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Work Boxers is Launched

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of February 2005 Adsense, Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Big Money Tips has changed domain. All the goodness is now over at WorkBoxers! Huh? I’ll let Paul explain the name:

‘Well I wanted something that symbolizes a goal that many people strive for when reading the content on this site. I wanted to stay away from ‘money’ and ‘cash’ and I just pictured myself working at home in my boxers. So WorkBoxers came to mind.’

It works for me. I’m adding it to my RSS reader because Paul has a wealth of experience to share and produces beautifully designed blogs. I’m hoping he’ll post a little more regularly on the new domain though.

His first post is well worth checking out – it is titled ‘Making a Living of Adsense‘. The article starts with two myths:

Domain Names matter. Maybe back in the days, but domain names really have no bearing on how successful your site does. Assuming you are not using a domain name that Google doesn’t like, which is the case with my poker blog BetFest (soon to change).

This is the easy money. Wrong. And it won’t come fast either.’

Paul then goes on to ask if you should write for Advertisers or Readers (an excellent question), discusses getting started and then looks at ‘exit clicks’. I’m looking forward to the next installment of his series of posts.

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  • Well now that I know Google doesn’t mind this domain (it has been spidering it since launched) many more articles will be coming as I enjoy writing them. You never really understand this industry until you try to sit down and put things into words. I can only hope to try and maintain the quality of content that you have going on here Darren.