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Welcome to Firepow – Premium Sponsor

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of March 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

FirepowOver the last few weeks while I’ve been traveling you may have noticed a new sponsor on ProBlogger in the headline banner position. Where as previously we’d kept this position for internal advertising this month we’ve launched a premium sponsorship package which was quickly snapped up by new sponsor Firepow.

Firepow is a new (well actually it’s soon to be released) software developed by a fellow Aussie Hansen that aims to help you make your blogging and niche site marketing a more profitable experience.

Firepow will be launched on 30 April and Andrew is currently building a prelaunch notification list so that you can be informed of it’s developments over the coming weeks.

I’m yet to use Firepow but have had Andrew walk me through some of it’s features and aims and from what I can see it is designed to help bloggers with three main challenges:

  1. Creating Blogs – it helps you set up a WordPress blog, with themes, SEO, plugins,
  2. Marketing Blogs – through a variety of methods including social media
  3. Managing Blogs – monitoring of how blogs are going from one central control panel, split testing, monitoring competitors, watch SEO efforts and more

As I mention, Firepow is yet to launch so I can’t say that I’ve seen it in action but it looks like a tool designed to help bloggers get started and expand their blogging ventures. Learn more about it and sign up to be on the notification list at Firepow.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Looks interesting. Thats for the tip.

  • That sounds pretty good to me, but the real question is HOW will it help with marketing blogs? Sounds like a bit of an undertaking for a piece of software.

  • Interesting, will have a look. Because is a new blog, I’d probably benefit from what it has to offer. Darren, do you have any idea on what the price of this system would be?

  • When you get a first hand look at it, I’d be interested in hearing your reaction. This sounds like a good gift for a few people in my life who swear I know all the ins and outs (honestly, I try but I am enslaved to the power of google) :)

  • Bisco

    sounds perfect for me in terms of features – signed up and hope it delivers.

  • Ari

    I signed up just before reading this post so I am looking forward to what he has to offer. My blog is a review site so we’ll see how it goes.

  • I’d be interested to hear how the vetting of this product goes. Hopefully you’re planning on sharing your pre-launch experience with using the product (at least I hope you’re planning on that).

  • The name just makes me wonder where the “er” is off the back of Pow. Will have a closer look when it’s released though.

  • Sven

    So, this is kind of like a PayPerPost post, no?

  • Ok, everything looks quite interesting regarding Firepow. But as you’ve mentioned that it’s still to launch will it affect if we sign up for it ? I mean payouts and trackings?

  • Can’t say I’m all too interested as it looks like this caters more to those that blog for a living who have multiple blogs.

    For the single one-hit wonder blog people like me I think this would hardly benefit us and is just another way of “glamorizing” the interface.

  • Hey Guys, Andrew here from,

    Firstly, it’s great to be exposed to all the readers at – as I mentioned on the letter, I’m as big a fan of PB as you guys so it sure is a privilege to be here :)

    Next, thanks for your interest in my new software.

    To answer some of your questions (without spamming you guys with a big sales pitch):

    How will it help market your blogs?

    Firstly you’re right, it’s a massive undertaking. There are a number of features in Firepow to help you spread the word about your blog to the right people (some of which you can read about at theFirepow Blog These go from the bottom up, from helping you develop the best quality content, to managing your social network presence/s, build relevant backlinks, and more.

    Next, it’s nothing to do with pay per post at all :)


    Right now you can just sign up for the prelaunch notification, but none of that is being tracked in terms of Darren being an affiliate (if that’s what you meant) – you just sign up to get more information about it leading up to its release.

    As for the benefit to people with only one blog…

    You’re right that you’ll probably get ‘more’ benefit if you run multiple blogs but even as a single blog user, you’ll have the benefit of all our new custom WP plugins, the promotional tools I mentioned above, a bunch of promotion management tools, and more.

    Thanks again,
    Andrew Hansen

  • Hi,
    Will definitely like to read reviews of the problogger community and then decide weather to go for it or not…because to be very frank i have seen a couple of such software turning out to be fraud schemes!!

    Sorry for being so direct andrew…..but typed what i thought!!


  • Now that this has been released I would love to see a follow up review. I’ve seen it and I’m quite weary about it. Looking for reviews only makes it work. It’s seem they’re all affiliates and I don’t feel I can trust them.

    Now I know if you cover it it will be legit. I hope to see something soon.