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1 Easy Solution to 3 Big Blogging Problems

Posted By Guest Blogger 13th of September 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Guest post by AnnabelCandyfrom Get In the Hot Spot

Over the last 13 months 63,548 people from 165 countries have visited my blog and left 1,637 comments thanks to my friend Teresa. In fact it’s really all thanks to Teresa that I’ve enjoyed so many amazing opportunities since I started blogging. These are a few of the highlights of my short blogging career:

  • meeting like-minded people from around the globe;
  • being flown to China for a social media conference;
  • earning money online;
  • getting new clients for my copy writing and web design services;
  • meeting best selling authors;
  • writing for print and some of the most popular blogs on the Internet like Problogger.

You’re probably wondering who Teresa is and where you can find this great blogging guru. You may be imagining the female version of Problogger ~ an experienced bloggers who’s been coaching me and feeding me her best tips but the funny thing is Teresa doesn’t even have her own blog. She doesn’t know anything about blogging apart from what I’ve told her, and she wouldn’t normally read any blogs, but when I started blogging she read mine because she wanted to support me.

That’s because we our friendship is based on supporting each other to achieve our goals. We do also have shared interests in poker, dancing and white wine, but that’s another story. Teresa and I met in Costa Rica and started a writing group there based on a shared goal of wanting to improve our writing skills. Teresa liked my writing and I loved hers but mostly we enjoyed each other’s company.

In fact, we liked each other so much that after considerable debate we didn’t invite anyone else to join the writing group. It was just the two of us at Teresa’s kitchen table every Thursday night with a bottle of wine and our writing.

The idea was to encourage and motivate each other to write anything at all when we could have just as easily been surfing, practising our spanish with the friendly locals or hanging out in the jungle with the monkeys and sloths. We were accountable to each other and we agreed never to criticise and always keep the feedback positive.

Our exclusive writing group wasn’t just fun. It worked and we both wrote lots. Then I spoilt it by moving to Australia and soon after that Teresa moved to England but she still carried on encouraging me to write and she did it in a public forum by leaving comments on my new blog for all to see.

There are almost 100 comments from Teresa on my blog now, even though she hasn’t left many recently because she moved back to Costa Rica and getting online is tricky there.

3 Big Blogging Problems For New Bloggers

I didn’t realise at first but Teresa’s comments solved these three big problems for new bloggers:

1. Low motivation

60-80% of blogs are jettisoned by their authors less than 30 days after being started. Knowing that Teresa would be checking up on me motivated me to keep blogging even when I was tempted to give up;

2. Lack of social proof

It’s human nature to want to be where other people are. Having comments on your blog shows other readers that your blog is read, enjoyed and engaging. Teresa’s comments made me and my blog look cool, interesting and loved;

3. Complacency

When your blog is new and you don’t have many readers there is a tendency to think that it doesn’t really matter if some of your blog posts are a bit off topic, badly written or of limited value to your readers. Knowing someone read my blog made me keep trying to improve my blog. Teresa made me keep trying to put only my best writing up there.

The Power of Blog Comments

In short, Teresa took me from being a depressed new blogger with only a handful of readers to a blogger with scores of posts, an established blog and an engaged community of appreciative readers. She single handedly fixed those three big problems most new bloggers have.

Here’s an excerpt from Teresa’s first comment ever:

“You’re sooo funny!”

Four posts later, and she commented on every one of them, she left this comment:

“Go Girl! Your best ever piece…passion, enthusiasm, encouragement…I love it!”

Comments like this one poured in from her:

“Wow I didn’t realise just how much I loved receiving your blogs until I thought I had missed one.”

It’s easy to see why those glowing comments kept me motivated but they also made me strive to publish only my best writing and showed other blog readers that I had something good to offer.

Blog comments are essential to a new blog’s success to:

  • motivate you;
  • give you ideas for other posts;
  • provide social proof.

I love getting comments on my blog posts because they;

  • let my readers have their say
  • turn a monologue into a conversation;
  • make my posts more interesting and deep;
  • let blog readers add their tips;
  • let me and readers find out about other blog readers;
  • build a community.
  • Show the post is well read, useful and enjoyable.

A blog without comments is like a party with no people. You can’t get out of there fast enough.

But when your blog’s new you probably won’t have many readers, let alone comments. Just by reading my blog and leaving comments Teresa kept me motivated, made me try my best and made me look popular.

1 Easy Solution: Blogging Buddies

You can’t have Teresa but you can solve these problems for yourself by getting a blogging buddy who leaves regular comments on your blog.

Finding a Blogging Buddy

First try asking your friends or relatives. I was lucky that Teresa just took it upon herself to comment on my blog regularly, but if you tell a trusted friend or relative what you’d like them to do and why, they’ll probably help out.

If that’s not an option then find an interesting blog that’s similar in age, style or topic to yours and leave the lucky blogger a comment. If they then visit your blog and leave you a comment, keep reciprocating and see where it leads. It could be the start of a beautiful blogging buddy relationship.

If you want recommendations for people with interesting, growing blogs check out the people who comment on Problogger – they’re obviously dedicated to blogging success and might like the idea of getting a blogging buddy too. Or seek out like-minded bloggers on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Brazen Careerist.

If you another blogger leaves a comment on your blog go back and leave a comment on their blog. With luck the blogging buddy relationship will grow naturally from that. If you find a friend who doesn’t have a blog but wants to support you with yours I recommend you help another budding blogger by commenting on their blog. Giving something back to other people really does make you feel happier in yourself. I love leaving comments on other people’s blogs and it’s a great way to start networking with people.

The more blogging buddies you can get in the beginning the better. You can tide each other over until you really do build up a good community of readers who care about what you write and leave you comments.

Have fun finding a blogging buddy. I hope they’ll be as enthusiastic and supportive in their role as Teresa was and that you’ll be able return the favor. I’ve got a few blogging buddies now and I’m still trying to get Teresa to start her own blog and share her writing with the world. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to kick start her blogging journey as she did mine.

What do you think? Would you like a blogging buddy or have you already got one? If you haven’t, check out some of the other commenters’ blogs and leave them a comment. You never know, it could be the start of a beautiful blogging relationship and a long-lasting, successful blog.

Annabel Candy covers business, success, writing and blogging tips at Get In the Hot Spot. Subscribe free by email or RSS feed to stay motivated and learn how to win business and influence people online.

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This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Comments really do seem to give a blog some life. If you leave comments on blogs that are similiar to your own after a while those blog owners will reciprocate.

  2. This is a good idea to keep you motivated. I have made blogging friends in my niche but most of them have much more traffic than me and so less time to check up on my blog but i have got a few friends now aqnd it has definately encouraged me to refine my content and make it as good as it can be.

  3. Excellent point! It seems to me that different niches get different numbers of comments. I have 12 blogs, in all, and some get tons of great comments while others are much, much “quieter.”

    My self-help related blogs/sites generally have visitors that e-mail more than they comment – but my dream analysis blog gets great comments out the wazoo. Fascinating stuff, too!

    I love comments, because otherwise I’m the one doing all the talking and if I wanted that, I’d just sit alone in the yard and talk! And talk…

    Great article, thanks!

  4. I don’t have a blogging buddy that I am aware of but for everyone that leaves a comment on my blog I always pay them a visit back and leave a comment. Even after nearly a year I’m still thrilled and appreciate every single comment I received.

    I’m a member of Blotanical which is a garden based blogging network and there were quite a few folk on there that really encouraged me in my first few months.

    Loved your post Annabel……….. we bloggers all need to find a Teresa!

  5. OOH! I’d love a blogging buddy too! I’ve been blogging on a personal blog for eight years and now on my professional site as well so I’ve got lots of experience to offer someone.

    Plus! I rock as a cheerleader and advocate.

    If you want to be my blogging buddy, email me! I’d love to hear from anyone who can use some encouragement.

  6. Wow!! You made me realize few things!! I always reply to the comments that are generated in my blog and I thought that would be enough to grow a better relationship. Now, I realize how strong the relationship would have grown if I did the same on their blogs!! Thanks for the piece of advice!!

    If you wish to be my blogging buddy, please do email me!! Hope, we build a better blog tomorrow!!
    (Everything About Blogging|Free Premium Blogger Templates)

  7. Jayni says: 09/14/2010 at 2:48 am

    What a FABULOUS post! It takes a lot to both educate and inspire me, but this post did it!

    I knew comments were valuable, but didn’t even think about the possibility of a “buddy” to keep me plugging along, and having the pleasure of helping the buddy as I go!

    My blog isn’t up and running yet–I’m trying to overcome my perfectionist tendencies AND my deficient understanding of WordPress–but this certainly gives me a friendly kick in the backside to word harder and faster toward having it “go live.”

    Thank you SO MUCH for alerting me about “social proof.” I didn’t even know there was such a thing I was so far from having it! LOL

    Finally, Anabel, you gained a new subscriber. I’m sure you have lots to teach me!


  8. I don’t have a blogging buddy, although I do read a lot of blogs. Thanks for the tip.

    If anyone would like to be my blogging buddy, please let me know!!!

    http://www.kimberlygauthier.com – photography blog

  9. Guys & gals!

    Anyone interested in “productivity at workplace” or just “productivity” in general?

    I am looking for a productivity blog buddy!

  10. One has to wonder why the best solutions are so obvious and conceptually simple but only realized once someone else shines light on them. This isn’t the encouragement one might get from any acquaintance or even a true friend. It has to come from a shared mutual respect between people with dovetailing skill sets and usually a common purpose. In the business world that person might be called a mentor. I’ve had few real mentors in my life and that relationship was always fostered through personal contact. It would seem a difficult relationship to create by remote control although certainly maintainable from a distance. I’m unsure that as a freelance with only client based relationships I can establish the kind of personal connection I’d think would be required. After reading your article I feel motivated to find someone like your Teresa that shares a passion for what we do.

  11. Annabel, you are a wonderful Storyteller. Your tale drew me right in and I was hanging on to every word.

    Very true about the social proof with blog commenting. I find that if I visit a blog and don’t see any comments published yet, I’m more reluctant to publish one myself, yet when I see a bunch of them there already, like this post here, it’s easy to add my 2 cents.

  12. This is a good article about blogging buddies, I have a small peer network of bloggers who I am in the same social circle as. We talk on Twitter, interface via email and through comments on each others blogs. I even guest post on a few of their blogs now and again. I had a blog mentor who helped me when I was frustrated and first started blogging.

    It always helps to have friends and peers, and most bloggers are very helpful and willing to share insights, swap stories and encourage you.

  13. thanks for sharing!
    no doubt you have passionate readers
    my bog is only 75days old
    i’m happy that it has been read more than 4,000x so far
    and more than 10% comments with it.
    at the start i have no ‘Teresa’
    so i decided i will be that ‘Teresa’ SINCERELY
    if i like something, i say it
    if somebody visits me, i say my appreciation in my place
    and comment on their place on the post i like
    but not saying ‘thanks for visiting me’
    i see ego on that kind of comment LOL
    thanks again!

  14. Thanks everyone for these amazing comments. It’s great to read that you’re all inspired by the idea. I hope you’ll be proactive and make contact with some of the other bloggers who are interested in getting a blogging buddy by leaving a comment on their blog. You never know where it might lead:) Happy blogging and commenting everyone!

  15. Very good piece. Comments really do seem to give a blog some life.

  16. Thanks for your helpful post! I have been begging friends and family to read and comment on my blog and have yet to receive one comment from anyone I know. I stopped asking because I didn’t want to sound too needy. Your ideas have shown me I can find readers and commenter’s on my own. I will definitely try your ideas out!

  17. I agree with you – getting a blogging buddy does help promote conversation from other visitors. Most people (/readers) don’t want to be the first to comment.

  18. I’m new to the world of blogging myself and this post was such a great help! Very Inspiring indeed! I wish I had a Teresa to proactively follow my blog too. I’m sooo jealous, Can I have her? hahaha :)

    Anyone interested in the latest happenings in Hollywood? Check out my blog > http://hollywoodremedy.wordpress.com

    And I would love to be your Teresa if you could be mine too! ;)

  19. Great post! Comments on my blog have always helped keep me motivated. I made my blog dofollow to try to bring in more viewers (and potentially more ad revenue) but that unfortunately made me the target of a lot of spam. I’ve been wanting to start a new blog, I’m just not sure what I want to write about.

  20. Annabel,

    I am glad you had Teresa to help you when you are new blogger. Having a blogging buddy is helpful, even glen from Viperchill had wrote about it, but finding one when you are new is impossible, unless you knew someone like Teresa before you blog.

    Have patience, relationship takes time to built and it will be built slowly. Happy for your success.

  21. Hi Annabel,

    This post is very inspiring. I don’t have one blogging buddy. In fact i think i have a few. We support each other leaving comments on each other’s blog, retweeting each other’s post etc. We never have to ask for it. It’s all done automatically. I am so glad to start blogging as there are so many wonderful people around in the blogosphere.

  22. I have my buddy Bob. We started our educational site about 8 month ago and we combine Vlog & Blog. Bob does the the video and I write on the subject. Bob is 59 and I am 31. We both know the subject really well but Bob brings 30+ years of knowledge and experience. While I bring web and programming skills. Running the blog solo would be more difficult, and content wouldn’t turn out as good.

  23. What a great idea! I hadn’t thought about having a blogging buddy but it would definitely help me keep my motivation and consistency in check.

    I’ll look around and see what I come up with! I’m glad you were able to maintain that special relationship with Theresa for so long.

  24. How very true! Comments give life to a blog.

    I hate the current trend of bloggers turning off their comments! I read Seth Godin because his stuff is thought provoking. I read some of Leo’s stuff, but am often turned off by not being able to leave comments.

    I have unsubscribed to a couple of blogs because they turned their comments off.

    To me, this is about community and helping one another. Not about feeding the ego of the blogger!

  25. As a newbie blogger, I only have a few friends commenting on my blog.
    If anyone in the food/recipe realm would be interested in a blog buddy, I am game.

    Great post!

  26. This is such a great post and a lot to learn from. One of those posts i love to print and keep for further revisions.

    I hope to see a follow up on this articles. Great Work!

  27. Melanie McGhee says: 09/15/2010 at 1:14 pm

    About five months ago, about ten of us formed a social media tribe, we read each other’s blogs, comment and tweet about each others events and products. Our tribe is currently in a bit of transition as we welcome new members.

    Our commitment to each other is to blog once a week and comment on each others blogs once a week. We keep the tribe small, this keeps it easy to manage.

    Great post, this makes me feel even more grateful for my tribe!

  28. No, you can’t all have Teresa, but I will send her here to see how she’s inspired you all:) And I want to see how many blogging friendships are made because of this.

    Lye, excellent – more than one blogging buddy is brilliant incase one goes awol:)

  29. Great idea – in the early days of zero traffic it’s tough keeping up the enthusiasm and momentum. Having someone to bounce ideas off and comment on your posts is definitely helpful.

  30. Hi Annabel. I think you and me have something in common: non-digital writing came first, the blog format later. Anyway, I wish I had a writing buddy like yours…
    I do have some very frequent commentators, to whom I very much correspond, but I have not tried to ‘force’ the relation into a ‘deal’, fearing the loss of spontaneity… to me it is perfectly right if they stop showing up now and then, it is also a different feedback for my stuff…
    I don’t know, maybe I should turn to some unconditional relatives now… :)
    Thank you for the post.

  31. Receiving comments feel awesome, I agree.
    As it feels awesome to be retweeted, or receiving a nice public reply about a post of yours or something you say. I invest a lot of time reading interesting blogs about my interests and I try to leave a comment every time I have something to say about what I read, as I think it’s both an awesome way to relate to people with similar interests and a good way to motivate them to go on providing valuable content for me and other readers.
    Nice post!

  32. This is an awesome idea!

    If anyone needs a health and wellness blogging buddy please check out my blog.

    I appreciate your comments in advance!


  33. Lucky girl! I have recently started my blog and you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this post. I would love a blogging buddy- I feel really guilty now about all the times I’ve visited blogs and left without commenting.

  34. What a great article and many great comments on it too. I have recently started a blog that is more article and content rich but this article made me realize that I too need a blogger buddy.

    I can use the extra sets of eyes as well as the experience of helping others with their blogs.

    Thanks Annabel for sharing this very useful info.

  35. I would love to have a blogging buddy! That’s a fantastic idea! I’ve visited quite a few blogs and left comments, but I hardly ever get anything back that isn’t spam. And even some of the actually relevant comments…the names and websites shout spam!

    I hope I find a good buddy soon.

  36. This is an excellent idea. Should give some hope to new bloggers to keep working!

  37. I really Liked your finding buddy section.. Your Complete posts was really great.. Thanks for sharing… Now I will become daily reader of problogger.. Today is my first visit to this website and found very useful posts..

  38. One question I forgot to ask is how to find blogging buddy? You told that there are many users on problogger that will help .. Please help on this question.. Thank You once again..

  39. Teresa says: 09/19/2010 at 7:41 am

    OMG Thank you! That brought me to tears Annabel….

    I think this is my favourite blog haha

    I would like to point out that it is easy to be supportive of your work….I LOVE IT!!!! It’s also a bit selfish of me as I think I knew before anybody else that you were going to be successful and I wanted to be a part of it…Seriously guys, the best is yet to come!

    I’m reading a book at the moment. It really is the basis for the most motivational story ever…unfortunately, it does not transpire to paper from the author…this is the best way I can describe Annabel (wait for it) She can turn an unmotivational story into an inspiring one…she’s like that in reality too. I highly recommend that everyone have an ‘Annabel’…well I suppose you have…through her blogs :)

  40. WOW! That’s a great story. I know many people have a hard time posting to a blog on a regular basis, and coming up with posts that are genuinely interesting or of value to their readers. It’s great that Teresa helped give you the motivation to move on! I’m going to have to find my own “blogging buddy” – thanks!

  41. I am willing to accept blogging buddies if anyone is interested.

  42. lucky to get a buddy like her…. but thanks for the post, it is extremely motivating!

  43. Does it matter if your blog is do follow or no follow in getting comments?

  44. Great post with some great info and tips!
    I would love to gain a few “regulars” on our blog…and promise to return the favor if anyone is interested!

  45. Definitely, what a splendid blog and educative posts, I definitely will bookmark your site.All the Best!

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