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Yahoo offers Movable Type for business bloggers

Six Apart and Yahoo have announced a partnership as Yahoo will use MovableType as to provide small businesses with websites through it’s existing small business web site management service:

‘Yahoo will effectively act as the preferred provider of Movable Type for small business users, taking advantage of its scale and efficiency, Anil Dash, vice president of professional products for San Francisco-based Six Apart, said in a phone interview.

“This is going to be our recommended (sales) channel for small business,” he said.

Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo said it will offer commercial blogs based on Movable Type as part of its existing small business Web-site management service.

Yahoo provides customers with a unique Web address, blogging tools and business-class e-mail services with spam and virus protections for less than $12 a month.’

Congratulations to Anil and the team at MT.

found via blog herald

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  • interesting.

  • Wow, great news! I can now use Movable Type software :D

  • Thanks for the post, our whole team did a lot of good work to get this up and running. We’ve also got a Movable Type on Yahoo web hosting info page up, if you want to see more details, and we’ll be updating with some blogs posts once everything goes live.

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  • Is it just me, or does it seem that the entire blogosphere, and its related technology is simply transforming itself, full circle, back into standard web pages/web sites (of the past)? Or better put, blogs are now the “new web sites” of today.

    Such a wide use of blogs, for hundreds of different purposes, waters down the definition of a blog, don’t you think?

    Maybe it’s too early in the morning for me, and the coffee hasn’t hit me yet. Just curious.


  • Vicotr, I agree.

    I think blogs are becoming waterdowned day by day. With all the heavy media coverage and the big businesses pushing its way into the blogosphere, it is becoming less and less of a (true) blog these days and just a website that list news/events in chronological order. I think blogs are losing a little bit of its personality and character, but I also accept change and think they have a wide area of growth and manifestation.

    Anyway, Yahoo! as a supplier of Movable Type…I think it is clear who is the real winner in this one!

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