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Yahoo Publisher Network Rev vs. Google Adsense Rev

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of August 2005 Adsense, Yahoo Publishing Network 0 Comments

How does the Yahoo Publisher Network compare to Adsense? This is the question on many bloggers lips – especially those who are not in the US and are excluded from the beta test. Those in this boat are watching beta testers carefully for any hints – most of which seem pretty positive.

Jen reported a few days back that YPN was doing better than Adsense was for her and today Paul Scrivens reports that he’s switching all of his sites over to YPN after massive improvements on one of his blogs after making the switch. He reports the following increases:

‘* August: 1112% of Google
* July-August: 189% of Google
* June-August: 80% of Google
* May-August: 56% of Google

What this means is that I have seen a 1112% increase in revenues for this month using Yahoo over this month’s Google. 189% just for the ten days of Yahoo in comparison to the whole month of July and part of August combined for Google!!!!’

Wow. If I was seeing improvements of between 56% and 1112% I’d be moving my sites over too.

Ok Yahoo! – I think its time to let some of us non US bods in on the act!

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  • Wow!!! Can’t wait to see that in real action!

  • Those August figures are pretty amazing…

    You’d better rename the series, Darren. Seven Figure Blogging!

  • Let me emphasise that these are NOT my figures they are Paul Scrivens.

  • Darren, do you have any info when they will accept non U.S. citizens to YPN program???

  • How I’d wish they start accepting non-US publishers soon.

  • I wonder when they will open up the program to everyone. I signed up, and I am in the queue I guess. If the numbers are that good, I would be willing to switch.

  • Don’t forget too that just because you are in the US doesn’t mean you can join YPN now. You can apply for the beta but very few are being accepted yet.

  • Hmm, makes me wonder if Yahoo is giving the bulk of the revenue to the publishers in order to generate buzz and then will ratchet the % down over time as they steal publishes from AdSense. :-)

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  • Darren, you could always find a lawyer in the US and incorporate in the US and use that company to participate in US-only things like YPN. It would mean having to pay taxes in the US on your income (then, likely, domestic taxes in Australia), but it would mean being able to participate.

  • But he says the site gets only 100-200 page views a day. At typical CTR and CPM, that site probably wasn’t making enough in a month to pay a phone bill – and the increases, for whatever reason, are probably not of any statistical value at all.

  • Wow… if somebody did simular comparations please post your information too.

  • Ok…so Yahoo isn’t available to bloggers not in the U.S….does that mean you have to be a U.S citizen to qualify for the program?

    What if your blog is hosted on a U.S. server? Can you qualify even if you live in another country?

    I think Yahoo really has to stop thinking that it is just a U.S. company, but rather a global entity or it is going to miss out on a lot of revenue making possibilities. Google adsense is everywhere. IF Yahoo want’s to compete it better wake up.