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You Know you’ve Been Blogging too Long When… #BloggingTooLong

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of March 2012 Reader Questions 0 Comments

I posted this on my Google+ account and on Twitter earlier today:

You know you’ve been blogging too long when a family member asks for parenting advice and you write a 10 Point Answer, start brainstorming catchy titles and considering adding images and further reading.

The responses I got were pretty funny from others who had had similar experiences, so I thought it might be a fun one to open up here on the blog.

What have you found yourself doing that makes you think that perhaps you’ve been blogging a little too long?

Here’s a few more from my own experience:

You Know You’ve been blogging too long when… you have to pause a conversation with a friend to take notes for a blog post idea.

You Know You’ve been blogging too long when… you wake up your wife at 3am to tell her that you worked out a way to double your AdSense income.

You Know You’ve been blogging too long when… you are overheard sleep talking about Brian Clark and Chris Brogan.

Over to you… when did you know you’ve been blogging too long?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. My name is… and I am a blogoholic.

    I know I have been blogging too long when people ask for advice and instead of answering right away I would say, “Give me a couple of days and I’ll email you my thoughts.” Then, I actually email the link to a blog post of my written answer.

  2. For me i am blogging too long when i forget to eat my dinner and forget bonding with family.This is really a cool topic for your blog.

  3. When it takes you two hours to make muffins because

    You are missing ingredients so must talk to your peeps on Facebook what to do and take notes for a post
    Video tape because the batter seems weird. Could use it on your YouTube channel
    Upload the video from your Droid. Takes too long.

    Now you wonder why it takes so damn long to do everything.

  4. I know i’ve been blogging too long when everywhere i go i will take note and keep on thinking about my blog

  5. When you come across any new company you check if they have an affiliate program that could benefit your blog.

  6. It is when you want to type F of Facebook but end up typing P of ProBlogger… Always checking the updates of Darren :)))))))))))

  7. … When all of the analogies that you make are connected with blogging.
    When you correlate every profession with blogging.
    When you try to shape every idea that comes along in a post.

    When I’m thinking about how to put the word blogging even now, even out of context. :-)

  8. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Very funny, yet so easy to relate to responses.

    Some side splitting hilarious ones there.

    ” I realized I have been Blogging for too long when my son would run off “with relief” to do his Homework(school and college) just to escape his fathers incessant ramblings about Search Engine ranking, Keywords, Seo, PR,,,,,,,,,,,”

    Best cure ever for ” Study-itis”

  9. … you lay in bed wide awake trying to come up with a witty answer for this question.

  10. You write down funny anecdotes that happen in your every day life because you think they would make a great blog post.
    You also run the post in your head to see how you would write it up.

  11. I am a blogger, but i was unconscious about your shared blogging tips. After reading you articleI, I think now i can blogging better than before. Thanks fot this tips.

  12. I take photos of every single bite of food that goes in my mouth, thinking it could be a good recipe for a new post. Also I take notes while watching TV looking for new ideas. Meriem

  13. When you take pictures of anything relevant to your blog so that you can blog about it. I’ve got hundreds on my iphone!

  14. You have been blogging to long when you have scouring the internet for the latest hottest post to write but at the end of the day you write nothing.

  15. This is quite funny because I just talked about this a few days ago. I use to blog often and got busy and slowed down. Recently, I started back and old habits die hard. I find myself thinking as I read something or have a conversation about how I can use that as a blog post. I guess blogging gets in your blood and does not go away.

  16. Haha, that’s easy – I’ve been blogging too long when I see text pages when I close my eyes. Sad story, by the way. :D

  17. I’ve been blogging for too long when I talk about blogging to my wife, but she just nods and does not listen.

  18. When blogging becomes more important than exams.

  19. When you don’t even read other people’s blog posts, but comment anyway since you are so eager to get a link to your own blog from theirs.
    (See some examples above :)
    Loved the post by the way, so cute! I really think most bloggers can relate to at least some of these examples!

  20. I’ve been blogging too long when…. I think I can solve my friends problem they told me, and write it down in my blog, and tell them that I have the problem solved written on my blog…

  21. When the first thought when I get an invite to something is ‘what can I make and take as a gift so I can blog about it?’

    When you write blog posts in your head while trying to go to sleep.

    When you make dinner in the middle of the day so there’s good light for photos but eat a mediocre version of the meal cause you have to heat it up hours later.

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