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Zookoda Suspend all Broadcasts

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of December 2007 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Zookoda users woes are continuing with Zookoda announcing in the last few hours on their Zookoda Blog that they’re suspending all Broadcasts due to spam abuse. Ted Murphy (founder and CEO of Izea, formally PayPerPost, who owns Zookoda) writes:

“Today we’re stopping Zookoda broadcasts. The system will remain live, but broadcasts will not be sent. We are going to be making some more changes to the infrastructure and will allow for broadcasts again in early January. In the meantime though this is a pain for our legitimate users and I can only offer my most sincere apologies to you guys for the disruption this is undoubtedly going to cause.”

Thanks to 47 for the headsup

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Ahh…Zookoda. Hopefully after all these troubles, Zookoda will be better overall and not have to let so many down. I personally don’t use their service, but I know many who do and yes, they do complain a lot.

  2. Darshana says: 12/22/2007 at 1:11 pm

    Guess this was no surprise looking at what was going on for some time as reported by this blog. I still cant imagine they had no real system to deal with spam. Stoping all broadcast is a senseless thing to do.

    Do you have any idea why they have come to such a drastic decision, is spam that bad?

  3. What ?? Darshana no surprises for you maybe but I have a 500+ lists to serve :( and feedburner are still not allowing imports

  4. Spam! You got to love it. I love spam with fried eggs and some salsa.

    But serious. Spam is a major problem and it is getting worse. If you have been on the web any length of time you probably get some kind of spam already. Places like Zookoda gets loads like any place with a lot of traffic.

    They will be better once they get better spam controls installed, but it is only putting a patch on the real problem.

  5. I knew Zookoda was having problems, but I had no idea they’d do something like this. I guess I’m kinda glad I jumped ship a few months ago and found a new home for my growing subscriber list.

  6. Well after they started check for spam manually it was only a matter of time before they had to shut down.

  7. It’s sad how many negative things spam causes. You could say spam is causing global warming because of the large number of Internet resources required to process all that crap running all over through websites, e-mail, etc.

    Stop Spam, Save The Planet!

  8. Not really surprising. It’s been nothing but problems since payperpost took it over. New name, same company.
    Hope you have found a better email service by now.

  9. This eventually had to happen. May be all because of the spam problem. Hope Zookoda comes up with some good plans in the future.

  10. Techcrunch predicts PPP is slated for the Deadpool. Good riddance.

  11. Zookoda looked so good when it started but it’s really been a downhill slide since. Bounce backs have been increasing for many months.

    And the tipping point was when PPP bought it. I jumped ship over to AWeber (a paid service).

    Sometimes free is never free enough.

  12. What a strange thing to do though, in my opinion.
    It’s one thing to take the site down for a few hours to do system maintenance, and it’s another thing to suspend all broadcasts. They are basically turning all users away. By the time they got problems resolved, there will be not that many people left to benefit from it. That’s my prediction anyawy.

  13. Here’s my take on the whole thing. I had been using them and they started to get really crappy, so I dumped them. The previous owners knew that their programs was getting bad and sold it to a bunch of suckers. The old owners got the cash, the new owners got stuck with an albatross that continues to drain down their money. Honestly, I don’t see Zookoda ever returning to the scene. Too bad, they had a good thing going there for awhile. Tip to PPP – Once you get the bugs worked out and if you plan on re-launching, better do it with a different name. Because, right now, Zookoda is equivalent to crap.

  14. I guess the end is near for Zookoda…

  15. I think they are working on it hard. But, it can be very late now. Let’s c, what it comes with ;


  16. sounds like they are finished, better look for a different option

  17. I already started making the move to go to feedblitz because Zoodoka bounce rate was getting absurd. They told me that I should urge all my yahoo subscribers to whitelist them.

    You know its bad when you are personally emailing your newsletter with all the bounced people…It is too bad because I loved their concept and I would be surprised anyone stays with them. Happy Holidays, everyone.

    Darren-where did you decide to switch to?

  18. anna – I’m moving to Aweber

  19. Great timing 8-). If ever you want to kill a marketing company, tell your clients you won’t be there for them at crunch (read: Christmas) time. This ranks in my top 10 dumbest business decisions of all time.

  20. I hope zookoda bounce back & do some thing differnet – http://www.vhxn.com

  21. FeedBlitz stands ready to welcome legitimate Zookoda users. You can import your subscribers at any time, and opt for our free (ad-supported) service or use our paid version. All our email services are up and running without restriction, with excellent deliverability thanks to our ongoing commitment to junk-free mailngs, third party monitoring and the time we devote to ISP relations.

  22. Honestly, I’m not surprised. As soon as PPP bought it I became vastly worried. And my worries have since been confirmed.

    I’m moving to Aweber as well. I know I can count on them. Feedblitz is also a good choice. Never had any problems with them to date.

    Shine on,

    PS: Hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Darren. Here’s to a great 2008! :)

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