Get an Hour of My Time If You Sign Up for Six Months

Yaro offers three options at three different price points to invest in the BlogMastermind Program. For anyone who signs up via my affiliate links for option 2 (the six months all at once) or option 3 (the six months plus access to his next course) I am going to throw in one hour of time with me.

You can use this hour in a number of ways (happy to negotiate something that works for you):

  • I can write a short report/review of your blog (I’d recommend that you have this done after you’ve been in BlogMastermind for a month or two and have implemented some of Yaro’s strategies)
  • We can spend an hour on skype with each other in a consulting session (again – probably best after you’ve been in BlogMastermind for a while so you can implement things.
  • I could write a post for your blog (subject to whether the topic is one that I feel able to write about) or be interviewed on your blog (again subject to whether it’s a topic that I feel able to respond to questions on)

Signup for BlogMastermind here to qualify

The only conditions that I’ll put on this ‘one hour bonus’ is that you need to signup for BM by the end of August to get it and you need to stay in the course for 31 days before claiming it as Yaro does offer a 30 day money back guarantee (which he honors) so if you don’t end up paying for BlogMastermind it’s not really fair to get the bonus.

Update: This competition is now over. I’ve chosen winners and will announce them on the blog tonight (my time). The bonus 1 hour consulting offer is still valid til the end of August.

UPDATE 2: My 1 hour coaching bonus is now also closed. You can still enroll for Blog Mastermind – but the bonuses that I mention above are no longer valid.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Interesting bonuses, they deff make me want to sign up. I’m still considering it however, $497 is pretty steep…

  • I am still on the fence on this one. $497 is quite steep, especially if you do not learn anything you already know. hmmmmmmm! What to do!

  • Lyn – I do agree that it’s not cheap. However I’d suggest a couple of things:

    1. take advantage of the money back guarantee – with the 6 month option you get access to all the information at once if you find it doesn’t teach you anything new then Yaro does offer a money back guarantee.

    2. this is effectively a six month course with a heap of content and teaching. While it’s not cheap as a lump sum it’s $2.71 per day (updated due to poor maths) a day. Not wanting to make it seem a trivial amount as I know it’s not to most of us – but I guess it’s got to be seen as something that will be an investment over time.

    Having said all that – it’s not something to be sneezed at and I’d only advise people sign up if you’re willing to work hard to make the investment pay itself off. Like Yaro says – it’s not a get rich quick thing – the information is great but it’s only valuable when people actually take it and do something with it.

  • I usually don’t like it when you try to hawk your stuff at us but at least this is kinda blog related. And you’ve got to adopt a more American time for posting, it’s almost midnight in America and most people wont see this till morning when they can barely think without coffee, WordPress offers post times in the future, us it to your advantage since your in a far off time zone.

  • Duhh there’s nothing in this post that precludes US people participating

    I made the initial announcement of prizes 36 hours ago and the new bonus runs til the end of August.

  • Hey Darren,

    I assume the closing time based on this blog post is 11pm AEST?

    I am really considering this. I want to grow my blog. It is a lot to pay upfront.

    Maybe it would be more of an incentive if you offered a review as well as 1 hour of your time????

    Either way I still think it is a great offer you are making.

  • Yes, It’s pretty expensive. However, if you have money and dedicated time, it may be worth for the money.. But I think I will pass.

  • Jeff

    If only there was a contest that gives a membership away… lol

    I agree it’s steep, but it also sounds really great. I’m torn – I’m curious, but the investment seems like more money than my blog could ever return.

    At the risk of sounding like I’m not serious about blogging, I just don’t know how to justify it.

  • Hey Darren

    How do you get ‘0.36 cents a day’ for the Blogmastermind course?

    Monthly cost:
    $97 : 31days = $3.12 per day

    6 month cost (paying per month):
    ($97×6) : 183days = $3.18 per day

    6 month upfront cost:
    $497 : 183days = $2.71 per day

    ’em I missing something?

    – and since I know that you like to be transparent…

    What are you getting out of advertising this course?

    (It’s just that I’ve never seen you push something like this before. Recently a lot of your posts have been about prizes and winning stuff and comps – I miss the content. I thought we had a great deal – you write, I read and be an active in YOUR problogger community – win:win.)

    – Just some thoughts.

  • @ duh. Hey man its 1:13 am in PST were I’m at and I’m still up and I just read this. So you would be surprised how many night owls there are in the states.

    And as much as I’ve wanted a flip there’s no way I can pay that much money. If I could I totally would so I could get help with getting my blog out there or some other things I could do to make a name but I have no money and so that wont work ha ha.

    Keep up the good work Darren. I follow Pro Blogger alot to make sure to see if there’s something I can implicate on my blog or something new I’ve missed out on.

  • It’s a nice contest, but I have to agree with the sentiments of everyone here – it’s a little too rich for my blood. There are too many resources out there (many for free) that offer great information (this blog being one of them!) to justify this pricetag.

    I’d love to hear some testimonials from those here that end up using it though!

  • Thanks to Darren for offering such great bonuses.

    I realize the cost for some people is worth a stop and think.

    I remember I did the same when I considered a year long coaching program that cost $5000.

    I did eventually join and I was glad I did. You really don’t see the value of training until you truly commit yourself – and investing your own money is a GREAT way to motivate you to take action so you earn a return on your investment.

    Obviously if you are on unemployment benefits of $500 a month or similar, it’s out of the question, but if you have a full time job or make some money online, this is a good option to extend your education and potentially return ten times what you paid to get in.

    That’s the rationale I always used. As soon as I could afford it, I joined the programs that spoke to me with an offer that made complete sense for what I was trying to achieve online.

    All of this is WAY cheaper than your usual course fee at a university, and the information is much more applicable, so it’s not a hard decision if you are looking to purchase education.

    Thanks to all who have joined Blog Mastermind via Problogger.


  • This is quite interesting. However, the kind of money he is asking for is ridiculous. Isn’t enough for all of us?

  • Whatever you do, pay for the course in full. Its a little high but if it shows you how to make extra income, then by all means its worth it. Its better than attending an expensive seminar about triangle marketing.

  • L-Jay – thanks for the math tuition – I have no idea how I got that one wrong….

    In terms of what I get – this is an affiliate promotion (as I do with many courses on ProBlogger). I used to put a disclaimer on every post I did saying it was an affiliate promotion but in the end realized that most readers either didn’t care and/or expected that it was (this is a blog about making money from blogging after all). These days I have a disclaimer in my footer.

  • Great bonuses but I too am on on the fence, all though I am sure it will be a great course, that is a lot of cash.

  • Jeff

    Yaro, thanks for chiming in – is it possible to join in a month or two and start at the beginning of the program?

  • Jeff – yes it sure is, the program is not closing this time.

  • Denise

    I wish too that I could sign up for Yaro’s program, but right now I just can’t. With that being said, I am glad to hear that the program can be started at any time. So hopefully in the near future. For those who can’t swing it just yet, try going over to There may be something you can use; as well as here of course. Keep up the great work Darren. I always look forward to coming here, to learn something daily, or at least to be inspired. And I do!