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What Blogging Platforms Do We Use? [POLL RESULTS]

Last month I asked readers what blog platform they are using?

The results were clear with 43% of ProBlogger readers using WordPress.org, 29% using Blogger and 13% using WordPress.com.

Picture 7.png

This isn’t the first time I’ve run this survey. The first time I ran it was in January of 2006 – since then I ran it again in November 2007. Here are those results:

Picture 10.png

Picture 9.png

The top two platforms still remain #1 and #2 although WordPress.org has taken pushed out their lead but from there on in there’s been a shift with MovableType taking a step back and WordPress.come surging. Also interesting to me is the ‘Other’ category. When we ran this survey in 2006 there were many more platforms mentioned.

Keep in mind that this is just a survey of ProBlogger readers. While we have some diversity in our community we’re just a subset of the wider blogosphere and I’m not sure that these stats are representative of all bloggers.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Go For WordPress.org !!

  2. Yeah, Go WordPress! It’s the most useable and fun to use blogging platform system, in my opinion :)

    Moved a couple of years ago from Google Blogger to a stand alone WordPress blog. Loving it every single day!

  3. I am amazed to see how many bloggers are using blogger.com. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s always interesting to look at survey results, but as you rightly pointed out, the results are based on just a small subset of the blogosphere

  5. What more could you ask from wordpress that does not already have? Really steady cms for blogs and i really think it’s going to get even more popular over the years to come.

  6. We drupal users may be a minority, but the flexibility and extensibility is second to none.

    I swear by it.

  7. Well, I was one who voted for WordPress (Self hosted) Because I believe there are millions of blogger blogs and wordpress.com and one thing which is going to help you in standing yours out and branding it is to self host it.

    WordPress.org is being used by millions, and big websites though!

  8. That just goes to show!

    Most bloggers opt for the user-friendly platforms.

    Personally, I prefer the good-old static html +_+

  9. WordPress is just too easy..

  10. Interesting results. Even though I’m still using Blogger and understand that I need to move to a different platform (and I will, honest!), it’s curious that the number of people on Blogger has increased each time you’ve run the survey. What gives? Great site, btw, so glad I found it!

  11. Interesting. I remember years ago when first starting blogging facing a tough choice between WordPress and Movable Type.

    So happy to have chosen WP as the platform and the support has just gotten better and better.

  12. I guess its from beginning,blogger and wordpress are dominant in the blogging business. WordPress will be always having more market share than blogger as they have huge community and widgets available. Also their code is in php compared to blogger which is having their own language.

  13. I am a proud user of wordpress. It’s PHP and MySQL, it has a lot of plug-ins available, and most important, it’s FREE.

  14. Denise says: 05/31/2009 at 1:34 am

    Well, in yesterdays posting you showed me some of the mistakes I am/was guilty of. Now I see from the results of your survey, I believe I’ve made a real good choice of wordpress. Thanks!

  15. The only one solution is self hosted WordPress blog..

    Like mine: http://www.technicoblog.com

    Is more flexible, and first of all, you can put all the ads you need!

  16. I think it’s interesting that WordPress.com sank and blogger improved. I’ve used most of the majors – blogger is the least impressive in their implementation. I love WordPress self hosted, but it’s not for everyone, but WordPress.com offers most of the same flexibility.

  17. I like the self hosted WordPress because it gives you more freedom to do what you. There are a lot of plugins to add features to your blog. Greg Ellison

  18. Very interesting results. I switched to WordPress from ExpressionEngine, having used EE for three years, this January. Since doing so I’ve seen a big increase in traffic and better SEO. This is largely down to the great plugins that abound, community advice for optimising WP sites for SEO and the Thesis theme.

    I don’t regret changing at all.

  19. Blogger may be easier but WordPress is way better.

  20. Well, perhaps I’m in the minority, based on your previous comments, but IMO Blogger is both easier and better than wordpress. Much of the “better” does come in the form of “easier.”

    I’ve tried both, and wordpress is frustrating to me because it has simply too many un-needed options. Its easier to blog under Blogger because of the fewer distracting options.

    Your mileage might vary.

    Patrick Parker

  21. Yeah, WordPress is better.
    Darren what’s the program for constructing this great charts?

  22. WordPress is for the best tool!!

    I tried Drupal last month and….sorry, can’t…

  23. A lot of people use WordPress. I honestly don’t know why people continue to use blogger though.

  24. Salman says: 05/31/2009 at 5:04 am

    Hi Darren,
    I always use blogger because blogger is the best in my opinion.Before 1 month I have created a wordpress blog but it was not much satisfying as blogger.

    http://www.tips4blogging.co.cc for blogging tips and hacks.

  25. I use self hosted WordPress platform. Self host platform is the best

    watch my day trading journey here

  26. Darren,
    could you tell us how many people participated in the survey this year as well as the previous years?


  27. Yeah I know dat wordpress is clearly ahead … but I personally like everything ‘Google’ n so I’m a blogger fan :)

  28. Can I ask what did you use to take the poll … I wanna do it too :)

  29. Maintain your independence with your own domain and wordpress – this is a no brainer!

  30. Textpattern is dying… dead. Time to switch to WordPress.

  31. Very Nice post, wordpress will be leader in the next years to come.

    Next year WordPress will get more than 55 %


  32. Kudos to WordPress.org! I <3 WP. :D

  33. Are there any legitimate “probloggers” using Blogger? Seems like the big gurus all use WordPress or something outside of Blogger…

  34. Blogger is much too limiting for people who know what they’re doing. I don’t know of any popular blogs that use Blogger.

  35. I use wordpress but I am thinking of going with square space…anyone make the switch? Did you lose functionality?

  36. I was sorry to see all of these comments running down Blogger, which is probably the easiest blogging platform for non-techies to use. I have a blog about creative writing craft, and of my hand-picked blogroll on my sidebar, at least eleven of the blogs are other writers using blogger (four with hosted wordpress and three with typepad). I think this is a group more interested in ease of setup and updating.

  37. Go WordPress!!!

  38. Definitely WordPress. Its better looking and the typography and image management is spot on. Not to mention the excellent third party support you get with wordpress, thousands upon thousands of plug in available on it. Though the best thing I like about wordpress is sheer integration. I manage both my blogs through the same CMS interface – a uniform system which is both easy to work on and highly efficient.

    Most of all, since I maintain alot of pictures on both my blogs, I need a framework powerful enough to display photos of any size I want – and not be resized or compressed down for lower image quality.

    Great typography, clean design and ability to display high quality photos as I originally intended, WordPress rocks.

  39. Thank you for the poll results.

    I actually migrated my two Blogger/blogspot into one WordPress.org blog with the built-in import functionality. Made some minor tweaks (import took Blogger tags as WordPress categories, and such), set redirection from the blogspot blogs to my new blog and never looked back…

    Moving to WordPress.org was the best decision in my blogging like, or actually it really started my blogging life because with the self-hosted blog the potential is huge and the possibilities are endless compared to the free-hosted services.

  40. Well no surprises there. WordPress is the most famous CMS and it will be thanks to the high level of support, themes and plugins.

  41. This great, salute for Blogger and WordPress.org…I’m using both of them.

  42. Sample size has a lot to do about accuracy of poll results. It would be helpful to publish how many participants there were in each year.

  43. Hi Darren! in the “other” categories, which platforms are included? In spite of you not refering them on the graphic, you could have said which ones are included there.. at least I would like to know that! thanks for that!

  44. WordPress is the best for his flexibility and powerful with search engines. Moving on wordpress we gained 30% of traffic on our ten years old website http://it.occhio.it

  45. I started off many years ago with Blogger, but migrated over to WordPress — never looked back.

  46. For a personal blog, Blogger is fine. But once you go to WordPress.org, you cant go back! Now-a-days, its so easy and inexpensive to set up your blog in your domain (one click process) I’m shocked more people are not crossing over.

  47. I use Blogger and WordPress to power my sites. It really depends on what the site needs since I’m comfortable with both systems.

    I love WordPress software but I don’t like the .com version. Too few templates with too little room to customize. And as a designer, I need the freedom to customize the look and feel of my sites. Just my 2cents’ worth. :)


  48. i used both wordpress and blogger….


  49. wordpress.org rocks!

  50. I wish I would have known WordPress.org earlier. Open source rocks!

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