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Why Your Next Post Should Be a Short One

Posted By Guest Blogger 25th of June 2011 Writing Content 0 Comments

This guest post is by Martyn of Two Hour Blogger.

  1. It does not take long to write.
  2. It does not take long to read.
  3. It forces you to write efficiently.
  4. It increases the number of comments.
  5. It makes you stand out.
  6. It gets spread a lot.
  7. It builds your audience.

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  1. Mmmmm – I need to write shorter posts sometimes – tend to be a bit on the long side also…..


  2. I have trouble being to wordy myself at times.. I don’t always want them to be short and sweet, but I have to keep from rambling too.. Kinda like this comment..

  3. Very creative. I’m afraid of doing posts that are too short though because of Google panda knocking down whole sites because of a couple bad posts. From what I understand.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Writing short is an art, and it improves your writing, your message, and your response. After all, everything written either informs or influences; writing short has a better chance of doing both.

  5. Hi is this for just getting a do-follow back-link from Darren.I am still wonder how could it permitted here for guest post.

  6. What about Search Engine rankings? I have read that a post about 300- 500 words will be good for search engine rankings.

  7. Great post! This is definitely something I will be trying out in the future… being wordy is always a downfall of mine. I’m so used to writing novels and screenplays, that when I write a blog post, it turns into quite an exercise! :)

  8. I’ll definitely take your advice on this one. Most people have short attention spans and are just skimming posts, anyway. Thank you.

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