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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Blogging bought my daughter’s six birthday party. You can see photos of the party on my sidebar. It also pays for my site.
    Some perks outside of the cash is it gets me free CDs, books, concert tickets, and magazine article assignments, which goes toward my daughter’s college savings plan.

  2. I took a trip to Vegas last month with my adsense earnings (then i blogged about the trip). I have also gotten a lot of free schwag such as clothing, furniture, books, and alcohol!

    So all you newbies keep blogging and don’t give up.

  3. Blogging has mainly bought me DVD’s some via affiliate earnings but most are sent to me from DVD companies. I don’t think it will see me retire early anytime soon, but it’s nice to always have plenty of new films to watch.

  4. blogging bought my dog id tags :)

  5. I’ve finally built up enough in my various accounts to cover the cost of another domain that I intend on starting another blog on. I don’t actually have enough in my bank account as I’ve not met all the payout limits yet, but as soon as I have enough to cover initial costs in my account I’m doing it. In the meantime, I’m already building up a decent collection of posts that I’ll put on it once it goes live.

    As for what I intend on buying with my blogging surplus once I’ve got the few sites I want to create, I’ll probably just build up an account for geeky toys and gadgets.

  6. […] Darren is at it again now that he’s returned from his “daddy vacation”.  A little meme of sorts is being produced.  Jayvee seems to have actually returned to an original post by Darren that has returned Darren to the subject.   Blogging bought Darren a house.  Or rather is making the payments anyways.  Rick bought a car.  David bought a camera, xBox, and LCD. […]

  7. Blogging has bought me in the past various trips with my girlfriend (Cancun, Mont Tremblant) and in the future will be making utility, house, car, insurance, and server payments!

  8. Satisfaction. Even though the people or companies or whatever may never read what I write (and rant) about, I feel *much* better. It’s actually a nice way of venting for me; priceless, actually.

  9. Billobanger says: 07/22/2006 at 2:23 pm

    Blogging has bought me a house. We bought it 12 months ago for $450,000 (US Dollars) and put our last payment down on it yesterday. It was paid for 90% by my blogging in the last 12 months and 10% on what we’d saved from my desk job from the past 10 years.

    It’s also bought us some great furniture, new computer and numerous other gadgets.

    Next we’re going on a world trip and will blog while we do it.

  10. Nothing special like a car, house, or special trips, but I do get to work from home. So, I guess Adsense has bought me my time with my kids.

  11. I got a trip to Phoenix to meet my hero Robert Kiyosaki.

  12. apart from the camera, blogging also bought me a 5.1 altec lansing speaker set for video games :) SRP less than 100 dollars.

  13. Blogging has helped me buy lots of handbags, and fulfilled my shoe needs. I’m so bad. But it’s what I blog about!

  14. Blogging has paid all the startup costs for the music label I’ve launched. In other words, it has given me my life-long dream!

  15. Blogging sort of bought me my freedom back. Before I was stuck in a part-time job earning barely enough to survive. So I had to tutor and work at a restaurant to cover the rest of my expenses. That left me no time for myself and I was always tired by the time I got home. Then I quit the restaurant job and took on blogging. After about a year it started to pay off. Now I’ve quit my part-time job, stopped tutoring and I have bloggers working for me. I can do whatever I want (not everything I want yet) and come up with better ideas for my future. Blogging also bought me and my entire family a trip to Bali last month.

  16. blogging has brought me more web site development business which in turn gives me extra income and additional tax write-offs for things like cell phones, internet access, and a laptop computer.

  17. So far my blogging is paying for:

    – my web hosting
    – my valleyschwag subscription
    – 1 domain name renewal

    I’m happy with that for a months work so far !

  18. Blogging (1 site about Saabs) has so far enabled me to get the laptop I’m writing on now, as well as numerous free Saab goodies from various places. it also provided the inspiration (though sadly not the funds) for my dream automotive purchase, a Saab 9-3 Viggen. Next month it will pay for a bunch of mechanical mods for the Viggen. I’ve got a few more car things and a DSLR on my list for the future. Maybe a 2nd honeymoon with the Mrs as well.

  19. Esther says: 07/22/2006 at 6:38 pm

    My husband and I put all the money we earned from AdSense into an account for our 5 year old Son and we now have enough to pay for his college education after two years of saving. Now we’ll start putting money aside for his first home and by the time he is 18 we think we might have enough for it if things keep going like this.

  20. Blogging has paid for some of my gas in the past but I’m in the early stages of blogging so maybe it’ll help pay for some of my college tuition in the next few months ;). I think the money isn’t the only real payment I’ve received though, because I’ve had so much fun starting my own wordpress blog from scratch and learning about ads and just putting the whole thing together. I can definitely put blogging down on my next job application!

  21. Blogging has, as of this weekend, bought me a pint of beer. This, after almost six months of AdSense, is clearly a lesson in doing things badly:

    *Blogging sporadically, off-topic, without a niche subject
    *Not participating in other blogs, nor advertising my blog elsewhere
    *Not being a product-blogger, catablogger or running a blog about blogging (which seem to be the biggest money-spinners)
    *Running on Blogger (the Beginner’s Choice) because I spent three whole days trying to understand how to customise WordPress and kept making a mess of it

    I have also, however, increased my chances with women through my witty and insightful anecdotes, and made a few friends on the way.

  22. Blogging bought me a Nintendo DS. Just hoping that it can buy a Wii when they’re released, too.

  23. Blogging is part of an online business which has produced one office, two seperate companies, paychecks and benefits for my wife and I, a car, a condo and 3 cats, plus vacations.

  24. Blogging
    has got me my domain and hosting.
    Then few drinks and lunch!

  25. Pentax Optio W10 waterproof digital camera. It goes into business expenses since my blog is on paddling and photography.

  26. […] Apparently, people are earning enough from AdSense on their blogs to blog about it. Some bought a DSLR camera, another bought a Subaru, some electronics and why not add a house to that list. Blogging really seems to be paying off for some. So what has it done for me? […]

  27. I just bought a Dell lappy with my TLA money :)

  28. Nothing big, but plenty of CD’s.

  29. Problogging (beginner) has bought me my domain name and hosting for next year so far. With my next check, I hope to buy that Le Crueset dutch oven I’ve been coveting, which is nice because it’s a reinvestment into my blog and it’s cool to use.

  30. So far, I didn’t get anything by Blogging, But I hope that I’ll get what I want pretty soon.

  31. Well, I lump all income together so don’t think of Blogging income as separate. Also, I get new consulting business from my web site activities, but I don’t always ask how people found me and I don’t track that separately even if I do know,

    So.. I know that passive income (ads, etc) is worth about $12,000 a year to me, and I’d guess the consulting income attributable to blogging might be around twice that – though I’m guessing at that part.

    So.. as I’ve only been doing ads for three years but have had a big web site since 1997 (and a small “personal” site for several years before that), I’d guesstimate that all together I’ve made close to $250,000.00 from web related activity.

    I frittered it away on the usual things :-)

  32. I plan on blogging. I thought I’d earn $50 per month but from what I have read blogging sure has enough potential to allow me to work from home especially since I live in a third world country.

  33. So far not much more than my hosting fees. As the content increases so does the cash. Thanks for all of your great informaion Darren!

  34. So far blogging just pays hosting fees, domains and coffe every now and then for me.

  35. Blogging hasn’t bought me anything. I’ve earned about $14.32 so far. Pathetic I know.

  36. I just purchased a new $10,000 Hot Springs Spa. BUT and I must emphasize BUT it takes a long time to build your Adsense income. I have 4 blogs and 150 adsense sites.

    So relax and take it easy…well keep posting in your blogs.

  37. With four blogs now up and running I think my blogging activities will just about cover their costs shortly and leave a little extra for the odd latte now and again!

  38. With four blogs under different networks and approximately 1,100-1,500 USD per month, blogging has bought me lots of stuff. Sadly, the dollar-euro conversion rate has not been so good but, hey, i am not complaining. More so since I just started my maternity leave and my blogging moolah means that there is no need for me to ask my husband for money every single time I need something.

  39. Blogging (adsense to be precise) has been paying for my monthly installment on my 2nd home (student/studio apt) in Melbourne. Hopefully with the rental and bigger adsense checks will help me pay off my financing in a year or two or at the very least three.

  40. What I want blogging to “buy” me? Freedom.

    Freedom to make different choices in my life. Not that my current choices are bad, but it would be nice to have the freedom to expand my horizons a bit.

  41. Blogging has brought me a successful home business, not having to punch a clock and a nice little house in Dallas. It’s also bought hours and hours of priceless time with my family.

  42. Sorry, my sidebar wasn’t showing my flickr. Now it’s up to see my baby’s birthday party. :)

  43. after a few months of finally earning more than 10 dollars a pay period from adsense, i’ve bought a laptop!

  44. What Has Blogging Brought Me?…

    Darren Rowse asks the question of his readers. Mainly, its brought me a larger audience for my writing and through WhereIStand has helped get my debits my debt paid down. However, I may be blogging about the wrong things based on the comments:…

  45. Almost no cash, but lots of “stuff” and unquantifiable benefits– a lovely Nokia 6682 phone, admission to conferences, additional blogging jobs, new contract work, great ideas for new clients, new internet friends and some unsolicited advice– all this from an essentiallly directionless personal blog.

  46. well the earnings from running multiple sites, not only blogs, allowed me to buy a lot of things: mp3 player, hi-tech notebook, digital camera and also one month study course to Cambridge, England :)

  47. Candy. Lots and lots of candy.

  48. Blogging got me started on photography with a Nikon D50, and also some savings that I could hopefully put into further studies :D

  49. Blogging’s paid for my webhosting and domain registration. And that was really all I expected from it. The unexpected part has been that it’s been paying for my gym membership for the last few months and going forward too. I definitely need to trim down!

  50. […] I don’t know how some bloggers can make enough from AdSense to buy a car or even a house, but I feel sorry for their readers for being such loyalists and literally making money for someone else. […]

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