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10 Writing Tips to Help You Sound More Human

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of October 2015 General, Pro Blogger Interviews 0 Comments



Today’s episode of the ProBlogger Podcast is an interview with Beth Dunn, Product Editor-in-Chief at HubSpot. Beth is responsible for the HubSpot product microcopy, voice and tone, and customer communications, as well as being the founder of their internal newsletter. I was attending the HubSpot Inbound conference in Boston recently and had been so impressed with some of Beth’s earlier talks that she was the first person I plugged into the schedule to see.

Her session at the conference was titled “Use Your Words” and it was all about how you build you brand through the words that you use – and conversely, how you can damage your brand through language.

In today’s podcast, Beth takes us through 10 tips to get us through the creation of content and how we interact with our audience – you might even feel you want to go back and edit some of your previous posts!

Beth discusses these issues that reinforce the brand we’re trying to portray:

  • how to write and connect like a human – and how jargon can ruin relationships
  • how using short words can actually increase your perceived trustworthiness
  • why not to use exclamation marks, and how to convey excitement in other ways
  • what to do about mistakes
  • the importance of style guides even if you’re a solo blogger
  • how different pronouns elicit different reactions in readers
  • Writing as a reader
  • navigating the fine line between sassy writing and being a jerk

And other ways of using your writing to build relationships.

It’s a fascinating look at how brand consistency and chosen words can make or break a blogger.

You can find episode 52 of the ProBlogger podcast “10 Writing Tips to Help You Sound More Human” here, along with show notes, links to Beth’s detailed descriptions of what we discussed, and video of her talks.

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