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What Makes a Good Guest Blogger?

Posted By Shai Coggins 29th of June 2005 General 0 Comments

If ProBlogger was a real estate property, it can probably be likened to a snazzy professional suite in a condo. Top floor – latest furnishings and decor — hip, business-like, but with a comfy feel to it — and a nice view of the world around it.

So, when Darren first invited me to become a guest blogger here at ProBlogger, I was honoured and pleased. It felt like being invited in to someone’s home – someone’s personal space – and genuinely telling me to make myself at home.

And, with just a few “house rules” to follow, I can do just about anything else as Darren’s guest. I can sip peach iced tea in the jacuzzi in a red bikini. I can jump up and down on the water bed. And best of all, I can talk to all his friends and colleagues who come by to see him on a regular basis. Many of whom probably don’t give squat about seeing me anyway. They’re not here for me. You’re not here for me.

But, it doesn’t matter. Darren’s just happy to introduce me and to let me in on the fun. And I think that’s nice.

Nice people deserve nice things. That’s why I wanted to be a good house guest. From the beginning, I kept thinking about what makes a good guest blogger. Even though I had guest bloggers on my own blogs, I’ve never been one. And Darren’s post, ProBlogger – Reflections on Guest Blogging – and the comments that followed – made me think even harder about this.

So, I took notes. Based on comments by ProBlogger readers, these are some of the things that make a good guest blogger:

1) Good guests want to give – not get. We should not guest blog because of what we’ll get out of it, but what we can give to our “host” – and everyone else invited. It’s up to the host, the other guests, and everyone else how they’d like to say ‘thank you’ in return. We don’t impose our ‘thank yous’ through blatant self promotion.

2) Good guests follow house rules. Both the official ones – and the unwritten ones.

3) Good guests like to offer fresh entertainment. No one wants to hear the same joke and story repeated more than once.

4) Good guests keep their promises. We should do what we said we’d do.

Hmmm… So, what else do you think make good guests/guest bloggers?

In any case, it’s almost time to pack up and end the month-long party. I really enjoyed my stay. Thanks! It was nice to meet some of you who managed to say hello. I hope you’ll stay in touch.

And, no matter how much fun I had guest blogging here, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Darren around this snazzy place called ProBlogger.

About Shai Coggins
Guide / Editor of Web Logs at About.com (http://weblogs.about.com/), podcaster (http://60secondshai.blogspot.com/), video blogger (http://freshwave.tv/) and founder of AboutWeblogs.com blogging network (http://aboutweblogs.com/).
  1. I think I presume items 1, 2 and 4 – if someone I’m a reader of doesn’t adhere to them, they lose my readership very quickly.

    But item 3 – well now. That’s probably the main reason I always make time for Problogger and follow feeds back here to see the full story. It’s because I find that stories on here seem to be largely original and thought provoking content, rather than Roland Piquepaille style who-can-recycle-news-quickest.

    I’m (slightly) embarrased to say I haven’t really paid much attention to who’s been writing the posts recently – they’re just all good enough quality to keep me reading.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Ben. Well, no need to be embarrassed on my account. As I said, I know that people come here mostly for Darren and for things that people learn on ProBlogger.net. Not a problem for me. :-)

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