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What Topic is Your Blog? [POLL RESULTS]

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of April 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Last month the ProBlogger Poll asked readers to tell us what their blog’s topic is. The results are in and it’s a fairly even spread across 11 categories. There were 3043 responses that categorized themselves as follows:

Types Of Blogs

I was actually quite surprised by the evenness of topics covered. There is probably a skew towards ‘internet’ as that is the niche that this blog is about but it goes to show just how diverse the blogosphere has become.

Following is another chart of the same information – showing the percentages.


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  • My imagination fails me…what other types of blogs are there?

    It is very interesting to see such a wide selection relatively evenly distributed.

    Thanks for sharing the results!

  • Not bad, a health and sport blog both scoring 7%

    Quite interesting that a Business Blog scores 10%, what exactly did u mean with a Business blog anyway?

  • Well, I chose other. Mine is about makeup and I couldn’t find a place to put it.


  • I am also “other.” Health and Education don’t quite cover my topic, which leans toward personal development and self improvement based on ancient and recent research into how we humans work.

  • Interesting…I also think it speaks to the product you have here Darren, in that people outside of the “internet” or “make money online” niche come here for advice. As far as I am concerned, anyone running a blog on any subject could benefit from a subscription here. I remember first stumbling here on the recommendation of another one of your readers and being so excited to find all this info consolidated in one blog.

  • I put my blog in the health category when I answered the poll but I could have put it in the “other” category because it’s not your typical health blog.

    I’d also be interested to know what else is in that “other” category.

  • would fall under “Business”…under subcategories for Sales, Leadership, Success, Motivation, Personal Development, and the like…

    Doyle Slayton
    Executive Director & Sales Strategist

  • you forgot about political blogs. I’m sure there are tons of political blogs that make up the “other” category

  • I also chose other because I was referring to my FOOD/RECIPE blog:) I counted it because I make more money on it that both of my others combined!

  • I agree with the above, I wonder what the other category could be? The only thing I can really think of is personal diaries and gaming, but this cannot make up 16% can it? If you selected other please post :) I could understand maybe since their blog covers two topics they select other…?

    Justin Smestad

  • I really would have thought there would be more sports blogs out there. Color me wrong.

    -Andrew V.

  • I have around 11 blogs currently and they all fall into “other” I’m actually surprised that there are so few in other. I would have expected that category to topple over – but I suppose it depends on the sorts of bloggers that read this blog.

  • Yes, I would have had to choose other too I think. My blog is a food blog with recipes, focused on saving money (i.e. not gourmet cooking with expensive ingredients!).

  • I’m surprised at the amount of religious blogs out there. I have a hard time finding them for some reason.

  • Wow… so many “Other” Blogs out there! Perhaps we should do a poll where people can enter their “other” information in the poll choices.

    Thanks for sharing.. very useful info!

  • I would have picked “women’s interest” or “news” as a category, but it wasn’t available… I’m especially surprised that news, politics, media, or science weren’t topics. That may be where a lot of “others” were, like myself…

  • Other… “Family”

  • @John – good point about political blogs, although you’d think that Problogger doesn’t attract a lot of attention from political bloggers.

  • interesting results. It would be nice to have a more comprehensive poll, where most of the niches are options. Atleast that would give upstart bloggers an idea of where to stay away from/prepare for the competition. Just a thought

    I’m actually trying to see if I’ll be able to keep this image in mind. It isn’t something I’d want to forget soon.

  • I don’t know what entertainment/celeb means. I have a blog that has entertainment without involving celebs. Basically I make up stories and write them there.

  • I had to choose “other” because I have a food blog, specifically traditional Greek recipes.

  • My blog, Zionism and the State of Israel, is about political and cultural history, ancient to modern. Definitely an “other.”

  • To answer Cindy King’s question of “My imagination fails me…what other types of blogs are there?” in the dominant other category…

    My latest blog is a regional blog, it includes many of the listed topics, but it’s focused solely on a small regional area of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

    Regional blogging is something I have found little information on to date.

  • @Mark – I happen to be a political blogger who does SEO as my day job for a company in Southern California so I live and breathe pro-blogging and SEO.

    Politics just happens to be my niche, but I will concede that most political bloggers don’t have a clue about growing their blog strategically nor are they interested in doing the necessary SEO things to help grow their blog. They’re mostly in it for the passion of politics and most never end up shoring up all the loose ends.

    If you look at some of the Major political blogs out there, there’s not a lick of SEO or pro-blogger methods. I just happen to be one of those hybrids who has a passion for politics but still understand the pro-blogging side including blog monetization and SEO.

  • Do you think some bloggers run a VARIETY of blogs? Therefore, they diversify themselves into several categories. After all, not everyone update their blogs on a daily basis, and some of them were built to for Adsense income anyway.

    Nevertheless, it’s great to see almost a even spread of blog topics from the 3000+ samples that were taken. This just shows the widespread popularity of blogs, its awareness, as well as the maturity of the blog industry.

    Cheers, Samantha Tang

  • I thought there would be more hobbies blogs…

  • Meg

    It doesn’t surprise me really. I ran a personal finance blog for a little bit, but I’ve found that my problem is that I like to write about what I know and like and I like a lot of things. I’m still very much into personal finance (more so directed towards the college students and 20-somethings) but I also loooove to write about music and movies.

    That’s why my new project is literally an e-zine. I prefer the magazine/journalism approach to blogging more so than just the personal. I do plan to link/include a personal blog with the site so I can still write about it but keep it in my niche.

    I fall under two categories.

  • I also had to vote ‘other’. I’ve been waiting for these results. Interesting.

  • Interesting statistics. As a blogger of multiple blogs, I find it is sometimes difficult to “fit” into a certain category…so many times have to opt for misc. or other. There were no food blog choices ( and no real estate blog choices (
    Somehow I would have thought internet would have soared above the rest, but that is probably because thats what I enjoy reading! Thanks for the good stuff…as always!

  • I always get frustrated at reports like this because of that “other” category showing the highest percentage?

    Doesn’t that tell the people creating these categories something? There’s obviously a whole lot of blogs that don’t fall into the cookie-cutter categories we’re left to choose from.

    This poses a problem in that it’s difficult to list an “other” blog on blog listing sites. For example, my blog is about American culture and society, yet such a category is rarely offered, making my listings essentially obsolete.

  • Does anyone know what plugin Darren uses for the polls?

  • I see there are quite a few in the education business. I also put myself in that cathegory although I write most post about ‘productivity for students’, that can also be very useful for a lot of others.
    I’m not sure it if I should keep focusing on education or make it more wide.

  • I run a personal development blog tied in with the subject of Achievement and positioning yourself for success.

    I’m not sure where it would fit within the subjects listed.

    I guess I’m an “other” …

    Stanley Bronstein
    Attorney, CPA, Author, Blogger & Professional Motivational Speaker

  • Our writing group has a blog and we would be listed under other in your categories. What about Arts, or Writing as a separate category?

  • My blog kind of staddles the line between sports (since it deals with bicycles) and design (which would fall under what? business).

    Seems like art/design should have its own catagory. Interesting results though.

  • Encouraging to see their aren’t TOO many finace blogs out there. Means my blog has a shot at one day making the big time in finance education

  • It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the 16% marked ‘other’.

    My main blog is on green issues, second is a social enterprise site and third is a geographical community blog on Glasgow (Scotland)…

    it is strange how differently I have to work with the blogs and sites, they attract different kinds of people from all manner of lifestyles and backgrounds.

    I love the variety of it all.