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What Blogging Platform Do You Use? [POLL RESULTS]

Last week I asked readers to submit to our poll the blog platform that they use.

The results were similar to last time we ran it with WordPress.org (36%) a clear winner, Blogger.com (25%) coming in second and WordPress.com (15%) coming in third.

That these three platforms take up 76% of responses says something in and of itself with the two varieties of WordPress being used by 51% of ProBlogger readers.

By no means are the results scientific – I originally had the poll set so that readers could add their own options but due to one person abusing it had to go with just 13 platforms. I did invite people to suggest others in comments if they didn’t use one of the 13 and have included them as ‘Other’ in the graph (and I’ve listed them below) – they made up 1%.


The ‘other’ category was made up of the following platforms – each of which had 1 vote.

Nucleus, Pivot, Blogsmith, BlogCFC, Subtext, Typo, Mephisto, phpnuke, Vox and Pmachine.

Thanks to everyone who has voted. Dont’ forget to vote in this week’s poll – ‘How Many RSS Readers Does Your Blog Have?’. You can vote in it in the sidebar of ProBlogger.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I tried to add b2evolution, but it didn’t seem to be added to the list. My vote was only registered enough to prevent me from trying again :(

  2. WordPress rocks!

  3. Well, I might be joining the WordPress ranks after the mess Google’s just made of their comments system. You can no longer leave a direct link to your blog in comments. Profile links? Yes. Blog links, no. What a shame.

  4. I have found serendipity to be much easier for me to use than WordPress.

  5. At present, Typepad is working for me.

  6. long life to wordpress

  7. I’m sorry, I was absent from reading feeds last week, but please add 1 response to the awesomeness that is Textpattern.

  8. Yikes…

    We must be the only ones on Earth using Tripod :-D

  9. It’s WordPress for me too. I can’t imagine using anything else. I have more control over the design. I also can’t imagine hosting your blog on someone else’s program (Blogger, WordPress.com, etc.) What if they go out of business or go down? There goes your domain you marketed. I think it’s better to have your own domain instead of a shared one.

  10. As usual, WordPress, FTW!

  11. I guess my love of the ever flexible Textpattern is not shared by too many people.

  12. I obviously use blogger.com. I was wandering if someone would explain the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. I am obviously going to check both of these sites out and do my own research. I would just like the opinion of a blogger who has been doing this for a while.

  13. I use wordpress.org and i love it. It’s simple to use it and simple to install it. My opinion use it is great!

  14. Aside from all the great themes and ease of use, one great feature about WordPress is it can help build your traffic by linking to a post from your blog from its front page.

    I’m not sure how WP picks them, whether it’s editorial or algorithm-based (number of comments, hits, etc.) but it can definitely help get you exposure from quality clickers.

  15. WordPress is cool but they should allow you to be able to customise your site to a greater extent. I know we are in the early years of mass blogging but if they stepped up their game they could dominate the market…

    My website looks OK but there is so much i wanna do with it but im a poor and broke student….(www.randomvandal.wordpress.com)

  16. I guess 4th place is better than last. I Picked MT out of the blue when I started, now I’m afraid to change over to anything else for fear of screwing everything up.

  17. I was quite shocked at how many people don’t have their own domain. I would have thought WordPress.org would have been skewed quite high.

  18. I use a custom script of my own design! Granted I’ve looked at some aspects of WordPress’ code to figure out how some things are done (namely the properl formatting of the XML for RSS feeds) but mine is all done by me.

    I am proud of it too! Since not many people can say they’ve coded their own blog script!

  19. Both Blogger and WordPress.org

  20. You forgot BlogSmith as a platform again. :(

  21. WordPress gives you an ease to manage things and it’s so popularly used by bloggers.

  22. wordpress is better than blogger since it’s more socialable for its tags

  23. Blogger (click to view my site)

  24. I am so sad squarespace was at the bottom of your rankings. I can give you 10 reasons why squarespace is better than blogger or word press follow my link.

  25. Like Tyler above, I wrote my own blogging engine. It is far harder to use and lacks most of the features of WordPress or Blogger, but I’m currently developing the second iteration which is far more feature complete, better designed and will hopefully serve me well in the future.
    Coding a blog isn’t difficult, rewriting dozens of plugins can be.

  26. I have my own domain; but I’m embarrassed to admit I am using Go Daddy’s Quick Blogcast. I’m new to this (one month) and I am on the opposite end of those who just keep researching and never get started. I just jumped in and did it. Now; I see I chose a horrible platform. I have absolutely no control. Have you written any posts that address the difficulty of changing once you’ve already begun? Thanks so much for this poll!

  27. I used Blogger for more than a year, but are very happy to have migrated to WP. Mostly for the reasons:

    1: I wanted to have my own domain name
    2. I wanted to host it on my web hotell
    3: Great features and easy to get the template and layout you want.

  28. Diana says: 12/09/2007 at 7:04 am

    I can’t believe in all the WordPress hype I’ve read, NO ONE bothers to mention that every damn thing you do to your blog is going to require that you know and use coding.


    This is not for a layperson.

  29. Irfan says: 12/12/2007 at 4:12 am

    I use http://moguling.com/ ..its more SE friendly…so far no problem with it and saw a slight increase in new customer to my biz after i started using it.

  30. I’ve been using WordPress on and off for a year.

    Nothing really beats it in the Plug-ins and functionality department. And I love the Sociable plugins!

    But there’s a major problem with WordPress. It churns out totally blank pages although the backend (admin) looks fine. De-activating plugins do not work and the root of the problem is hard to nail.

    Look into the wordpress forum and do a search. The number of people having blank pages is still a mystery. If anyone has a solution please PM me at my IMVU homepage. THANKS!

  31. WordPress is great but the new kid in town is Moguling.com It has built in SEO tools and integrated with a social media platform, for more access to eyeballs. Unbelievable tool and its free! thx

  32. Hey guys, forget all these platforms. klatcher.com is the new big thing. It’s way easier, I tried it out, and you can sell your stories with a 75% revenue share. I got 300% more traffic instantly. The site is new, so its not in the poll. Problogger should update this thing here!

  33. I use blogger.com for one of my hair braiding websites, I’m slowly learning wordpress.org. It seems much search engine friendly.

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