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  • integrating widgets into theme will definitely help theme authors. imagine the amount of time saved if users never had to enter source code. rather, the only modifications needed would be dragging modules to and from the front page. i’ve added this to my list of things “you need to read up on this” list.

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  • Hey Daz,
    I was excited about this news too. I think it will really bring WordPress to a wider audience – editing your sidebar code was the hardest novice thing to do in WordPress, yet the most essential to customizing your site.

    I’m running the plugin at, and it works fine in IE. Right now, I can’t get the drag-and-drop Javascript to work in Firefox (, so I have to switch to IE to edit my widget settings, as the drag-and-drop is the only way to do it.

    As more and more themes support it, this will become the killer feature of WP (especially once it’s built in).

  • Never mind about the Firefox thing – I restarted FF after a crash, and the drag-and-drop works fine now.

  • I recently installed this as i saw it on the wordpress dashboard in the admin section . And the new addon is really great.It makes the sidebar editing much easier. Before that i did the editng by donloading the files and uploading back again.

    Now the developers only need to make new plugins for this widget.Can not wait to see what is next to come…was useing blogger before that,and wordpress supreised me.It is not so hard as i first thought….

  • The possibilities really are endless.

    As a follow-up to the Firefox issue, I am still having some trouble with new elements being draggable in Firefox. IE always works, though, so I’m using the IE View/IE Tab FF extentions.