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Why Do You Blog?

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of February 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

It’s time for another poll – this one gets at your motivations for blogging.

Why do you blog?


I’m not asking why you started blogging – but what keeps you blogging – what are your motivations?

Obviously I’ve only chosen a few reasons for blogging and there could be many more. If you’ve got another one feel free to add it in comments below.

Thanks to Dr Mani for his idea for this poll via Twitter.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. This one was not for radio buttons but for checkboxes. I hardly believe there is one of us that is capable of selecting just one of the answers.

  2. Several reasons:

    – I love writing (and write easily and quickly)

    – I want to build up a portfolio of non-fiction writing

    – I want to share the knowledge and happiness I’ve gained with others (I successfully lost over 3 stone — nearly a quarter of my total weight — and have vastly improved my fitness) so I started http://www.theofficediet.com to help out busy people who want to improve their health/fitness.

    – It would be nice to make money, but that’s not my primary motivation — I want to contribute some value to the world, and to the ‘net (which often seems rather “surface” to me and lacking in strong content — problogger expected, of course!)


  3. I blog with the goal that one day I will become THE definitive source for dog training and dog behavior information.

  4. I started blogging over 3 years ago as a favour to a friend who has a webdev company – posting articles on her site now and then. I enjoyed it so decided to try it out for myself under a pseudonym in MySpace to see if I could be consistent.
    I now blog professionally to establish expertise and drive traffic to my company’s site: http:www.out-smarts.com .

    Right now I am debated monetizing the site but am not sure if ads would put of my visitors.

  5. It really surprises me that money was number 2. I would think it would be much lower. Also, I wish there was a blank box to expand upon the “other” choice. For example, I use my blog as a pseudo online file folder to keep track of news and articles — It beats printing out a bunch of paper.

  6. Its a combination of reasons – the options must be in checkboxes – not radio buttons.

    Since I can choose just one, I am going for fame/profile.

  7. Networking.

  8. For me, I started blogging because I noticed I own a lot of viewpoints contrary to what’s out there in personal development, and I wanted to share and educate other people on those (my) viewpoints.

  9. I blog as a way to add content to my business website. I also hope the info helps out the parents who make up my target audience. Money would be nice, but thus far blogging hasn’t gotten me much…

  10. I vote for fun. I am amazed that total strangers would read what i write.

  11. I have things to say. I have things to get off my chest. But also it’s great for networking, for getting a feel for what readers enjoy from me as a writer and photographer. And…I have things to say ;)

  12. I totally agree with Angela. It’s a place to just rant and be free to do so without the restriction of time, money, space and resources. It’s a personal space which I feel corporate entities might have begun diluting and infringe in this personal space by using blogs as a marketing avenue.

  13. Every should blog because its fun. Its fine to have the money incentive but that shouldnt be your primary reason for blogging.

  14. Once again my answer doesn’t fit a category and I refuse to answer “other.” I keep blogging because it generally seems when I am most discouraged and on the brink of giving up on writing that someone pops in and posts that they love what they just read and look forward to reading more.

  15. Normally I blog to keep me alive :D . But I chosed “Fun” ;-)

  16. Nice blog friend, very interesting contents.. would you mind if I ask you for a link exchange? Regards…

    I blog coz it’s my passion… I like to write, and convince something out of nothing.

  17. I blog because putting my thoughts down in an entry because it would be a shame if all my brilliant thoughts were not shared with the general public.
    Okay, actually not. :)
    I do think that we all are capable of moments of brilliance or even just thought-provoking insights, and many a times I find that mine go unexpressed. Which IS a shame, because there are probably people out there who feel the same as you. Blogging gives me such a platform, finding people who are like me, or better yet, finding people who disagree with me and can express an opposite opinion that I otherwise would not have considered otherwise.
    I guess I basically look for an exchange of opinions from people who are willing to share their views without fear of reproach or being judged. And that is why I blog.

  18. Writing with passion in a blog is a great way to monetize your blog or as we do our main corporate site of Planet Berry. We utilize the blog for up to date information and to keep smaller items on the front lines so to speak. The visitors typically will go from our Blog to our other locations where our reveunes are present.

  19. WEll i am from retail Industry which is the next big thing after BPO boom and I am quite happy to be in this industry. any one with the same Industry ca contact me for any kind of suggestion as i am in this line from last 15 years.
    Also I like to discuss ablout bolywood any one intrusted.

  20. well, i’m relatively fun blogging in to share my love story. it’s help me many times when i need to share the problem, happiness, etc. in un6u.blogspot.com thats the feeling show. but recently, i learn from problogger also from yaro tarak’s web, why can we earn some money from it. lets have fun and enjoy the money. so i choose fun, that thing keeps me blogging.

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