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Wendy Wins

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of March 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Congratulations to Wendy Piersall who won the snap competition to attend the Elite Retreat. She’s excited – and so am I. I get to meet another ProBlogger reader (and she gets to meet an eMoms reader).

By the Way: While I’m traveling in the US Wendy will be one of ProBlogger’s guest bloggers. I suspect after the retreat she’ll have plenty of fresh ideas to write about.

Other Guest Bloggers to look forward to include Neil Patel, Chris Garrett and Liz Strauss (to name just a few).

By the Way 2: Those of you who are planning on coming along to the New York ProBlogger meetup – details should be available of where it will be held in the next 48 hours. If you want me to email you about it leave a comment with a valid email address in the email field on the previous post.

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  • that’s cool!
    Been reading this blog for a week or so. It’s great.

  • Have I ever told you how cool you are? :D

    ((Ok, yea, maybe once or twice.))

  • That is soooo cooool tha Wendy won! She’ll be taking it all in as fast as you can tell her.This news just made my day! Congratulations, Wendy! The Elite Retreat got one of the best bloggers I know!

  • Couldn’t have been won by a nicer person or more dedicated blogger and sharer! Wendy really understands and practises how to get more pie by helping other people to grow the pie :)

  • That is so amazingly cool that Wendy won! She is so wonderful – I’m totally thrilled for her!

  • Wow! That’s great Good work! Congrats Wendy!

  • Congrats Wendy! I sooo wanted to win =)

  • I’ve already told her this, but I’ll say it here again anyway – CONGRATS! Have fun! I am green with envy :)

  • Thats so exciting for her!!

  • Very sweet for Wendy and also for the rest of us who get to hear her upcoming account of meeting and learning from you, Darren!

  • I hope you have a fantastic time Wendy! I’m looking forward to seeing all of these guest blog posts myself now. Best of luck everyone!

  • Great !! Congrats Wendy !
    She es Wonderfull !!

    Best Regards
    John W.

  • Thanks again everyone!! I really appreciate all the warm wished!! :)