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What do you get if you put Shoemoney, CopyBlogger, Chow, Johnson, Kukral and ProBlogger in the same Room?

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of September 2008 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Make-Money-Online-BloggingOK – that heading sounds like a bad joke (and it could be) but I had confirmation this week that Jeremy from ShoeMoney is joining our ‘make money online with a blog‘ panel at Blog World Expo.

This makes the lineup – Brian Clark from CopyBlogger, John Chow, Zac Johnson, Jim Kukral, ShoeMoney and myself. It’s going to be some panel. I’m very excited because while I’ve met Jeremy and Brian before the other four will be first time meetings for me.

The only challenge is going to be that the session is only 60 minutes and with 6 of us it’s going to be hard to fit it all in! Hopefully we can find some time together outside the session to create some more good connecting and learning!

Register with the code PBVIP (or any of the others that are going around at the moment) and you get 20% off. If you’re coming – don’t forget to get there a day early so you can come to b5’s free day of training on the 19th.

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  1. Good guys sitting along and rocking the Expo!
    What do we expect?
    Loads of controversies to hear between you all guys.

  2. Sure wish I could be there!

    Will there be transcripts or video available?

  3. I wish I could go! I was checking out the site and the list of speakers. Some really incredible people will be there.

    My goal is to get there in ’09 :) A whole year, I can do it.


  4. @chetan, I dont think there will be any controversy..Hope you were joking!

    Darren, I expect that, there will be a good article here, about the meeting and discussions.

  5. You get the meeting of “les chevaliers de la Table Rond” meaning “The Knights of the Round Table” :P

    Wonderfully yours,
    – Wakish –

  6. Someone needs to hook me up since I already registered and I only bought the “show only” pass!!

  7. A room full of egos,but interesting to say the least.

  8. This would be awesome! I’m looking forward to video or live stream of the session.

  9. Oh. Do I dare? Ok – I here it is:

    Following up on your punctuation, spelling, and grammar post of yesterday (which I was so happy to read), I can’t help wondering if you can spot the error in your post above…

    Onto the topic here: for those of us not attending the Expo, can we expect coverage of the topics discussed by the panel? Any chance of a video clip, maybe??

  10. This will be a session I won’t miss. I’m looking forward to my first BWE .. bringing along two Blogging buddies.

    Can’t wait ..

  11. When I spoke with Rick Calvert last week, he mentioned this Power Panel! I am so excited to be going to Blog World Expo in a few weeks, and I hope I can make it to this panel before there’s no more room for standing and we have to sit in the hallway. ;)

  12. Too many cooks spoil the broth

  13. `What do you get if you put Shoemoney, CopyBlogger, Chow, Johnson, Kukral and ProBlogger in the same Room?`

    A few bullshitters & a few true affiliate marketeers…

    60 minutes, 6 on the panel, thats 10 minutes each before all the um’s & ahh’s and without any questions from those in attendance…

  14. I have read Jeremy Schoemaker, John Chow and Brian Clark. and none of them seems to fit in this panel (Not sure about Zac Johnson, Jim Kukral)

    they might be making big money with their blog, but when it comes to teaching some one how to make it, i think none of them will succeed.

    and what i have learnd from John Chows article, all i can say is he is a good story teller, but i dont trust his claim making 6 figure from his blog

  15. Wish I could make it but it is not in the cards! It’s great that you guys are willing to take the time to do it.

  16. I would prefer to hear from people who make money from a blog where the topic of the blog is not “how to make money blogging”. Most of these blogs are the internet equivalent of Carlton Sheets on late night TV telling you how to get rich quick buying and selling real estate.

  17. So it’s going to be a lot of words spoken and nothing said. I predict tons of self promotion and marketing of every project they are involved in. Any hard questions asked of them will be asnwered with the skill of a veteran politician. Yeah. Should be mind blowingly inspirational.

  18. Chetan – no plans for controversy but you never know when you get Shoe and Chow in the same room :-)

    Mike – not sure that there will be transcripts. I hope someone videos it though! I suspect plenty of bloggers will live-blog it and if they do I’ll try to put together a list of links to them.

    Mary – did I get the one you meant? :-) In terms of coverage – yes I suspect there will be plenty of coverage. One of the things about a conference for bloggers attended by 2500 is that there tends to be ample coverage :-)

    Blog Tactic – could well be a challenge to get us all stuffed into the time, but hopefully we can make it worthwhile and that the time after can be helpful for people too.

    Dave – more than happy to take questions after the session if there’s no time.

    Doug – while we all write about online marketing and making money from blogs if you dig a little deeper into our about pages you’ll find that we all have other sites also. I know I’m planning to talk more about my blog at DPS and possibly some lessons from b5media than this blog at ProBlogger.

    Troy – all I can really say to that is that from the plans so far for this panel it’s going to be more about looking at blogs from some of our readers and talking about how we’d improve them – no talk about self promotion etc. I’m not sure how much time there will be for Q and A but I know I’m planning on spending as long as I need to spend after the panel to talk to people and suspect the other guys will be too.

  19. See, now I’m gonna psychoanalyze the fact that you misspelled my name.

  20. Yay, first time commenting on your blog. Nice blog, by the way.

    Anyway, i wish i could attend this conference, well, unfortunately im in Asia. But, if theres a video i’ll watch it.

    Which one in the picture is you, anyway? :P

  21. Its going to be great, but its over the other side of the world, Darren can you fit me in your suitcase? lol

    Also, do you and shoemoney have the same glasses? (look at the pic on your post).

  22. Darren,

    Please take photos and videos of the conference so that people from other countries can watch it through you. We would really appreciate that.

  23. If possible, produce a report in audio, video, or, pdf also about that conference…

  24. @ Darren

    6 in the line up. Two you’ve met (Jeremy and Brian) and ‘the other four will be first time meetings for’ you. lol
    – I haven’t met myself before either…lol…it would be quite exciting. I suppose some time travel might be involved though…but I guess you will be travelling back in time to the US…lol.


  25. That sounds excellent but 60 minutes seems a little short for 6 of the worlds best bloggers…..

  26. That panel right there will make the conference worth going to – that is going to be one killer session! I wish I were going! Can’t wait to hear/read all about it, though!

  27. =You get moneybusters ? :)~

    Thats awesome that you guy’s all are going to be there, I use to visit all of the mentioned above but some of the “bloggers” change the way of writing and started to use audience as advertising capital instead helping other bloggers to archive or generate income.

  28. I think you all will talk about money and how to make money online. :)

  29. Darren;

    I was planing on being there (already sent my RSVP). But just to clarify – in your original post about the free day you said it was on the 19th. But in this post you say the 18th.

    It’s on the 19th, right?

  30. Ashley – yes, sorry about that mistake. The b5 day is on the 19th. I keep messing up my time zones :-)

  31. This is going to be an epic panel. Sounds really awesome. What a great lineup…I wish I was coming but im not

  32. Oh man would have loved to be there!

  33. If I can make a choice for whom would be my idol, I will say all of you on the list. However, You, Chow and Shoe, Jac are mainly focusing on make money online by blogging or affiliate while I can learn more from Copyblogger about SEO, marketing….. Anyway, you are all great bloggers that I do admire :-)

  34. Everyone will be waiting for a transcript or a video. I hope you will be able help your fans in problogger, Darren.

  35. I just happen to be going to Vegas but arrive there at 11PM on Sunday so will miss out on all the good stuff. Bummer! I’m going there for a trade show in one of my brick-and-mortar businesses – should have thought to look at BWE before booking.

  36. I hate the fact that we’re scheduled at the same time as you guys – I really wanted to come to this panel.

    It also means that our potential audience will all be over listening to you guys! :) ah well… life at BWE!

    Hope they record yours!

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