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  1. Wow!

    I must admit I was really surprised to see how basic it is.

    What is their target market?

    As it stands, it certainly isn’t a viable alternative to the likes of blogger and TypePad.

    I guess it is a good place to start for someone new to blogging, but I can’t see why they would choose WordPress.com over Blogger.com.

  2. I don’t know why people would really want it over blogger.com

    sure, it’s wordpress, but who wants wordpress with .00001 flexibility (you cna change the color of the heading on Kubrick)?

    I’d take blogger over that, and if Typepad had their service normal, I’d also prefer that

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  4. these accounts were available for a long time via Flock, not much use to anybody unless you’re a beginner or have some special needs.

  5. Andy, thanks for putting it so succinctly.

  6. I think you’ll find that this is just the beginning for wp.com – I’d expect them to roll out new features on it over time. I doubt it’ll ever be as adaptable as full wp – but as they add new features it’ll increasingly become a more viable alternative to some of the other free services out there…as well as some of the hosted paid options I suspect.

    Remember what blogger.com was like a couple of years ago – this is much better than that was…. while I’m not going to use wp.com now – I think it’ll be one to watch for entry level bloggers.

  7. Start pimping WP, I have used blogger and found it tremendously frustrating in it’s limitations on what I could do so I switched to the full WP and love it, I can do what I want, how I want, when I want.
    Even though it’s basic it’s still a damn site better than blogger. Of course it will never be as adaptable as full WP simply because they host it. As stated before it’s a good start for beginners who just want to blog.

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