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While I’m Away – Skellie Will Play

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of September 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

As this post goes live I’m jetting out of Melbourne to Las Vegas for Blog World Expo.

I’ll be away for a week and while I’ll probably post one or two posts from BWE I’m handing the ProBlogger Keys over to Skellie for the next week. If you’re not familiar with Skellie’s work you can see some of it at Skelliewag and Anywired. She also edits the popular FreelanceSwitch.

Skellie was also a regular contributor for ProBlogger for a number of months last year.

To get a taste for her work check out these previous posts that she wrote on ProBlogger:

  1. Building Your Blog With StumbleUpon
  2. How to Transform Readers Into Raving Fans
  3. How to Maximize the Benefits of Guest Posting
  4. How to Write Posts That Set StumbleUpon on Fire
  5. How to Develop the Habit of Writing Posts in Advance
  6. How to Create Social Media’s Favorite Type of Blog Post
  7. Value Blogging: A New Model For Success?
  8. Blogger or Mind-Reader? Six Ways to Give Your Audience Exactly What It Wants
  9. How to Keep Your Subscribers Forever
  10. Prolific Blogging: Five Methods I Swear By

Yep – it’s going to be a good week on ProBlogger. Enjoy!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Her content is really solid. I’ve already read some of it but look forward to catching up on the rest and see her new posts as well.

    Have fun for all of us, Darren!

  2. Enjoy your time there Darren!

    Looking forward to seeing what Skellie has to offer for your blog this week =)

  3. She’s a lucky girl to get to write and promote herself on Problogger.

  4. Fun! I recently discovered Skellie and now subscribe to her blog. Should be a good week.

    Safe travels.

  5. Cool! Enjoy your slacking. Skellie is awesome. FreelanceSwitch and her guest posts are always on point.

    Better watch out Darren, you might be working yourself out of a job!

  6. Her blog is easily one of my favorite that I read out of everyone. It is mostly the way she writes that keeps me a subscriber to a blog because it is so much more interesting. She is really good at explaining things and she is one of the most helpful bloggers that I have came upon. You all should really subscribe to a blog like hers if you’re looking for an interesting writer and a helpful person.

  7. Hey Darren –

    Did you notice that today Skellie just moved from FSw, she’s no longer going to be the editor there!

    A sad day for FSw but I’m sure Glen will do a good job. LifeDev is great.

  8. Enjoy your trip, sounds like you are going to have loads and loads of fun. I am really jealous. When my blog gets big enough I am going to travel to events like these.
    Looking forward to reading some solid content from skellie. Should be a fun week

  9. Excellent post. I have gone weeks without promoting my blog’s posts, and when I finally promote it on FaceBook, I see the bump in numbers.

    But by doing this, I also increase my number of readers who see that I hate hype.



  10. Cya Darren!
    Skellie gets the key to your blog… can i have the keys to your house? LOL jks!

    Have fun! make sure you tweet us some updates =] thats why a phone was invented =]

  11. Thanks for letting us know Darren…have fun…

    at least you know this time to look out for prying photographers while you’re eating.

  12. I’m a big fan of Skellie. Her work is simply awesome.

  13. along with darren,
    skellie has been one of my most helpful guru,
    i am happy for darren that his blog is in real nice hands

  14. Skellie nails stuff with authority. Goodness.

  15. I have always liked Skellie’s writings both in her blog and in other blogs where she does freelance writing. I will be enjoying her posts here.

    Darren, happy trip to Vegas.

  16. I’ve been reading Skelliewag for a while now. Mark this well, Problogger fans! We are in for a real treat this week! You might want to bookmark Skellie’s posts on a regular basis.

  17. Looks like some great reads, will chekc them out, thanks!

  18. I hope you put some videoS up here, for those not there, to see how it is. Doesn’t need to be a video posts….just short clips of what’s going on.

  19. I have read a couple of Skellie’s blog posts, and I must say I am quite impressed with them.

    Although her posts have no taught me anything new, they have put a different perspective on the techniques I original wrote off as being ineffective(not for everyone, just for my blog). I have since been gaining some great traffic from her ideas.

    Thanks Skullie :)

  20. I have just read this post and I think it’s a great idea. The perfect learning for any blogger who is going on holiday and not able to update their blog while away.

    Having only recently returned from holiday (and not near a computer to blog), this would have been perfect to include as my last post driving people through to other areas on the site. I had done a great job driving traffic to the site the week before and then unfortunately it dwindled down over the two weeks I was away. See my blog stats here: http://dominiquehind.wordpress.com/2008/11/01/whats-working-on-my-blog-stats-update/

    Thanks very much for such a great idea. I will be using it next time I go away.


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