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What is a Domain Name Worth?

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 23


Update: Ok Gang – my apologies for not warning that the link contains some information that some people might find offensive. I’ll give you the lowdown here instead….

The story – the domain sex.com has apparently just sold for $14million (USD).

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  1. Considering I have 2 letters out of the 3 in that domain name, My domain is worth about 2/3’s of that $14mill. Soooo…. anyone want to offer me around $9million for mine? :-)

  2. Some context before clicking the link would have been nice.

  3. what can I say other than bloody hell…. :-)

  4. I agree. Post a tad bit confusing. Is this the value of PROBLOGGER.NET?

  5. Yes, but, Sex.com! Sex is the most searched-for term on the internet, I believe, or very close to it. Amazing they think they can make more than 14 mega-big ones back from it though.

    I see Problogging.com is about to start up, run by David Krug of JOAB fame. How do you assess that competition, Darren?

  6. You could’ve mentioned that it’s not “work safe”. There’s a nude ad on the right. I’ll forgive you since it’s late there.

  7. Hey, what’s with having a go at Darren for not posting anything, i think he did it knowing what he’s doing, he’s trying to deliver a message with a meaning here.


  8. Bought for 10 bucks sold for 14 millions , this is serious business dude :)

  9. Does this push the reward for the winning suggestion for your new blog domain up from $100?

  10. $14,000,000 is a lot to pay for sex… oh, sex.com, oh… that’s different. Heck, if someone’s going to put up almost $1,000,000 clams for BlogHerald, Sex.com for $14M is a pure bargain.

  11. almost $1,000,000 for BlogHerald??? you’re around $928,000 short :-)

    ‘post a tad confusing’ also ??? pretty clear to me – the post title and a linked figure – sometimes a short post is a good post – gotta be the shortest post going around ;-)

  12. oh yeah, almost $100,000…. yikes…

  13. Duncan, you can get off the floor now ;-) 72K going once, twice … hang on I have a bid for $1m …

  14. Thomas says: 01/20/2006 at 4:16 am

    I thought sex.com would be worth a lot more. I had at least $40 million in mind.

  15. It’s all very well, but generic names don’t make good brand names. Better to create something unique and spend the money on advertising it I’d say. If you spent the money on Google ads instead to drive traffic it would go a long way.
    But what do I care? They’re just a bunch of pornographers.

  16. Brad M says: 01/20/2006 at 5:57 am

    $14 million for sex.com is a steal! Type-in traffic alone is worth that in one year…

  17. “Bought for 10 bucks sold for 14 millions , this is serious business dude :)”

    Does no one here know about how the sex.com domain name was HIJACKED and took several YEARS to recover?


    Forget the selling of the domain, he’s cashed in a few times on this domain. Whether or not he’s actually received a penny from that settlement, I don’t know.

  18. Yes probably just as well I didn’t click when at work – there would’ve been some raised eyebrows (at least) going to a site titled “Comprehensive Adult Webmaster Resources” heheh…

    I suppose I could’ve said it was research into heart rates…

  19. Yes, a “not child friendly” warning would have been nice, my kids were right in the room and the top ad was NOT very child friendly :(

  20. Oh come on people…. you see much worse on t.v.!

  21. Thanks Carole – the issue is generally about policy not prudishness. I might not mind seeing a large pair of buttocks, but my employer might think different… ;)

  22. Gosh give the email address I have some good domain names I’d sell for just under 1 Million….

    Any one willing to caugh up a few mil for pickyournose.com or runningmonkeybut.com.

    Let me know

  23. haha, hilarious posts ppl! :D

    If only I couldn’ve dreamt up that domain name before someone did…

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