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What ProBloggers do on Holidays

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of May 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Ever wonder what a problogger does while on holidays? Arieanna is posting about her and Ianiv’s holiday with her posts Mmmm Blog-zza and Can we say laptop?

I’m tempted to say that its sad – but truth be known it reminds me a lot of my last holiday to New Zealand when I caught up with two blogging buddies and spent most of the time blogging!

Sounds like fun – as long as you balance it with some real R&R.

Update: apologies to Tris for not mentioning him as the chef of the pizza!

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  • I won’t be surprised that I might be like that if I had a laptop. I’d simply feel weird if I hadn’t logged online for few weeks. Besides, it’s either you blog even a little during your holidays or leave the blog with some other authors. But does a blogger really need to block out all forms of blogging on his/her holidays? hmm..

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  • LOL…I remember back in college, we’d skip class just so we COULD blog. That was our R&R…of course, we were the certain breed of geek that enjoyed that as much as anything…I still find it quite therapeutic though.

  • We won’t be offended if you say it’s sad :)
    Tris has been taking us around the island, doing touristy stuff. So it hasn’t been all blog blog blog.

  • Hey! How about a ping to they guy who MADE the pizza, eh? Sheesh. ;-)

    Blogging from the Salt Spring satellite office of Qumana.