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What is Your ‘Day Job’?

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of October 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Over at b5media’s internal blogging forums there’s an interesting thread going on where the question was asked (by Jason) – ‘what do you do for a living?’

So far the answers show a real diversity of occupations – from business consultants to stay at home moms, to pro bloggers, to artists….

I thought it’d be an interesting question to pose here also.

What do you do for a living? What’s your ‘Day Job’?

And if you’re a ‘blogger’ for a living – what did you do before that?

Here’s my answer over on the forums:

  • Currently a Blogger….
  • Previously a Minister….
  • Previously a Kitchen Hand….
  • Previously a Minister…..
  • Previously a Rock Band Manager….
  • Previously a Youth Worker….
  • Previously a Stationary Salesman…..

Of course through most of that I’ve been a student (part time studying Marketing in the earlier years and part time studying Theology in the later ones).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Interesting idea to ask people to share what their “day job” is. I’m a fourth grade teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah, who very much wants to be a pro-blogger!

  2. 95% scientist (computer modeling in meteorology) doing research at university, but working a lot from home
    5% problogger and prophotographer blogging mostly about paddling and photography

  3. Freelance writer and book editor who moonlights as a faux-finisher and theme room designer/fabricator, works with therapy dogs, and keeps honey bees…wacky enough for a blogger? :)

  4. – Currently a PHP / CSS / MySQL programmer and systems integrator
    – Previously a Computer Vision Master’s Student
    – Previously a 3D digital Camera software programmer and systems integrator
    – Previously a Programmer for a consulting company
    – Previously a Bachelors student in computer science
    – Previously a programmer for steel structure drawing plans automation in autocad
    – Previously a programmer for multimedia softwares
    – Previously working in a food factory supplying food to the foods chain
    – Previously a dish washer
    – Previously a “servant de messe”, when I was a kid, I was serving with the priest at the mass, like a good catholic boy. Gave me 25 cents for it hehehehe :-)

  5. ~ Currently work at home e-dad (1 high tech directory, 1 high tech news, and 3 blogs).
    ~ Former web programs manager for a small high tech firm
    ~ Former web developer for a large high tech corporation
    ~ Former IT consultant for Intel

  6. I make a living as a personal trainer but I used to be a graphic designer. My blogging hobby helps me stay in touch with the field. Plus, I have always loved writing.

  7. Currently: Biologist
    Wannabe Rockstar/Business Tycoon
    Previously I was a student, waiter, auto detailer

  8. Currently I own my own business (ePressive LLC) and work from my home office. I own several websites including webmaster websites, finance, voip, internet safety, and blogs etc..I specialize in SEO and affiliate marketing.

    Previously I was a SEO / Internet marketing for a multi-million dollar software company.

    Previously a UCF graduate in Management Information Systems.

    Previously a Home Depot Employee :)

  9. I break chips for a living

  10. Currently : Jobless
    Wannabe : Problogger
    Previously : eat to live

  11. This is a fun post!

    Right now I’m a pricebook coordinator for a convenient store/gas station chain. Short description: I’m the one who makes stuff scan at the register, enters in the promotions among a host of other database management and analytical type stuff. I incorporate my advantage of getting to sample a lot of new products before they hit the streets into my food blog.

  12. I used to work in Coca-cola, SGV (Arthur Andersen then Ernst & Young), BPO International & Fashion Industry.

    I now work at one of the top three biggest technology consulting services firm in the world as a .NET technical lead, Microsoft SharePoint Expert Capability lead and a Capability Mentor.

    I blog for B5 and some personal projects for fun.

    I want to be a CEO or Chief Software Architect of one of the biggest and richest technology firm someday….

  13. Currently an IT Project Manager and part time ProBlogger (Gadgetell and Profy)

    Formerly IT consultants in SCM and Banking solutions
    Formerly Life Insurance Agent

  14. I’m currently an autodidact (self-learner) learning full-time, though I’m not technically a student — I’m on a year off before college. My only income is from the little work I do on ChaCha.com, this new search engine that pays $5 an hour to help people find whatever they need.

    Previously, I was just a high-school student. As for the future, well, I have no idea. :) Hopefully I’ll have a real job soon. I’m not really hoping to be a problogger, but I do enjoy reading your blog, Darren!

    And it’s really interesting and inspiring to read all these other comments here. You guys have some cool jobs!

  15. tomorrow: blogging consultant
    today: blogging 90% of the time, learning how to do it best
    today: marketing consultancy & training – the rest of 10%
    previously: owned and run a publishing house
    previously: marketing in pharmaceutical business
    previously: advertising
    previously: market research
    previously: engineering

    The time span of the above mentioned activities: about 15 years

  16. I work as a paralegal, in divorce law, with very complicated cases, big trials.

    Before this, I was a buyer for a company, and travelled to India to buy brass, wood, soapstone, etc.

    I am a big music fan, hence this, my first blog, is about music.

    I want to be a full time blogger when I grow up (whenever that will be). :)

    Interesting question, I’ve enjoyed reading the responses. Thanks!

  17. Currently a newspaper business journalist and part-time MBA student. Been in journalism off and on for about 12 years, since college. Also freelanced fulltime and worked in PR/marketing some.

    Not at all a professional blogger. Yet.

  18. Currently: Director of Operations and Communications for C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition (nonprofit organization)

    Previously: Sole proprietor in a small home-based graphic design biz (Mom at Home Design)
    Previously: Studio Manager of a small advertising agency in NYC
    Previously: night-shift paste-up artist and typesetter at a newspaper

  19. I am currently a Software Support.
    I enjoy my type of work which I can spend more time on my site, do more research and read more ‘Educational’ posts from Problogger.Net

  20. Stationary Salesman? Does that mean you stood still all the time? ;)

  21. I’ve been an AutoCAD Draftsman for a privately-owned plastics extrusion company for the last 21 years. It’s been my only full-time employment.

  22. Only 19 so I haven’t really had a desk job, but I’ve been working in retail for the last 4 years or so, and I’m trying to make enough money online so that I don’t have to work another crappy job.

  23. Day job = Network Systems Admin

    Off hours = Web Admin for a small computer how-to startup / Learning PHP, MySQL, and CSS for future startups.

  24. Currently E-business developer for a financial company
    Previously editor of law books
    Previously marketing manager e-commerce shop
    Previously pop / rock journalist

    Basically I hop to jobs where I can learn something.

    And besides this I also run a record label and magazine for several years now.

  25. Blog/new media/information security consultant.
    Obvious combo, sort of :)

  26. Before I became involved in writing, online marketing and blogging I was a:

    bus driver
    security guard
    Sheriff”s Officer (for 20 years)
    (moonlighted as a cab driver and cleaner)
    warranty clerk for a car dealer
    film librarian
    theology student
    worked behind the counter in a post office
    farm worker

    I’ve also driven cabs, been in the Army Reserve and been an instructor in the Air Training Corps

  27. Currently an Arborist. I do my best work in the trees!

  28. wow. you were a minister?

  29. Current: Business coach and poet
    Previous: Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist

  30. My day job’s a 3/2 mix of employment and entrepreneurship/self employment.

    the 3 part is Linux sysadmin and infrastructure architect.

    the 2 part is blogger, photographer, developer, consultant.

    I like variety.

  31. Currently a SAHM (although something about that term rubs me the wrong way).

    I also Freelance Write when I can.

    Previous role: Event Manager

    Kind of boring in comparison to others here!

  32. 25% of my income comes from advertising revenue from blogging
    Another 25% comes from consulting opportunities obtained because of blogging
    The rest is sometimes related to blogging but might have come without it.. hard to be sure, sometimes.

    So I figure I’m at least half a blogger :-)

  33. Besides being a blogger –
    I run a charitable foundation, I am a lifeCoach, teacher and artist. Curently considering housewife and mother positions as well! :))
    Great forum! Thanx

  34. Daniel says: 10/22/2006 at 7:23 am

    Currently a problogger and freelance web developer

    Previously a paper boy

  35. Currently I am an attorney
    Before that I studied towards a Bachelor of Arts and Laws.

    My goal now is to move out of active practice and into new media creation and the new media space generally. Blogging is a way for me to get there mainly because it puts me in contact with people I’d like to work with or emulate.

  36. Current: Affiliate Marketer
    Current: Amateur Blogger
    Current: Ebay Powerseller
    Previous: Bike Shop Sales Manager
    Previous: Snowboard Shop Manager

  37. My title is System Administrator, but my job duties include database management, web and application development, help desk, computer repair – basically anything that touches a computer goes through my hands at my company.

    Previously, I have been a database manager for the Q/A department at Electronic Arts (I worked on the 2003 version of Madden NFL) and a web developer.

    I am trying to get the blogging into a slightly more profitable mode so that I can concentrate more on that. Hence why I read this website…

  38. * Currently a Customer Care Manager for an ISP in the US
    * Currently a parttime blogger
    * Currently in volunteer ministry (too much to detail)
    * Previously a level1 ISP tech
    * Previously an auto parts factory worker
    * Previously a customer service rep for a mail-order CD outfit
    * Previously a cemetary worker
    * Previously a radio station board op

    I’ve done other things, too, but they were so long ago. :)

  39. My day job is a print publishing manager,
    Previously a typesetter
    Previously a graphic designer,
    Previously a bartender
    Previously a student
    Previously a grocery store clerk,
    Previously a fetus.

  40. My day job is a Customer Service Quality Assurance Monitor
    Previously a Customer Service Agent
    Previously a Technical Support Agent
    Previously a Customer Service Representative
    Previously a Student
    Previously a Fast Food Crew Member
    Previously a Telemarketer
    Previously a Fast Food Crew Member
    Previously a Student
    Previously a Fetus
    Previously an Embryo

  41. Currently a missionary in Mexico. It’d be nice to be a problogger, but for me, blogging is just a good way to communicate what life is like on the field.

  42. Something I never would have guessed … Darren, you used to study theology. Very cool.

    My day job is as a full-time staff member with a ministry.

    My weekend job is traveling putting on Christian Youth Conferences and drumming in the band.

  43. Currently a marketing writer for Midwest Airlines, also initiated the airline’s public blog.
    Previously, internal corporate communications writer for the airline.
    Before that, communications/community relations manager at Master Lock Company.
    Before that, freelance business writer/business magazine feature writer.
    Prior to that, stay-at-home mom (with some freelance going on)
    And before that, advertising copywriter for a national ad agency.

  44. I don’t make any real money from blogging yet but I just accepted a part-time job as a newspaper reporter – all thanks to my blogging!
    Previously I was a painter/handyman, EMT, web designer, computer programmer (before the dot.com bust), etc. I also was a PT minister at several churches in there.

  45. Current Life: Freelance writer and blogger covering travel, music and NHRA drag racing. Wife and Mom of two. Drive a minivan and live in suburbs. Wondering how that happened (the minivan/suburbs part….everything else I can explain.)

    Previous Life: US Navy seagoing Surface Warfare Officer serving in the US, Japan and the Netherlands.

    Next Life: Great American Novel, except that I like to write nonfiction. Great American Essay?

  46. I am a Computer programmer and Divinity School Student

  47. I’m the FT Executive Director of a public garden and PT pro blogger.

    I’ve got three active blogs, another I help with, and another waiting out the sand box (and awaiting the invention of days longer than 24 hours!).

  48. Boy this gets me thinking!

    Currently own a beauty boutique
    Currently a blogger (mostly for fun not profit)
    Previously manager of a girls shop
    Previously asst. manager of the Body Shop
    Previously played in a punk rock band while going to school

  49. I am a “Student of Writing at Houghton College”. I feel so weird saying that. Is “Writing” my teacher? Why do we say “Student of Writing”, would not “Writing Student” work better. But than again all students write, so with my major we are either being taught by out subject of study or we are what ever one else is, just we point it out.

  50. And I’m a former priest in the Lutheran Church of Sweden but now account planner on an advertising agency…

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