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Win Dinner with ProBlogger and Special Guests at Blog World Expo 2009

Posted By Lara Kulpa 13th of October 2009 General 0 Comments

OK – this is a competition that is only for those attending Blog World Expo (please don’t comment below if you’re not attending). I know that excludes most readers but I hope we can include everyone a little by posting some pictures of the event.

The prize is a free dinner with me and some of my blogging buddies at BWE at the lovely Fiamma Trattoria and Bar** in Vegas.

I’m still confirming which other guests are coming but we have 3 spots open to ProBlogger readers – hence this competition.

Contest Rules

1. You must be attending Blog World Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, NV.
2. You must be available for dinner on Wednesday night, October 14th at 6pm. We cannot change the scheduled time or modify to suit anyone’s schedules.
3. You must provide your own transportation to and from the event.
4. Since we will need to place your name on a guest list, you will need to provide identification at the door upon arrival.
5. To enter, simply leave a comment below – make sure to use your REAL name and your most often checked email address in the name and email fields. Lara will do the draw using random.org on Tuesday at 4pm Eastern Time (NY, USA) and will contact the (3) winners privately via email. Please then confirm receipt of the email before 8pm ET.

*Please don’t leave a comment if you’re NOT available to attend the dinner. Because we’re running on very short notice, we need to keep this process as streamlined as possible, and weeding through comments wouldn’t help! Thanks for understanding!

** Dinner graciously provided by Fiamma Trattoria and Bar at MGM Grand @TasteMGMGrand.

  1. hi,

    my name is ephraim diament and i am attending blog world expo. looking forward to winning :)



  2. How can I pass this up? I think this would be one of my highlights of BWE as you never know what can come from having dinner with new friends. Congratulations in advance to the winners!

  3. I wanna go to dinner!

  4. I’m already in Vegas and will be at BWE

  5. I just checked my flight schedule, and I should be in, in plenty of time! Throw me in the drawing. :)

  6. Darren, I’d love to have dinner with you and your guests, and will be flying in Wednesday afternoon.

  7. Hi Darren,

    My wife and I will be attending BWE. We would greatly enjoy sharing dinner with you, and visiting with you on a more personal level.

  8. I wanna go to dinner!

  9. This sounds like a lot of fun! I will be in town by Wednesday afternoon, and would love to have dinner with you.

  10. Hi Darren, I’d love to join you for dinner. I’m a longtime ProBlogger reader & I love Italian food. Hope you’ll pick me.

    Julie Gallaher

  11. Wow! Would be a great honor. I’ve been reading the blog for many years!
    Thanks for the opp!

  12. Will be driving to Vegas on Wednesday morning – would LOVE to go to dinner!

    jen :)

  13. Last year I was able to attend BWE thanks to you, and was too shy to really even thank you properly (the quick thank-you-so-much-I-go-now doesn’t count at the party), and I would love the opportunity to this time to actually speak with you :)

  14. I’ll be in early Wednesday and would love to join you for dinner!

  15. They’re some pretty strict rules to win. Whoever is eligible will have a good chance.

  16. I like both talking and food, so I’m in. :) See ya at BWE!

  17. Hi, my name is Zane Aveton, @zaneology on Twitter.

    I arrive in Vegas at 8am on Weds Oct 14th. I am a great dinner companion and I wear fabulous shoes.

    Thx for choosing me.

    *P.S. I can also get all of you free tickets to see Peter Berman perform comedy in Vegas while we are all at Blogworld. (Yes, Peter Berman from Comedy Central :)


  18. This is such a dang brilliant idea, how could I not want to win dinner with you…

  19. Sweet! This sounds great. I’ll be in town Wednesday at 2PM so this works perfectly!

  20. Choose an author as you choose a friend.

  21. Great idea! I would love to meet you for dinner. What a perfect kick-off to a great event. Thanks in advance. ::winks::

  22. I would be so tickled to win this. Was about to make my list of who I want to meet while there and you & Chris Brogan are on that list.

    I won a pass from Blog World to attend the event & this would be so unbelievably awesome!!

    I’m a social media consultant & in the beginning stages of establishing myself as a thought leader/pioneer for the speech impaired using social media to communicate, improve quality of life, get a job, be an entrepreneur . . . as the way in which we communicate has shifted in such a huge way to include the speech impaired (including my 8 yr old daughter) like they have never been included before! Life changing!

    WooHoo & Thanks for holding this contest! Y’all Rock!

  23. This is great news! Speaking personally and as one who has to cross the Pacific to get to these events, I have been wishing for the past couple of years I could attend both. Really looking forward to a new media immersion experience in Oct 09. Rock on!

  24. I would move my flight to get there by 6pm. It would be great to meet you.

  25. _______ Sorry, I’m blank….but I still wouldn’t mind a free meal. :)

  26. Would love to see you for dinner. :)

  27. Sounds so attractive, gl.

  28. Hey, My name is Mike Vallez and I am a social media junkie. I am the new social media strategist for Altegrity (USIS, HireRight, and Explore) companies and I am implementing a social media policy/strategy.

    I also run http://www.crazymikesapps.com a blog iPhone website and http://www.michaelvallez.com a social media blog about social media and its impact on law enforcement.

    I podcast on iTunes (2 channels) and have 1 YouTube channel. I am a huge fan of ProBlogger and your story.

    I am stoked to be attending the Blog World & New Media Expo 2009.

    thank you for your consideration.


    Michael Vallez

  29. So it’s a raffle? I would like to be considered. Thanks.

  30. Gil Pal says: 10/14/2009 at 12:12 am

    Love to attend, eat, and meet the pro-blogger himself.
    see ya.

  31. Mia Marcus says: 10/14/2009 at 12:20 am

    Looking forward to winning the Contest!

  32. I hope I win!

  33. It will be a pleasure to be there !

  34. Pardon the use of such an annoying acronym, but OMG! There are few things in this world I would appreciate more than a chance to sit down with Darren. I’ve derived more value and encouragement from problogger.net than from any other website.

    My wife and I co-operate on our blog business, and with Problogger’s help we’ve built it into our second income. Adsense is one revenue stream, but its primary stream is an affiliate-like relationship with a larger blog network. We attribute a lot of what we’ve accomplished to Problogger.

    I guess that’s enough gushing for now…

    OK, maybe a bit more: I LOVE PROBLOGGER!!!

    (I even love the book)

  35. If I win, I’ll change my flight to be there in time for dinner! So looking forward to blog world.

  36. My husband (Tim Schroeder) and I are attending the Blog World Expo and we would love the opportunity to join you for dinner and finally meet you.

    I am finding your ebook very helpful and I am enjoying being apart of ProBlogger.com. Thanks for the great resources.

  37. I never win anything but I’m always willing to try. Count me in!

  38. Wow I would love a chance to Learn from the best. I am a newbe and thank of a better way to start. I am driving to blogworld from Michigan and will arrive shortly. This will be a life changing event.

  39. Okay gang! Comments closed – I’ll be emailing the winners shortly!

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