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  1. I’ve been wondering why they haven’t done this sooner. They may be open-source purists over there, but setting up a commercial service is surely better than gaming Google with off-screen keywords?

  2. WordPress.com – Blog-Hostingservice für WordPress startet

    Wordpress.org startet den Hostet-Blog-Service WordPress.com. Es wird wohl das vergleichbare Gegenstück zu Six Aparts TypePad-Blog-Hostingservice.
    Die Anmeldung ist wie bei Googles Gmail nur auf Einladung / Invites möglich. Jedes eingeladene Mitgli…

  3. Wonder how much it will cost? I think TypePad is kind of pricey.

  4. […] Coverage: Problogger, Turboblogger, BBS Blog, Technosight Blog, Qumana Blog for more tidbits. No doubt Matt will be releasing more details shortly. […]

  5. […] He also points to an announcement about WordPress – very interesting It seems that WordPress is about to go into competition with TypePad and host a blogging service with WordPress as its platform. […]

  6. […] 一方 ProBloggers では、例の wordpress.com 立ち上げを取り上げて、Six Apart の TypePad に挑むと伝えています。そうか wordpress.com って TypePad 相当の blog ホスティングサービスだったのか。 […]

  7. […] Yes, you read it correctly. If you are familiar with WordPress, they were and still dot org and not com. But this is not a hoax since I read about it on Matt’s blog and he has announced it on Blog Business Summit about his wordpress dot com blog. What’s been on everyone’s mind is “What is this?”. Is WordPress go commercial? Darren Rowse wrote about rumor that this is intended to compete with Six Apart’s Typepad. So they decided to make a hosted blog service with WP platform. Hey, then what’s with Weblogs.us, Blogsome and Blogthing. They provided blog service with WP too. Are they going to be any different? One thing for sure, for now they have limited the access to use wordpress.com by using the GMail-like invitation system. Others who also write about this and I somehow found and read are: Donncha, Phoenixrealm, Exit 171, Abdul, and many more who just can wait to get a hand on a (free?) blogging service with WP in it. Count me in. […]

  8. […] Updates: Weitere Berichte – Finanso – Problogger – Blog des Chefs: Matt Mullenweg bloggt mit WordPress.com – Kurz bei: CyDome 20.08.2005 | Tools | Druckversion | […]

  9. I was under the impression that it will be free.

  10. […] Via mediaTIC, Veille Perso, NevOn, ProBlogger et The Blog Herald. […]

  11. The more competition the better. I am a Typepad user that has been kicking the tires of a couple of other blogging platforms for awhile now but I gotta say that for my needs, Typepad is getting better every week. From the increased bandwidth to the support for podcasting to the new CSS editing tools, Typepad makes it easy for someone like me who prefers to write about something (indie rock and roll) than experiment with coding my site (which has never been my strength) to get on with the task at hand. Blogging platforms will always be debated ad nauseum but for me Typepad allows me to write about something I am interested in while making it easy to incorporate everything from RSS feeds to custom CSS code (if I so desire). If WordPress.com puts the pressure on Six Apart to increase Typepad’s capabilities so much the better but users of either hosted platform will probably be more interested in ease of use than whether the platform is coded in Perl or PHP. At least that has been my experience. It is a whole different market and I wish them both success. Ease of use is what sets things apart in this market and it looks like WordPress.com can learn some stuff from Typepad (and vice versa) but I have no doubt that they will build an excellent blogging platform “for the rest of us.” Typepad certainly has.

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