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Welcome to Readers of The Age

Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of March 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

300 Darrenrowse12-1Welcome today to readers of The Age (a Melbourne newspaper) which today has the same article that SMH had a couple of days back on Online Ventures being bought up (update: it only seems to be in the Age’s online version – not their hardcopy).

If you’re here from the article you might like to read this welcome I wrote to Sydney Morning Herald readers on Saturday which will introduce you to my blog.

The article is the same but the pictures are different (same shoot… gee I’m glad my fly was done up on this one). This one makes me look a little stressed (I didn’t have a head ache). The one on the front page of The Age’s website (below) makes me laugh a little – the whole photo shoot reminded me of my wedding day – lots of staring off into the distance and placing of hands in unnatural positions :-)

Thanks to my various Melbourne friends for letting me know the article was in the paper today – I hadn’t known it would be.

Pt Darren Rowse Ent-Lead  200X133
I think next time b5media gets into the press we’ll send the photographers over to Shai’s place.

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  • That’s a nice coverage Darren :)

  • Well done Darren!

  • That top photo has got to be ripe for a caption contest!

    “Darren Rowse, pioneer of web 3.0, perfects his new ‘thought-blogging’ technique”

    Saw the story on my routine check of The Age this morning – well done mate.

  • Pity it didn’t go out in the hard copy version but good publicity nonetheless.

  • oooh – good idea – photo caption contest! :-)

  • That wasn’t posed now was it.

    ‘Darren Rowse’, the new ‘blue steel’

  • Don’t send them here, Darren —You make a great poster boy. :-) I’m looking forward to seeing Duncan’s pin-up photos. Hehehehe…

  • :)

    Too funny Regan!