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  • Here’s a review of the WordPress 2.0 beta by

    And images from the admin panel at

    If you want to see a list of plug-ins that are working right now, check the at


  • Probably a typo made the last link a bad one, here is the thread at that I was talking about…

  • admin panel looks like

  • I just blogged about this, and it never occurred to me to use the term “beta.” I’m no longer sure about the meaning of beta.

  • Yaay! Great news I use WP for all of my blogs, have been using it for some time now and LOVE it. WP is probably one of the best peices of Bloging software.

  • I’m 99% sure it’s virtually the same as – so if you want to go check it out, sign up for a account.

    Also virtually the same backend as WordPressMU, which we’re using.

  • Now’s definitely the time to start playing with WordPress 2.0 (beta). It’s got surprisingly few bugs after a whole bunch of people got together two weekends ago and knocked out some 100 bugs on the list, and the previous weekend, when a few dozen more were squashed. It’s now pretty stable; I even have it running on one live blog (but I’m also quite capable of fixing WP should it break). Don’t try that at home.

  • Now you know Darren is excited when you see a post that short! I guess he didn’t want to waste time writing, and wanted to rush off and try it. I know I did the same :)

  • Ok. Have just knocked up a “five minute” review with a screenshot of the Write Posts page:

  • has a lot of the feature set that will appear in the 1.6 version. Remember though, that the dot com version will be much more restricted because it is a managed service. There is no substitute for running a standalone version with your own web host – you can freely choose the plugins and themes you want, keep better track on your stats, etc.

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