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Would you Like Forums With that? [31 Days to Build a Better Blog]

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of March 2009 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

31-days-build-better-blog.pngI’m starting to get really excited about the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge that starts next week here on ProBlogger.

I’ve been busily writing a lot of the teaching and assignments for it already and am excited to see that well over 4300 people have signed up as registered participants (I suspect we’ll get well over 5000 before it launches next week).

I’m also pretty excited to announce that those who register will be given access to a special forum discussion area just for those participating. We’re still setting it up and it will be a no frills area (light on design and features) – but it will enable those participating in the challenge to interact with others on the journey.

While it’s been a lot of work to pull together I’m pretty pumped about the forum element of the 31 Day Challenge because it means that the project becomes less individual and more communal.

When I started blogging the main reason that I improved both in terms of skills, knowledge, traffic and quality of posts was due to the interactions I had with other bloggers. While blogging is still a very relational medium – back then the blogosphere was a lot smaller and there was a real vibe of cooperation, generosity, working together and helping each other grow.

While those things still exist in the blogosphere of 2009, sometimes it can be a little difficult to find. My hope is that the forum area of the 31 Day Challenge will recapture some of that spirit as 3000 bloggers, all with a commitment to grow their blogs, discover the power of working together.

Anyway – just wanted to update you on my preparations for the challenge next week.

It isn’t too late to join up – you can learn more about what’s involved with it here or just pop your name and email address in the field below and you’ll be included in both the emails of new teaching and assignments as well as get an invitation to the forum.

Looking forward to sharing a few more updates on what we’re planning in the days ahead.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Hi Darren,

    Thank you for doing this!! I’m the Founder of The New York Blog Academy (a meetup group that has gathered 90 people who are interested in building better blogs – and we’ve only been up and going for less than a month!).

    The forums for the Blogger Challenge underscores the basis for my forming Blog Academy to begin with (to bring together bloggers in a meaningful way to improve our skills and find our voices). I’ve notified my members of the 31 Day Challenge.

    Looking forward to the challenge myself!


  • Hello Darren…Sorry I just noticed some typos in my comment. If you deceide to approve can you please use the one below? thanks.

    Normally the advise is to not start a forum until you have lots of visitors to your website/blog.

    But you live in a different world. Right on the first day that the forum is up you will have at least 3000 members. Beating most forums that have been up for years, with the administrator begging people to sign up.

    It is great to watch what you can wield with your extraordinary powers. A level 9 Jedi with a 20 sided dice.

  • Look forward to your articles

  • This is going to be exciting and can’t wait to get started already.. Anywayz, thanks for the update.

  • Can’t wait for this to start. Thanks.

  • Another great thing, forums are good to discuss anything that you are not sure about….already registered and waiting for course to start

  • I like the 31 day challenges to do anything, to bring good changes in life, habits etc.

    I have already done a thirty day trial plan ( to change my sleeping and waking time habits so that I can make the most out of my days time.

    Now doing such challenge is going to be very exciting. I would very much like to register.

  • I’m excited too!

  • I’m stoked! I’ve really been looking forward to this series. That you’ve taken the time to put together a forum for us just speaks volumes about the amount of effort you give to helping the rest of us improve.

    Thank you :)

  • hell yeah! although this may cause me to quit being lazy…

  • that’s a good idea, it will help the community to continue this work even after 31 days !!

  • I’m excited! Can’t wait to see what happens!

  • Awesome… cant wait for the first.

  • This is such a great idea. Love the way you’re doing it. Thanks Darren!

  • I signed up for the blog challenge and am looking forward to it. I’ve only been at it for a couple of months so this should help me out a lot.

    However, one suggestion for you. Would have been nice in your post if you would have included a link to your tweet that referred to.

    I like your challenge logo. But am wondering what the # will be for your challenge? #blogchallenge? #problogger?


  • Donald Wheeler

    Sign me up, please!

  • I was started my internet journey with a forum but after some time i have to quit that forum because in forum i can’t earn much and i was not happy.

    But today i have a small blog and i am earning quite well and also the most important thing is that i am happy.

    My blog makes me happy.

  • Ash

    I am looking forward :)

  • Thats great. I have already signed for it

  • I’m looking forward to it, and I look forward to sharing ideas with other blogger who are just starting out or are starting from square one like I am!

    I think that the forums will be very helpful as we each work together to build our blogs a little bit better!

  • First I will say get a blog that looks good, has some great seo, is easy to navigate, allow a way to capture followers, write some great content, solve problems others may have, post comments on other blogs, and reply to anyone who ask’s a question or two, all this will give you a great bliog and build a strong following..over time, nothing happens over night. I signed up for your challenge, thanks for the post I was a part of the last one and got in with blogcarnivals.

  • The forums are a wonderful idea. It is always easier to get things done, when you have some “buddies” in it with you.

  • A forum will be a great complementary tool for this exciting project. I’m also anxious to participate…
    Will the forums be moderated?

  • forum is a great idea and looking forward to the series to begin. Always looking for tips to improve my blogs

  • I love the idea of the 31 days to building a better blog. I can always do with more tips and advice on how to be better. I have joined up for it.

  • Robert

    Sounds fun!

  • Justine

    I am new to all this. I bought the Problogger book, and have been following the site ever since. I know I have a lot to learn, and can’t wait to get started! Perfect timing. Thanks Darren.

  • Kim

    I am really looking forward to this. Have been working on starting a blog but so many things to consider I am finding myself kind of bogged down.
    Hope this will help me get things in line, and I know I will learn heaps.
    thank you for the time and effort you are putting in to helping us.

  • I’m really looking forward to the month of articles! I was planning on revamping my blog in the next few weeks, so this is perfect timing to help me get an even better result. The forums a great idea, can’t wait till that’s up either.

  • Janet Slack

    Perfect timing – planning a big blog redo.
    Thanks, Darren

  • Thank you, Darren. I registered a few days ago. I can’t wait to start and I will see you all in the forum.

    Thank you

  • Denise

    I signed up a few days ago. I appreciate your time and efforts with this challenge Darren and look forward to more of your articles. Fives days left to go!

  • I am really looking forward to this. Thanks again for putting this together.

  • The forum is a great idea! Really enhances the whole product. Can’t wait!

  • Signed up and looking forward to your insights.

  • I’ve joined it and I’m keen to see it starts! :D

  • Sounds like an awesome idea. I’m really looking forward to doing it too. My blogging has been through a real slump in the early months of this year and I was just starting to come out of it so this is perfect timing for me. :)

  • It is a great idea to enable a forum. Also have some preloaded stuff that everybody would find useful if they are new to blogging. Iam new to blogging and i have signed in for the program. Hope it would be a good experience.

  • Darren, could please reply and provide the links to the previous similar Blog Projects you’ve hosted in 2005 and 2007, as you mentioned in your last post. Just to give a more detailed idea what the project usually entails.

  • Sound great, . I can’t wait to start
    Thanks, Darren

  • This is coming at the perfect time for me (this time). I have my scheduled worked out so that I can spend some time on the lessons each day and I can make this 31 days life changing for my online endeavors!

    Thanks for the accountability.

  •’s great idea darren!

  • Excellent! I’ve never participated in anything like this before so I am eagerly anticipating things to come.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • A forum will be great way to share and gain among the challenge members. Kudos :)

  • Looking forward to some good discussion!

  • I’m in! I was waiting for you to do one of these series again! Thanks so much. And a forum sounds like just the thing we need to get to know one another better, and to help one another. Thanks!

    krissy knox :)
    follow me on twitter:

  • d00d; I am totally excited about this!! I began my blog about 8 months ago, and then my life got so hectic and crazy I couldnt follow through! I am now (hopefully) ready to begin again, with just enough experience under my jedi sash (see Charlies comment above) to make me dangerous! I am setting up a sweet new magazine theme (Morning After) to prepare for the big event. I may even have to blog about it…

  • Darren you totally rock, some great going and I can’t wait for the contest.

  • Looking really forward to the 31 days – a forum will make it even better!

  • Patrick

    Got me sleeves rolled up, I do.