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What do You Miss about the ‘Good old Days of Blogging’?

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of December 2007 Reader Questions 0 Comments


A recent survey here at ProBlogger showed that 9.4% of you have been blogging for more than 4 years and that almost 25% of you have been blogging for more than 2 years.

So there are some experienced bloggers in our midst who can remember ‘the good old days of blogging’.

Here’s my question to those bloggers.

What do you miss about the ‘good old days of blogging’?

What do you miss about the way the medium was back then? What do you miss about the way you used to blog? What’s changed for the better and worse?

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  • Blogrolls/communities. I know they’re still out there, but I see them displayed less and less. In fact, I’ve moved them mostly to a dedicated page instead of the old sidebar style myself. The community style blogrolls common to political blogs ( never took off in the business blogging community, which is a real shame in itself.

  • I miss the honesty. Now there are marketing machines hiding behind blogs with a particular spin message in mind. You just can’t trust what you read anymore.

    I agree with that statement. YouTube used to be fun for me. Until I heard that a lot of content is martketed material.

    There used to be a time when people commented on blogs because they wanted to be a part of that community. Now it’s all about getting seen and getting a link (for Do Follow blogs). I miss knowing that when people commented on my post they were doing it because they’d read the post and had something useful to add.

    I really miss not seeing keywords as comment names.

    I do have one personal blog, though, where I’m familiar with all the commenters and with whom I’ve developed good relationships. These are “older” (blogging more than three years) bloggers, though, so they were there before the marketing wave hit. That’s a nice little oasis.

  • I miss blogs on diffrent topics being everywhere. It seems that every new blog now is either a tech or how to make money blog.

  • What ARE the good old days of blogging?
    You mean there is a golden age of Blogging?

  • I miss the simplicity of blogging before. I used to read blogs about daily lives of people I know. Now blogs are being created for making money.

  • I miss the fact the people used to blog because they love to write. I miss the bloggers who write for their readers, and not for the search engines or advertisers.

  • I miss when no one knew about how you could make money blogging. That is when the blogosphere was flooded with people trying to make a quick buck, hopefully it will soon be realized that it is much much harder than it looks and people will quit trying to blog for money. Maybe that will make it easier for me to find advertisers ;-).