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Win a BlogWorld Expo Pass Here Today!

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of October 2010 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Update: this competition has now ended. Winners are announced below.

Do you want to win a pass to Blog World Expo this year?

I have two – just for ProBlogger readers that the team at BWE have kindly offered. One even comes with a voucher to go towards your flights to BWE with South West Airlines!!!

Please read the following carefully to make sure you’re eligible and able to attend – we want these passes to be used by people who need them.

The prizes

There are two prizes as follows:

  1. A full access pass to the whole of Blog World Expo (worth $1195) – that’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s sessions, the exhibit floor, all the parties and the social media business summit. This one also comes with a voucher to go towards your flights to BWE flying with South West Airlines ($300 value).
  2. A Weekend Pass to Blog World Expo (worth $495) – this one gives you access to the sessions on Friday and Saturday as well as all three parties and the exhibit floor.

Important Notes:

  • BWE is on from 14-16 October – please only enter this if you’re able to attend!
  • in both prizes you’ll need to arrange your own accommodation.
  • with prize #2 you’ll need to arrange your own travel.
  • the competition is open to people around the world but to international readers you’ll need to make sure you can get there under your own steam.
  • please note that these prizes are for those who have not already got tickets. We’re not able to organise refunds on previously purchased tickets but this is to get a couple of extra ProBlogger readers along.
  • You can enter both competitions but only once per competition.

How to Enter

I’m going to effectively run two competitions here. One for each prize. I’ll draw the winners in 36 hours time so this is a quick competition. You can enter both competitions but only once per competition.

Competition #1 – to be in the running to win prize #1(full access pass with the travel voucher) you need to tweet out your desire to win a ticket.

The tweet needs to include a shout out to @blogworld and @southwestair as well as the hashtag #PbBWEPass. I’ll randomly choose someone tweeting that and notify them via Twitter (so please make sure you follow @problogger so I can DM you).

Competition #2 – to be in the running to win prize #2 (the weekend pass) simply leave a comment below. Please include the word ‘blogworld’ so I make sure none of your comments get caught in my spam filter. I’ll notify the winner by the email address that they leave with their comment.

Prizes will be drawn 36 hours after this post goes live to enable winners to make their travel arrangements. That’s 4pm Melbourne time on Sunday 3rd October.

Good Luck Everyone!

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered – I’m closing this now and will get in touch with the winners shortly. Congrats to @jenwilsonphoto and Alison Golden who won!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Elizabeth

    I have no idea where BWE is but get me this pass and I am there.

  • ThompsonPaul

    This Canuck’s never been to Vegas, never been able to get to Blogworld, but would love to do both. Especially Blogword – just making sure I get that keyword in there! :)

  • Kai Robinson


    Is this the miracle I’ve been waiting for?

    Seriously, though, I’m making a transition from vocalist to social media expert/blogging star (tee-hee). I’d would like to be around the ENERGY of people who understand the power of the internet and are just as geeky as I am. This conference would be a life-changer.

  • I have a weekend pass to blogworld,but it’d be awesome to get one for my loving boyfriend so he understands the craziness that’s overtaken me. :) He’s driving me out there halfway across the country!

  • Brendan Cosgrove

    Looking forward to my first Blogworld this year!!

  • GnomeGrrl

    I’d love to go to BlogWorld … assuming I can con the boss of that real world job to let me off. Oh, to be done with him! :)

  • Fern @ Life on the Balcony

    I’d love to win the weekend pass to blogworld, I won’t be able to afford the trip otherwise. :-)

  • I would love to have a chance to go to Blogworld. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Would love to go to Blogworld.

  • Darren,

    I would love to win because I have a dirty secret! My career has been in online marketing and web development for the last 9 years. I am a WordPress expert BUT I have never once been to a conference related to blogging specifically. Okay, I said it. It is out there and you can help me make it right! Wouldn’t that be great? It would probably fulfill your nice quota for the entire year if I were to win. It would have a direct, positive impact on my business. And they have a ton of great sessions and speakers that I would love to see.

    Plus I can do a lot of really awesome things when I am there like blog, tweet, and get video footage of how awesome problogger is for sending me to a rocking conference. ;0)

    So I hope I win and thank you so much for the opportunity.

    Amanda I have been a reader for a very long time and if you can believe it I think this is the very first time I’ve ever left a comment! Love the website and all that you do!


  • I have never attended a blog conference, class or convention. I would love to, though. Attending Blogworld would be amazing.

  • Rachel

    blogworld would be the greatest way to network as i am about to graduate!

  • I’d like to go to Blogworld more than Las Vegas. Is that so wrong?

  • I would be there in a heartbeat (I’m only 4hrs away) if I won a ticket to blogworld!!

    Thank you for a great opportunity Darren!

  • I would love, love, LOVE to go to Blogworld!

  • Geneva Sarcedo

    Me + Blogworld = Love! Make it happen!

  • Darren, we are going to have a BLAST at BLOGWORLD!!! Whoo Hoo :-D…(in a football chant) BLOGWORLD, BLOGWORLD, BLOGWORLD!!!!!

    ~Charlene :-)

  • Ya know, blogworld would be the perfect place for me to get some feedback on my new monetization tool. Count me in as wanting to go! Thanks for such a cool opportunity! Woo BlogWorld!

  • I would love to go to blogworld!
    I’m teaching social media to a class
    of high school students, and it would
    be great to share what I learn with

  • Hey Darren,

    Long time reader, first time commenter – Love your site and would kill to go to blogworld this year!

    By kill, I mean like, a milkshake. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

    Hope to see you in Vegas :)


  • I’ll tweet naked from Blogworld for a all access pass.

  • Thanks for the chance to go to Blogworld, Darren – wanted to go, but can’t afford it… hope to see you there!

  • jeff

    This morning I awoke to find lint the size of a presidential ball party crasher in my navel! I thought to myself as I was swabbing it out with a Swiss army knife leather puncher, “what if my life actually had meaning?” I mean, what if there were a greater purpose for me than to just uphold the standards set forth by my 14 year old feline pet? So after rubbing off the bed bugs, I started reviewing Evangelical charity web portals but after previewing a brief selection, I recalled that I was actually atheist and decided to preview political campaign sites from which I could either donate time or bank to effect my noble visions and fulfill my destiny. I will make a long story short and just say that upon review my hope for a more virtuous society has been officially decimated and investing in a politician is about as fulfilling at pissing in a wind chill colder than a witches tit at an upward angle. Now, many of you responding may think that you really need to attend the blogworld expo to sharpen your bloggoskills, but here is why I really need a fatty pass to the event we are all in competition for. I need to figure out how to make my life worth something. I figure if i can learn how to connect effectively with humanity through a digital interface, that someday, I may wake up to a king size bungalow, in a very expensive neighborhood, strapped to a bed surrounded by lots of expensive women and a big pile of unused party favor. When that day comes, I’ll know I have changed the world for the better and attending the BWE would start me on the path to achieving my goals for humanity! So, Please select me for the honor of attending the blogworld expo so that I may save humanity! All kidding aside, Cheers Darren!

  • I’d love to win the pass to blogworld!

  • Ooooh, I’d love this. Hope to see you, Darren! I’ve learned a huge amount from you. :)

  • OOOHHHHHH – I would LOVE to win! I’ll be in Vegas next week anyway and would happily extend my stay a few days. Last year I was SUPER LUCKY and won the dinner with you and your peeps – maybe lightning will strike twice and I’ll get lucky again!

    jen :)

  • Alessandra

    I would LOVE to win passes to BlogWorld! Seriously. I’ll be screaming in excitement at my computer if I win. Thanks for the giveaway!