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Where is Your Favorite Place to Blog? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of January 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

It’s time for another ProBlogger poll. This one is a little light hearted – but could also be interesting.

The Question – Where is Your Favorite Place to Blog?

I’ve included five options – but feel free to tick ‘other’ and leave your answer in comments below.


Looking forward to see how this one shapes up.

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  • Hmm before I started the whole productivity and Getting Things Done phase, I would have ticked a mixture of In Bed (which also means in front of the TV), and Home office. But it’s a huge time waster, so now it’s just in front of the desktop!

    Happy New Year, Darren and other Problogger readers! All the best for 2008.

    Albert | UrbanMonk.Net
    Modern personal development, entwined with ancient spirituality.

  • for most of my blogging life I’ve been blogging from my couch but in the past few months I’ve started blogging in my home office, mostly because I have been a little bit more serious about it but also because I keep getting distracted by the TV.

  • Blogging’s a pleasure, but it’s also my job, so it’s home office for me. I’ll agree with Michael, too – it’s very difficult to be focused and concentrate when blogging with an additional distraction like the television.

  • Hi Darren,

    Just wanted to let you know what I saw in feed and on your site is different..

    The poll which I saw in google readers feed was as below

    Who Designed Your Blog?

    * I use a Free Default Template
    * I use a Free Template (not Default)
    * I Considerably Tweaked a Free Template
    * I Paid for Premium Template (not unique)
    * I hired a Designer for a Unique Design
    * I completely Designed it Myself

    View Results

    I woould suggest to resync the feed.

    Secondly the view results link too me to your feed url instead of showing me the result of the poll.

    I will mail you the snapshot too.

    Hope That Helps

  • As i have a laptop i prefer to just chose the quietest place that i can find. It means that i can keep my thoughts active on what i would like to convey, and so i always get a different place to think in to keep my blog random

    If i’m talking to someone and having a nice conversation that’s also a good time for me to blog because i can talk with them at the same time to get the best blog posts that i can get

  • Pat

    My home office is in front of the TV so I voted for “in front of the TV.” I guess that was the best because I have been known to move my laptop in front of the TV in another room if necessary.

  • I need a lone and tension less place to concentrate on my blog post. Bed is the best place for me to blog.

  • I need a lonley and tension less place to concentrate on my blog post. Bed is the best place for me to blog.

  • Hi Darren – I voted other. My favourite place to blog is in the bath or swimming pool.

    I find it easier to think my posts out whilst not in front of the computer and the swimming pool or bath are great places to do this.

  • I ticked “home office”, which is a bit of an overstatement, as my home office is in my bedroom. But basically, i blog at my desk.

    I have in the past blogged at work on my lunch break but i now keep this time for fiction writing, which i do long hand away from my desk so no one can come and bother me with work things.

  • i nearly always blog on my front porch, unless it’s super cold, then the couch or the bed. I need to get a comfortable chair for my home office.

  • I second what Ashish said, a completely different poll showed up in the RSS feed.

    But, to answer your question – I grab my laptop and blog pretty much anywhere in the house. Dining room table, living room couch, my desk, my bed, or even on the floor. Anywhere I’m comfortable will do the trick. :)

  • I went with in front of the tv. But that is because my ‘office’ which is just a desk and a computer is in the same room as the tv.

  • Since I don´t have a laptop, my blogging is limited to my corner-of-the-bedroom office. :) But if I did have one, you can bet I´d hightail it out of the house once in a while and blog in a cafe, away from a fussy baby and demanding toddler. I love my kids to bits, but they are really distracting.

  • Ben

    Personally, I find my favorite place to blog is on a warm, sunny beach drinking beer and second fave is in front of the TV. Not overly productive, but that is not what the poll is asking. Makes me feel sorry for all those that voted for the home office.

    Anyway, Happy New Year and may 2008 be the best yet.

  • I chose home office because that’s where I do most of it, TV in the living being too much of a distraction.

    But to be fair I get many ideas from discussing with fellow pilots, in the cockpit… and if I can’t find any, a warm bath is always of great help to me !

    Happy New Year !

  • Hello, Darren, and Happy New Year!

    The germ of a posting may come to me anywhere. Mostly at work when stuck on a problem (“Hey, I could turn this into a piece on X”) or right after I turn out the lights at night. If I don’t capture at least a few words or a paragraph to jog my memory later I’ve discovered it’s gone, so I keep paper nearby and start blog postings EVERYWHERE. I even wrote one (in its entirety) while waiting with my daughter to see Santa!

    My favorite place to blog seriously is at a bagel shop near me. I can sit down with lunch and a soda and not look up until two or three new pieces are done, and there’s no work or home to interrupt me.

    First drafts on paper (old-school but ultra-portable), then on to the laptop for getting serious.


    Check out the Maximum Customer Experience Blog!

  • I went with the home office because it’s where I find I’m most productive for blogging. I don’t know if that is simply due to habit or the focus of ‘being in the office’. I do enjoy getting out and about with the laptop (cafe, park, beach, kid’s school, friend’s homes) but on those occasions I am usually writing for other mediums and working on other projects.

  • Mine is home office. Reading the responses above I am surprised that some people still watch tv. I haven’t watched TV since 1995.
    Tip: Best way to avoid watching tv is to not own one. That’ll also save you money because no cable bill to pay!
    Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

  • Since my internship period is already over, now I’m blogging from my bed. A place closest to my laptop. It’s good to be back.

    Happy new year 2008,

  • While I love my new home office and enjoy blogging there, it’s not my favorite place. When the weather is warm I like to take my laptop to the back deck and work outside.

  • At the risk of being Dooced, I must admit I am much more efficient if I try to fit it in at work.

  • When we’re home, I blog from the “office,” Our home office is actually a combination office with a work counter along part of the wall on one side of the room and quilting room with a quilting frame along the opposite wall.

    When we’re traveling, I blogat the table in our camper.

  • Well,

    I’d like to blog from the comfort of my home. So that I can concentrate on my work as well. Blogging in office or cyber cafe is quite disturbing.


  • I need a place, actually it can be anywhere where there is less noise pollution and place to concentrate to blog post. Since, I feel that here if there is less noise I can concentrate more.

    Hence bringing more productivity in my blog.

  • Bed is comfortable, quiet, and peaceful.

    Everywhere else I do work. Which is kind of the opposite.

  • Happy New Year everyone. I like to blog in my recliner between 0300 and 0600. Of course getting up this early is not always consistent but I try to get up about 0500 do some coffee making, feed reading, and blog posting or at least start a post or two.

    If I start a post or two I try to finish up in my recliner in the evening.

    Good luck in 2008.


  • In my bedroom or living room. Sometimes at work.

    Happy New Year Problogger readers!

  • For whatever reason, when I sit down at a bookstore cafe or Panera Bread (props for the free WiFi, PB), I steamroll through writing assignments, incuding blog post. Something about the environment just gets me going. One resolution for me this year is to blog there more often.

  • At the moment, the home office, because it feels businesslike enough to keep me from wasting time in StumbleUpon and Google Reader all day, but relaxed enough that I don’t feel pressured. (Pressure is rarely good for my writing.)

    I’m thinking about trying Panera, Starbucks or someplace similar in the near future, though.

  • I do it at my Home Office because I can get very comfortable there. Sometimes in pijamas and a cup of coffee or cocoa.

    Second choice is a quiet café. The vibes from other people may wake up your creativity :-)

  • I’m usually in my home office, with some music playing the background.

    I used to sit on the couch in front of the tv, but it was too distracting. I think my writing has improved since I turned the tube off.

  • I voted for “home office” because that is where I do most blogging but the last week or so has been while watching TV in the evening. I definitely am more productive in the home office as it is much more quiet.

    To improve my productivity even more I am going to try blogging in the morning instead of evening as that will give me more time alone.

  • I wish I had a portable device to blog from, because for now, I am just blogging from my desk because I have an iMac. I’d love to blog from somewhere else for a change ;-)

  • My laptop is in my bedroom, so I most often blog in my room, sitting on the floor with my dog nearby. Sure, I could carry it downstairs, or I could even sit at my desk, but, well, I LIKE when my dog comes and lies next to me while I work on the computer.

    Let me guess, the next question is going to be: What time of day is your favorite time to blog?

  • I do 90% of my blog work from my home office. But lately I have found that working with my notebook one the couch keeps me a little more connected with my family while I’m working.

  • Ah, nothing beats my home office. I have everything I need; my computer, plenty of music, a comfortable chair, surrounded by books, a good view outside and it’s plenty far away from the television to prevent distractions!

  • Well, if you look at my blog you’ll see all posts are posted at night, almost morning. I do like to write on my desk just at these quiet hours.

  • ed

    Definitely the home office. I work from home for about half of my work week, so I definitely try to blog as much as I can from where it’s the most comfortable, in my nice big chair.

    Like Brad, I also have a nice snowy view outside. When the big defrost comes about I can even have a nice breeze!

  • When I can, I like to blog in coffee shops, but as I’m without a laptop at the moment, most of it happens at home.

  • My home office is the only place I can blog right now… except when I’m at a place where I can borrow a computer. No laptop.

    But I like it too. I have sufficient control over my distractions (ages 2 and 5) and can quit to play with them when I want to. Or I can just prepare my thoughts while they sleep.

  • Cafe – the atmosphere and coffee seem to stimulate my creativity. I write drafts (novel, blog, whatever) on a Palm PDA with wireless fold-up keyboard, then copy to laptop for polishing up at home (kitchen table).

    In a cafe you’re effectively renting a workspace – the cost of coffee in return for time at a table. I think this helps motivate me to use the time effectively, instead of wasting it as I often do at home.

  • Looking at this list makes me feel really jealous of you guys. I would love to blog in a couch or in the dinning room where I can watch tv and talk with my family or friends or whoever comes by visiting etc. But I don’t have much of a choice, since we have only a desktop computer in the room kept on a difficult table and chair.

    On top of it I had to use a slow dial up connection until last month and only now we have a adsl connection but that also has a 1Gb limit per month and a rent of 10$. It’ really a luxury to blog here in 3rd world countries like Sri Lanka.

  • Home Office for me. Though if you really saw it, you wouldn’t call it one…

  • My favourite place so far has been at a cafe overlooking the beach on Ko Pha Ngan island in southern Thailand. But I must admit, thats not my every day location :)

  • I actually do most of my writing for my blog on the train! I have a one hour commute every day, so I fill the time by writing my blog entries off-line.

  • I’ll actually write/blog just about anywhere. If I’m not net-active, I’ll write offline in a word processor. If I only have pen and paper, I’ll do it there. So my vote for Other = “Wherever I happen to be” is my favorite place.